Happy little banana pudding

Gut morgan, .16 Saturday readers! Please do not go out and gut anyone named Morgan.

You know what I should do? I should save up a bunch of fascinating stuff for Saturday, to REWARD the .16 Saturday readers. Sadly I just thought of this idea and have nothing fascinating, as opposed to, you know, ever.

I slept in. I went to a party last night, and also had an accidental date, thereby violating my man break without meaning to. My friend Caren had a Halloween party, and I guess I already told you that part, because I mentioned the costume-optional part. I talked my next-door neighbor Peg into going as Bob Ross, that ludicrous artist from PBS with the happy little clouds.

PegrossSee what a great job she did? I did not bring my camera to the party, as I was off on my {surprise!} date and it threw me off. But Peg is an artist in real life so I thought this was a hilarious idea and I continue my great love affair with me.

Anyway, it was a potluck, and you know I enjoy those because it means I get to eat real food. I made the left turn into Harris Teeter and brought pretentious cheese and crackers. June. Always a welcome guest at a potluck. And if there is anything Marvin left me with, it was that "I made a left turn" line. It was more effective when we lived in LA and making a left turn could take 25 minutes.

Oh, there was turkey tetrazini, and mac and cheese (it's the South), and red velvet cake (ditto) and banana pudding (ditto ditto) and those meatballs in the sauce and some kind of teensy biscuit with spicy stuff inside and why am I having to wander over to the Women's section every once in awhile?

And why can't we call a spade a spade? Why can't we call it the "You had banana pudding and you chubby, hon" section? Who we kidding with "Women's"? The "You Bustin' Out" section. The "We're Ready For Your Jelly" section.

Sadly, that made me hungry.

Oh, so yeah. Before that, I went on my date. So, as you know, maybe, I work in what is essentially the basement of my building, although they euphemistically refer to it as they garden level, which slays me. But my whole department is down there, so I never go up, or I rarely do, although as of yesterday I have been made the editor in chief of the company newsletter–smell me–so I guess I'll be wandering around more.

My point is I am down below like a mole or a dragon or a groundhog, and I don't know why I just said dragon. I guess I was thinking of the dragon they had under the stairs on The Addams Family, Spot. And see? All those years my parents said, "It's a lovely day outside (it was Michigan, so they could only use that line 8 days a year). Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Why do you need to watch so much TV?"

Now here I am, entertaining .16 readers with my Spot references, and yesterday's James at 16 hint with my title. Who's sorry now, parents? If I'd have gone outside more I'd never know who Lance Kerwin is today. Take THAT!

Okay. So this guy from work emails me because a woman we both know at work had told him I am a cat lover, and he is one of those people who cats just WANDER up on his porch (I always wanted to be one of those people), so all week we have been emailing back and forth about our cats and their personalities and Roger's amore and where to get cheap neutering and anyway he asked me to meet him for dinner.

And you guys. A) I do things with people from work all the time. 8) I am used to the directness of Match.com. "We are on a dating site. This is clearly a communication to see if we like each other." I dunno. B) I am out of practice and am on a break. A) I am stupid.

So I was all, yeah, I'll pop down there after work! I have a party tonight in which there is food but let's get a drink!

And that is how I ended up on a date yesterday afternoon. It turns out I had met this guy, briefly, when a bunch of people came down to my desk one day to take my photo for something. (Mug shot.) (America's Most Wanted.) (Cat pervs anonymous.) (I guess if it's anonymous they wouldn't take my picture. Work with me, here. I'm in a hurry because I slept late and I gotta bang this post out and go do errands before Jane West gets here to get ready for tonight's party.)

Anyway, when he figured out I didn't remember meeting him, he said, "So wait. You just came down here and met a total stranger? That's …weird."

I didn't want to tell him that between this blog and my online shenanigans that 75% of my social life involves meeting complete strangers. I guess when you think about it it IS weird. I do it so much now that it seems normal. Someday I am going to be minced into teensy bits.

Anyway, the best part is when I came home to let the dogs out (who? who who!) and such before the party, and I called my mother to say, "I broke my man break just now."

"Did you pull it too hard?"

"What?" I said. "….NO! My MAN break. MAN break. Not HAND break."

Good gravy. I think the TV was on in the background. SEE!? It was a lovely night, MOM. Get outside in the fresh air.

Oh, and in case you did not read this, book club is NOT tonight, as scheduled, because of the party I am attending. It will now be Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. Eastern time. I mean, if the men of the world can resist me long enough to let me have book club.

I have to go so I'll figure out comment of the week tomorrow. Somebody say something hilarious today so I don't have to re-read a week's worth of comments. Thanks.

96 thoughts on “Happy little banana pudding

  1. Bob Ross is dead.
    I have my mother’s/grandmother’s homemade banana pudding recipe. I only make it on special occasions, but it is sooooo good, especially warm just out of the oven.
    Florida is beating Georgia. YEAH! I’m for who/whom ever is playing Georgia.
    Now, I need to get my lazy self up and make a pound cake for a reception tomorrow at Stately Oaks.


  2. I have the Sundance ad on the right side of my page. The blouse at the top – on sale at Sundance for $109.99? It was just on sale at Anthropologie for $39.95. Same. Blouse. Ok, now that I’ve made it clear that Sundance is over priced, how was the accidental date? I keep checking back hoping you will share.
    Warm banana pudding – the best thing EVER


  3. Okay, take it from someone who routinely confuses her underpants with the fitted sheet….one day with real food will not land you in the women’s section.
    (and I read you every weekend….)


  4. Bob Ross AND homemade banana pudding?? Wow! The thought of those two just makes me want to curl up and take a contented nap. 🙂 Yummy pudding and happy…little…treeeeeeezzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzz


  5. Oh, you SLEPT LATE … I thought you had decided to stop posting on the weekends. Okay, I’m happy again. And Susan’s comment made me smile twice, first, because I also remember thinking that Bob R was simply going to ruin the painting, but nope. His happy little addition was always good. And, second, the “W means wide” reminded me of the day I was folding laundry and noticed the lable in one of my shirts read “Grande.” Apparently XL translates to Grande in some language … way to make me feel like a bit fat burrito.
    Okay, it’s after 7 here in MI and I’m sure no one’s here anymore, but there you go.


  6. Amish Annie still holding out on the June.and.Dick thing, okay I'll shut up but if they ultimately end up together, you all will be thinking I'm freaking psychic says:

    Card carrying member of the .16’s. That sounded kind of scary NRA gun-ish, so i’ll just say proud BBP Occupier instead.
    Can’t believe all that snow you east coasters are getting…weird!!
    And June, yes we’re a tad curious about your date as you gave no information about your date.
    Furry, gotta love a lady named Garnet; that’s a great name.


  7. It was and she was a fabulous lady. And I use the term loosely. (Or she did) Had eight husbands. Most named, Jim. Was a cook on a river boat. Looked like my grandad in drag, but she could make food that could make you swoon. Had thirteen bros and hos, most of the girls were named after precious gems.
    Except for Althea. She was a terror. Her husband Morris was the meanest man on the planet, according to my dad, when he was three. And me, when I was three.


  8. Grandad in drag…giggling…I use the term loosely…more giggling…bros and hos, Althea…too funny!


  9. Bob Ross is so popular with our high school band that they have a Bob Ross song they sing a couple of times every football game. Nobody knows what they’re saying because if you say BobRoss a whole bunch of times really fast and loud, it doesn’t sound like anything that makes sense. Plus, who would ever imagine that a group of kids would be chanting about Bob Ross?
    I read you mostly every Saturday, June. I just don’t get a chance to read you every day, but I miss it, so I make sure I catch up every weekend. I think you’re amazing!


  10. My mother has tried to pawn off that Paula Deen recipe of banana pudding before and it is NOT anywhere close to the good old original.
    But if you want to try an updated version, I believe it was in last year’s Southern Living magazine, maybe the year before. Whatever, I read it in Southern Living. What they did was to make it like you always do only they swapped out the vanilla wafers for Nutter Butter Cookies.
    Now, THAT right there is a fabulous alternative to traditional banana pudding!


  11. Linda in CO, our fathers seem quite similar. Mine also used the words imbecilic and nincompoop a lot. Then there were the Italian hand gestures he’d through in for good measure.
    Duffy, the saddles can be a might slippery but I guess they managed to get one on a shark. That’s about all I saw.
    Oh and I had some banana pudding at the Chinese buffet. Never again. Has anyone noticed that Chinese buffets have the oddest desserts?


  12. Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because he lost his grip.
    Why did the second monkey fall out of the tree? Because he was stapled to the first monkey.
    Why did the third monkey fall out of the tree?
    Peer pressure.


  13. You guys have to stop talking about dessert. Or I guess I could stop refreshing my page. What a concept!
    I took three Rubbermaid tubs of larger sized clothes to a women’s consignment shop. She sells exclusively plus sizes. The name of her store is Curvy Consignments.
    If I was ever shopping with someone and we were splitting up, I’d always tell them, “I’ll be in the fat ladies department”. They always knew where to find me.


  14. .16 Represent!
    I’ve been rear ended twice while waiting to make a left hand turn. In my car that is. I won’t talk about the times I’ve been rear ended when I wasn’t in a car. BAH! Luckily I wasn’t rear ended while on an accidental date, because that’s never happened to me ever. The accidental dating. Not the rear ending. Which I said I wouldn’t talk about.
    Bob Ross and banana pudding – only you could bring those two things together so well June.


  15. Dammit Janet- missed another Saturday cruise on June’s Party Boat-
    Too late to comment on all the action-
    So now I’m watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show-
    Shivering in an………………………………………………………..ticipation-
    waiting for her Sunday post-


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