June loves a dog. Oh. Hope you were sitting down just then.

Before I forget, 939493 of you emailed me yesterday: "Dear June, I want to make money on blog ads, too! How do you do it?"

It's very sophisticated. I went on BlogHer's website and I went on Google Ads. I filled out the forms to ask if they'd advertise on my site. The end.

I think BlogHer might be full up but maybe that's changed since I last talked to anyone about it.

And I don't have any other recommendations for other ad sites; if I did they'd be up on here. There is another site whose name escapes me that said, "Advertise with us!" but Marvin always put my ads up and I have had neither the time nor patience to put those up myself.

June. Ambitious since she smoked a big fattie for the first time  in 9th grade.

Hey, mom.

For the record, I do not smoke fatties. If there is ever a feeling I detest, it's the "I just smoked a fattie" feeling. I wonder if I could say "fattie" more often?

I just realized the coffee pot must have beeped and I didn't even notice! Yay! I'm a brave fattie!

In other news, and I'm certain you are sad I've moved on from that fascinating topic, I went to my friend Hibiscus Flower's last night. And she oughta be grateful I made THAT huge trek! She must live HALF A MILE from me. I know!

It was kind of a last-minute thing, as in we decided yesterday to get together, yet look at the snacks she just has on hand. Why is everyone a grownup except me? That is a bowl of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes and basil. I KNOW!

You'd think we'd smoked a big fattie, what with all the food.

So, Hibiscus Flower is a dog rescuer. And I know me hanging around a dog rescuer is like Charles Nelson Riley hanging around a neckerchief rescuer, but can I help who I like?

And I am sorry to tell you she is fostering this muffin tin, WHO NEEDS A HOME.

Look at her! Could she be scruffier and adopt-me-ier? Her name is Tessa and she was SO SWEET. She is less than a year old, they think, but she was calm and lovely and so friendly. She was found as a stray.

"tessa not need your simpathees. i be okay."


Leave a comment if you want to know the deets, like the forms you have to fill out and her adoption fee and why if I took her I'd be smokin' a big fattie.

Hibiscus Flower has two big beautiful dogs who I took pictures of, and I hope you are sitting down, but those came out blurry. I know! Unusual.

I guess that's all I have to tell you, except I am getting a new statistics book to proofread on Friday, so you have two weeks of me whining about THAT to look forward to. Gird your loins.

I suggest you stock up on some fatties.



Author: June

At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

131 thoughts on “June loves a dog. Oh. Hope you were sitting down just then.”

  1. And on top of everything?? The fucking Indians LOST tonight…


  2. Wow…and i thought you were leaning more towards becoming a full fledged cat lady. She sure is a cute poochie. Oh why not add her to your menagerie?
    I can’t say for sure but, i think i remember seeing you under the influence of a fattie…you were oddly quiet and well..not you! Did i imagine this?
    Not your thing..just like how you could never be bulimic because you are so not a fan of vomiting!


  3. Letha…I’m dying to know. Are you the hot blonde on the far right of that Junapalooza thing in Atlanta?


  4. Not that Sadie and Beverly were NOT hot…they TOTALLY were. I mean, who am I to judge??


  5. You dill weed…were the other hot chicks to your right or left??


  6. Geez…chicks, man…


  7. Geez…chicks, man…


  8. Geez…chicks, man…


  9. Wow…I feel a TON better…


  10. Wow…I feel a TON better…


  11. Wow…I feel a TON better…


  12. I called Letha a hot little number here on the blog after they posted that picture on FB, but never explained myself.


  13. The Emperor’s New Clothes section! Ha! LOVE that.
    Bully sticks are sooo disgusting. And they smell horrible. My two Goldens love them. I always assumed they smelled so awful not due to any sort of barbecue smoke action, but because, well, it’s dogs chewing up a couple of penises.
    I never knew that one could order UNSCENTED PENIS!
    Now there’s gonna be some scary sidebar ads happenin’….


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