190 thoughts on “Roger

  1. Oh my, now I must tell you the tale of Jake the Riverboat Gambler, a handsome black and white kitty with a dapper mustache. Jakey got hauled all over the state of Oregon whilst I spent time with a ne’er do-well husband. At one stop, the hub’s sister’s house, ol’ Jakey took off for greener pastures. I was devastated. It nearly destroyed me as I was beginning to realize that I had taken a risk that was not healthy for me or my son.
    What can you do? You call and call. You put up posters, there was no interwebs then so no Craig’s List. And then, life has to go on. We had to go get our own house. I had such a terrible sad.
    We got settled (ish), and got another kitty. A pregger kitty as it turned out, who blessed us with many pretty babies. Out of the blue, the SIL calls to report that Jake the Riverboat Gambler has returned after his seven month adventure much the worse for wear but still kickin’.
    Since we were at top cat capacity, we pawned him off on a family who “really didn’t care for cats”. Some were terrified of them. The very first night he was with them, he climbed in the bed with the terrified woman and she loved him for many, many days after until the day he drew his last breath.
    Cats are amazing creatures, and I do believe that they pick us rather than the opposite. Roger might be a little P.O’d about the damm jingle collar, and Mom’s attention to a dog that doesn’t even live with you guys, not to mention a weekend without everyone while Mom spent time with another dog.
    Trust Roger. Spend time making the house peaceful. He will come home. Possibly for a Christmas miracle. Cats do the damnedest things.


  2. You might want to invest in some Purrfect Fence so those little cat jerks can go out but not take off. It is expensive but worth it. The only jail break we’ve had was when we put the grill too close to the house and the cats jumped from the the top of the grill to the roof. Luckily, the two that figured out how to escape were so institutionalized that one retraced his route to get back in (and then pretended he’d been there all along) and the other sat outside the fence and cried until we came to get him. Keeping fingers crossed for Roger.


  3. I am not kidding. I know what you mean about one more thing. Read my blog lately?
    Good grief. I’ve had to let Misha go to another family, I’m getting a divorce at Christmas time, and I can’t seem to find a place to live. And, now Roger?
    Anywho, Roger is out Christmas caroling and will be home shortly. I just know it. It has to be so.


  4. Never heard of scissor being good luck or anything in Germany. All my scissors are bought over here, but I have knifes from Germany if they will help…


  5. “2011 you can suck my d1ck” second that
    original joann…what you said in your last post
    FUDDDDDDDDDDGGGGGGGGGE was all I could think when I saw this post.
    Janera…I am also divorcing. Just signed the papers on Dec 1. I never thought that divorce would be a part of my life story but that is ok. I will rebuild and be ok and so will you. I love that Fernando Ortega song you have on your blog.


  6. Well this did not brighten my Tuesday:(
    Roger, get your ass home NOW.
    Mary V., I’m sure your day will not get any better, but I bet you have some beautiful angels on your shoulder who love you very, very much.


  7. June, love your blog. Love Edsel, Tallulah and Roger. Cats do not need to go outside. If Roger comes back, please, please keep him inside. I hope he’s safe.


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