June goes to the animal shelter. Always a good idea.

In case you don’t read my comments, because you are a giant comment snob, I did not find Snowflake at the pound. Or Humane Society. Or animal shelter. Whatever the Sam Hill they call it here.

I called ahead of time and explained my dilemma, and they said if Snowflake and Goldilocks were healthy; not a Pit, Rottweiler or Chow; and had good dispositions, they would be put up for adoption after a 10-day rabies hold.

It has been a month since they bit the mailman, and they are adorable dogs, so I knew they’d be in the “adopt me” area.

Except they weren’t.

I went through the pens twice and then I snuck back to the hold area and looked at dogs till I got in trouble for it.

(You know it’s never good when you hear a snippy “Ma’am?”)

In the meantime, of course, I tortured all of us by taking pictures of cute animals.

  Pups yuu know you need new pupee, ant joon.


i prettee colors. dis make me supeerior.


i black. black dogs never get dopted.

Did you know that? Because it’s hard to see their faces, people walk right past black dogs when they’re looking to adopt. And look at that sweet face!

How am I not sitting here with 38484902 new pets today?

Sadi wish i at your howse, ant joon.


Anyway, I showed Snowflake’s picture to everyone at the place and only one person said, “Oh, she looks familiar.” They told me it was likely those two got adopted, because they’re so pretty.

I hope so. Am clinging to that belief.

It was hard to photograph, but all the black cats are unadoptable until Halloween is over, so they were all hanging in a room together. It was the cutest thing.

Anyway. So now Snowflake. No Goldilocks.


And finally, while I’m up with the camera…

Yay! My zoo sign is up! And yes, I do need a better outdoor table than that poor wooden thing. Sue me.

Anyway, thank you, Daniel Boone, for nailing stakes and digging holes and pounding signs into the ground.

When you’re as beautiful as me, men just do these things.

95 thoughts on “June goes to the animal shelter. Always a good idea.

  1. My name is Pamela and I am Soul Sister #2 and I can still hear/remember the first time the word was hurled at me as a child... says:

    So sorry to hear, Funny. Thoughts and more prayers…
    Yes, Mary Lou…this happened in a summer camp setting and the counselor allowed the boy’s mom to approach my child the next day without me being present! She told my daughter that she had no idea where he got if from because they don’t speak like that in her house, but I am skeptical. Unless he is listening to some hard-core music, where else does someone so young hear it? I don’t know.


  2. I found out abut ‘black dog syndrome’ when I volunteered at the local Humane Society. They also avoided adopting out black cats during October – apparently there are some people out there who…well, I don’t want to imagine what they do to a black cat on Halloween.
    Love the zoo sign!


  3. Joooooon, what are your plans for the three-day weekend? Three dates? Oh! Is it First Friday? That’s a DW thing. The Booner tomorrow? And you didn’t answer my question earlier. To paraphrase, does the Booner have a boner now?


  4. Monday is Columbus Day, a state holiday in Ny and NJ. I get a paid holiday and my kids are off from school. But I don’t think folks in private industry get the day!


  5. Oh. Columbus Day isn’t a national holiday? Why the hell not?
    LisaPie, I think you should name mama kitty “Lowenstein” after the Barbra Streisand character in Prince of Tides.


  6. LauraL (in addition to being breast cancer awareness month, October is also Down syndrome awareness month. So go forth and be aware!) says:

    Soul Sister & Lisa Pie, we have a similar reaction to “retard” and “retarded” in our house, since my son has Down syndrome. And since my husband teaches high school, you can only imagine how many times a day he hears it. Anyway, it makes me sick to my stomach to know that one day, M. is going to come home asking what that word means and why did so-and-so call him that. Whoever said “words can never hurt me” lied their fanny off.


  7. New Orleans remix theme song:
    Wen the Saints go marching in.
    Pamela SS, when I asked my literal daughter which Isaih (current name of choice for elementary school boys, I think) she meant, she answered “the brown one”.
    Love the zoo sign.


  8. My previous dog had the most beautiful black hair–but it’s true we have many photos of her in the role of Faceless Black Blob. Why doesn’t the pound just put a little makeup on those nice black dogs (and cats, after Halloween of course, and the goat if black)?
    I think Columbus Day stopped being a general holiday when Martin Luther King Day was proclaimed, because it would like trash the whole economy for regular people to get a whole EXTRA day off.
    But what I’d like to know is whether lots of families are stopping at June’s house now all excited about seeing the lambs and meerkats and things.


  9. My first racial-incident memory is when (wen) I was maybe about 7 years old. I was walking home from school. We lived in Miami. A group of African-American boys who were probably about 13 surrounded me (I’m Caucasian…well, Jewish) and said “You a cracker!” They repeated this many times and finally let me finish walking home. I was utterly mystified. I had no idea why I appeared to strangers to be a Ritz or a Saltine or a Wheat Thin.
    Funny – Sorry for your loss.
    Pal from MA – Please go adopt some doggies from your local shelter! They need you.
    At shelters they call it BBDS: Big Black Dog Syndrome–that those are the ones who are rarely chosen. 😦


  10. Down here the black mixed breed dogs are called Georgia Black Dogs. Oddly, here in hicksville (yes I fit in just fine), they seem to be almost as easily adopted as the other dogs. We do use the kerchief around the neck trick to make them more noticeable, and I see someone at June’s shelter (June’s shelter) did the same for the sweetie in her photo.
    Black is beautiful.


  11. Joon, you did such a good thing in going to that pound/shelter/humane society/whatever. I was going to say you should be commended for your efforts, but that sounds so…stuffy. From what you say about Goldie and Snow, they certainly have been adopted.
    Love the zoo sign.
    And, Funny, I am also sorry for your loss.


  12. Love the zoo sign. What do the letters at the bottom signify?
    Also, I can’t believe that you made out of the shelter without more creatures. They are all so sweet and heartbreaking!
    Funny, I’m so sorry about your MIL.


  13. WEN! Now we’re percolatin’.
    Heather P., not positive, but I think the letters at the bottom of the sign are railroads.
    Barb from Mil., same reasons on the Chows as on the Pits and Rotties. They are ALL vicious. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.


  14. Chows are very family-oriented with THEIR family members, anyway. All those strangers, eh, not so much. This was my observation after owning a precious golden chow named Biscuit for fifteen years. She LOVED us.


  15. “I like my coffee like I like my men–ground up and in the freezer.”
    Why aren’t you married, again?
    Juuuust kidding. I just wanted to comment from my iPhone because I just realized I could. And I figure this also pays a small tribute to Steve Jobs, as it is a monumental event for me & my iPhone.


  16. I am sorry to say that my dog also has a thing about black dogs. It’s not like he doesn’t like them. It’s more like he hates them. As in “I WILL KILL YOU” hate. It’s very weird because he is the gentlest, sweetest dog and never has a problem with any other dog ever. Unless it’s a black dog. It can be rather embarrassing to admit at the dog park – “sorry! He’s racist!”


  17. Very sorry for your loss, Funny.
    June, I admire you for going to the pound. I don’t think I could cope.


  18. And Funny – sorry about your MIL.
    I am also sorry about mine – and she’s still alive. Ha!
    I am envious of anyone has a MIL that they can love. Loving mine would make me a Satan worshipper.


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