The big news is, the cattens got collars this weekend.

I know, right? What a fine picture. Again, where is that Best Photography Blog award?

Look. YOU try photographing your kittens' new collar. For the record, it is purple and spells "TOONA."

Who loves herself and her taste in collars?

Anyway, I didn't even know they SOLD collars for kittens, but what was I thinking? They come up with every way to get you to spend money on your pets, all of which I fall for. Of course, Roger can just barely fit in his. He is on the first hole of that collar. One more week and I'll have to get him a grownup collar and June will be having a "TOONA" giveaway.

So to speak.

And I'll have you know I swept and washed that back-room floor on Thursday. Now LOOK at it! Stupid cat litter. I bought one of those litter-keeping mats but Edsel ate it.

Here is Anderson's collar, which is purple and sparkly. And no, he isn't up on the counter. What do you mean?

And since I'm on the topic of pets, on a shocking note, I forgot to tell you about the waiting room at the vet's the other day.

Tallulah and her rotund self and I got into the lobby, there, and there was a Cairn terrier, a Schnauzer, a Dachshund, and some puppy. Basically it was all teensy dogs and us. And you know how Talu is such a welcoming figure to the small dog.

But I don't know if she was scared or distracted or if she's a grownup now, the point is she just sat next to me and sniffed around. The Cairn terrier could not have been having more fits about Tallulah. "rrrrrrrROW ROW ROW RooooW RoW!!! Hmmmmm! Hmmmmm! GrrrrrrrROWROWROW."

Could Talu have been more indifferent?

Anyway, eventually this gray-and-white poodle came in, and was the woman carrying the poodle sporting a perm? And was her hair gray and white? And could they have looked more alike? And did I wish I were able to get a picture without her noticing? Because it was killing me.

So she sits down and starts admiring the hysterical Cairn terrier.


Here's a Cairn terrier, by the way. My Pal from MA had one when we were little. Cute. Barky.

Anyway, the poodle lady and the terrier lady got to talking. "How old's your poodle?" "Say, 'I'm four!'" the poodle lady said.

"Say, 'I'm almost four myself!'" the terrier lady said.

"Say, 'I don't bark like you do, Mr. Terrier!' ha ha!"

"Say, 'I'm a drama queen!' hahahahahahaha!"


Guess what was bugging me. Was it the "say" thing? Just pretend the dog is talking if you're gonna do that. Don't keep telling the dog to SAY things. Guess what. It isn't.

Also, really? They cracked up because the phrase "drama queen" was used? Oooo, maybe next someone will say "get a clue." HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Really, I would have been fine at that point if Tallulah had snapped every dog's head off and left a lobby of neck nubs.

Say, "I don't have a head!"

Okay. Going to work now. With my cheerful self.

Photo on 9-26-11 at 7.48 AM #2
I'm all bent out of shape.

173 thoughts on “TOONA

  1. Thank goodness, Lindy! 🙂 I don’t think men realize that we women actually BELIEVE THEM when they say romantic things to us.
    Take deep breaths, keep calm, and carry on.


  2. Great photo, June!
    Tammi, I couldn’t have said it better myself. All the things Mr. Romantic says, everything you take to heart…Romeo doesn’t even remember saying. The thing that bothers me the most? The fact that I let myself get duped. I can’t forgive myself for being so stupid.


  3. (Freddie Prinz to gun dealer.)
    Sí, el arma está cargada. Que?


  4. (Freddie Prinz to gun dealer.)
    Sí, el arma está cargada. Que?


  5. (Freddie Prinz to gun dealer.)
    Sí, el arma está cargada. Que?


  6. gun dealer to freddie prinz.
    i can’t even tell a joke correctly.
    peace out.


  7. gun dealer to freddie prinz.
    i can’t even tell a joke correctly.
    peace out.


  8. gun dealer to freddie prinz.
    i can’t even tell a joke correctly.
    peace out.


  9. Duffylou, please forgive yourself. To be stupid is to be human and we’ve all done stupid things.


  10. Beautiful hostess picture. I realized the other day that I am an annoying mom. People will ask my daughter’s name and I will reply, “say Not Sophie.” Shes one.


  11. Guilty. Baby talk to a 1400 pound horse. Thankfully I’m there when most people are at work and school. Give me a break. He likes it.


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