Did I mention I hate my computer?

Blogging from work would be wrong. And that is why I am not doing it right now.

Computer COMPLETELY dead at home. Dead. Dead dead dead. Stick a fork in it. The fat lady has sung. Unfortunately, that fat lady is me.

I blame work. If someone is gonna BRING chocolate-chip cookies stuffed with Oreos, what am I to do? IGNORE them? They won't be IGNORED.

Also? While I am not blogging from work? I have had this photo on my desktop for the longest time…

6a00e54f9367fb88340133edb07250970bOh. Wait. That is not the picture I wanted to put in…

Photo(7)Here it is. This is my coworker TinaDoris' puppy, with the toy I gave her. My dogs never once played with this and my mother spent $800,000 on it. You are supposed to put treats in the bottle and the dogs are supposed to figure it out. The dogs reacted the same way I do when I see Sudoku.

So at least Penny, here, likes the rope part. I love her.

I know! June loves an animal! Sound the alarm!

I had better go, because I have to, um, go to work. Because I am not at work already. Nosir. But before I do I want to tell you that (a) I am getting a new computer TOMORROW after Tallulah's vet appointment (nothing wrong with her. Just general shots and telling me she weighs too much and sticking something up her bung to check for worms. Basically she will adore me tomorrow) and (4) I see The Fireman tonight.

Oh! And I was in the spare room, not to sound like The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, and I saw this outside my window:

Oh, piffle.

There we go. Geez. Blogging from…home…certainly is an adjustment. 

Anyway, how pretty! In all the overgrown jungle that is my back yard a flower has grown! A flower grows in Greensboro. And yes I DID traipse out there in this driving rain, in case anyone is local and knows of the monsoon we are experiencing currently.

Okay, I'd better…get to work!



274 thoughts on “Did I mention I hate my computer?

  1. I decided not to spend another Friday night alone, so I went to the mall. Whoohoo do I know how to par-tay? Any how, Target is right by the mall and I needed to return something there so off I went.
    I learned something new tonight. I was unaware Target sold alcohol. You can tell how often I venture back to the food department. I brought Jose Cuervo and his sister Margarita home with me.


  2. Left my DING-DANG phone at work, and am here in an empty office on a Saturday morning, unshowered, after driving in the rain, just to get phone. Because, you know, I have no effing computer at home. Did you know that? Anyway, the hoop-jumping photo is Talu. She is not that big of a dog. But try to kick her, Siren. Nice stump. Howd that happen? Also, just gained weight reading about yalls pimento cheese.
    Sent from my iamPhony


  3. sooooo, I guess June hasn’t bought the new computer, set it up at her house and put up a new post yet, huh?


  4. Good Morning, June. Have a nice day. Also, do not be concerned that we are all sitting at our computers, abandoning all other activities, waiting patiently for your post.


  5. The Waiting (for June to buy, bring home and set up her new Mac and then write a post about buying, bringing home, and setting up her new Mac)is the Hardest Part.
    Sushi – blecchh
    Pimento Cheese – does NOT sound appetizing
    Cilantro – see “sushi” above.


  6. I’m checking in periodically while doing loathsome chores (cat pan, anyone? these little fuckers are like mountain lions) and I have to run equally loathsome errands in a bit. This is not the glamorous life I had imagined as a child.


  7. Kelly Pie, I am fine with the new FB, as I DO NOT HAVE THE TICKER that everyone is complaining about. I don’t know what it means that I escaped the ticker. Am I special, or unworthy?
    Don’t answer that.


  8. Oh you are so getting the ticker. You just wait. It’s coming to your Face too.
    What is wrong with prosciutto for pregos? I have never heard this. And why are you hating on the prosciutto Hulk? The throat? Such violence for something so salty and delicious.


  9. Hey June..the old dog jumping through the hoop trick! Does this mean we can expect to see you and your dogs on America’s Got Talent next season?!


  10. I remembered what it was we were doing this weekend. Fall festival this morning, then errands, now cleaning and laundry awaits.


  11. Proscuitto, deli meats, unpasteurized milk products … all kinds of things can carry the listeria bacteria, and pregnant women have a much greater risk of becoming ill from it than the general population. (The immune system is somewhat suppressed in the third trimester.) Listeriosis can cause miscarriage, premature delivery, infection in the newborn and neonatal death. Unfortunately, the number of cases of the bacteria seems to be increasing, or else we’re just hearing about it more (a la E.coli).


  12. Big listeria outbreak out here in CO, traced to cantaloupe. I’d never heard of the side effects on pregnant women. Scary.
    I hope June is having fun shopping and setting up. I’m waiting to hear about the
    Fireman date.


  13. Fortunately, I don’t like cantaloupe. Oh wait, silly me, I’m not pregnant, so it doesn’t matter.
    Hate musicals. Hate mayonnaise so don’t want to ever try pimento cheese. Looooove cheese–but only from cows.
    LisaPie – so sorry to hear about your pup.


    Cambozola is, as my husband says, the Eminem of cheeses. It is the apex of cheesery. A combination of gorgonzola and camambert. Absolute perfection.


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