As promised, here is a photo of Snow White and Rose Red. Jane West said I could show her face as long as I kept calling her Jane West. Apparently she is Leonardo Di Caprio in Catch Me if You Can or something.


Also, it's Halloween, so BOO. My head hurts. I hate everything.

So because I am over here battling a stupid migraine, tell me your scary Halloween stories. Do you have a good real ghost story? Here is mine.

I lived in a house that was haunt haunt haunted when I was a kid. Go read about it. It is spooky. Or tell me your scary tale.

You wanna know what was scary? Was Tallulah's reaction when Anderson thought he'd wander over to the bowl and see what Lu was having for breakfast today. Now, that was scary.

gurl gots to defend, mom.

202 thoughts on “Boo.

  1. Halloween:
    What is with the parents who dress up?
    What is with the parents who stand at the curb and scream, “Say thank you” while the kids don’t?
    What is with parents carrying beers?
    What is with parents who smoke while walking up to my door?
    If the kid has to be carried around, they are too young for trick or treating and we know who the candy is for.
    Saw quite enough trampy girls – if you want to show cleavage, you’re too old to trick or treat.
    Almost no kids said, “trick or treat”.
    Several wished me a happy Halloween.
    Funniest, little boy dressed as Spiderman. When I commented, Hey Spiderman, he replied, “My name is Isaac.”


  2. Kirby…read your story and yelled out “NO!” at my desk, just now. I will say it again…NOOOOOOOOO!


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