The first noel, the angels did woof

Even though Faithful Reader Laurie TOTALLY COCKBLOCKED me, Ima show you my dog nativity scene.

And see? If you do not read the comments and/or you are not on Pie on the Face–the Facebook group for people who do not waste enough time reading this blog, but who must ignore their loved ones EVEN MORE by going on Facebook and discussing this blog ad nauseum–you are all, "?"

Okay, so, somehow in the comments yesterday afternoon I mentioned that I have a dog nativity set, which is not my fault. My mother sent it to me. I said, "Fortunately for me, Edsel ate the baby Beagle Jesus, so the set is incomplete."

For some reason, the other commentors became obsessed with the idea of my dog nativity, and much Googling commenced, and next thing you know old Jed's a millionaire and friend-in-real-life Laurie wrote, "I PUT A PICTURE OF THE DOG NATIVITY SCENE ON PIE ON THE FACE!"


I was all set to BLOG about my dog nativity scene, LAURIE, once I realized this was an interesting topic. Because in case you hadn't noticed, LAURIE, I post every day and if I realize I have something to, oh I don't know, TALK ABOUT, it's kind of exciting for me.

So THANKS, LAURIE, for gettin' all on Pie on the Face and showing the dog nativity and letting everyone see it ahead of time so now I will show it and most of you will all be, yeah. We already saw that. Laurie showed it to us last night.


386561_2574198208493_1660461139_2445127_608783652_n(Here's the picture Laurie put up on Facebook.)

If the baby Beagle Jesus were still with us and not in Edsel's gullet, he would be extremely disappointed in you. You sadden baby Beagle Jesus. Who may be a baby yellow Lab but whatever.

And mom, when you leave a comment telling me I am blasphemous, remember YOU are the one who sent me the tasteful dog nativity. That's all I have to say about that.

So anyway, it turns out Edsel has eaten a lot more of the first Noel than I had thought. He gnawed Dalmatian Virgin Mary, and the Cocker spaniel angel. Looks like Laurie will not be alone in the fiery pits of eternity.


100_0829First I show you a German shepherd wise man, which I guess is fitting. They are usually wise, other than Edsel who is technically a German shepherd mix. I think he brought the myrrh, which was good of him, and I like his snazzy cape. Wait. Is he one of the three kings of Orient are? And are they the same as the three wise men? Guess who has gone to church a lot?
100_0830Here is kind of a schnauzer shepherd, which makes a ton of sense. Are we supposed to believe he was out there shepherding? Because every schnauzer I've ever known has sat around and drooled in his beard and that was about it. And wait. Does HE have the myrrh? Or the frankincense? What did he bring, there, in the bag? Is it snacks? I imagine they needed snacks. Somebody help a sister out.
100_0832Ooo. Blurry shot, June.
100_0833Okay. Here we can see that Edsel has begun work on this…St. Bernard? wise man. Who clearly brought the gold. Or maybe one of those room freshener things that looks like a crown. At any rate, good luck trotting home on two and a half legs.
100_0834Definitely kind of a mutt, and according to the official picture, (the one Laurie found on line and put on Facebook to cockblock me), this is Joseph. Joseph! All being not a purebred and holding a lantern. To tell you the truth he looks a little like Edsel, and you note the Eds has left this one alone.

I like how they gave Joseph room for his ears to pop out of his cap.

100_0835Okay, a Girl Scout wandered in? Who is this supposed to be? The Little Drummer Cocker spaniel? I mean, with the beret and the man bag he may be into beat poetry and bongos.


I'm thinking we had better figure all this out this year, as there will be no dog nativity next year. Is my hunch. 

Also, it may have been good that Edsel was born now and not, say, 2,000 years ago anywhere near a manger.


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