Yay, it’s 2012! How long till that 2012 end-of-the-world thing?

Well, thank God the holidays are over. Also? Poor Dick Clark. Do you think he keeps insisting on coming back each year or do the powers that be make him do it?

Did you change all your calendars? Did you? Because it bugs me when people have up the wrong calendar. Who got me the yoga dogs calendar? Because I have it up in here.I know I sound like an ass, but so many of you sent me gifts, and I took them out of the boxes and piled them up, and then I didn't have return addresses and I asked y'all very kindly to send me your addresses so I could write proper thank you notes and NO ONE HAS DONE SO, so my rudeness is totally your fault.

Anyway, thanks for the yoga dogs calendar. Reader…Person. I know. I suck. It was an embarrassment of riches this year.

Last night Pal From MA and I got all dolled up and went to a fancy dinner.

We had Tootsie Rolls. BAH! This is from when we got pedicures yesterday and they had a bowl of Tootsie Rolls at the little sit-there-and-dry station and we spent 100 minutes giggling that they looked like poop, because once you're three years old with someone that apparently never stops.

Here is me in a before-getting-ready shot, with that kitten with whom I am unobsessed. She wandered over to Tallulah's dish this morning during breakfast and Talu was not the picture of Southern hospitality. Still. Blind or not, she's gotta learn the rules. And yes, I DO have a Saturday Night Fever autographed framed picture. Sue me. And Hello Kitty duct tape. From…a reader. Thanks. Reader.

Here I am after. With Edsel and his blue toy. With which he is obsessed. Look at brave Pal, leaving her shoes out over there. Am surprised she did not have to go to the restaurant shoeless like Betty Rubble.

100_0962why i not teenk to eat dem shoos?

We went a little early to get a drink at the bar, and it was filled with people partayying. There was one woman with a very handsome older man, and she had a miniskirt on that unzipped both at the top and bottom. We were fascinated by her. What would make you wear such a sleazeldy thing to a highfalutin' restaurant? We decided gold-digger. Then we wondered why we weren't smart enough to be gold-diggers. Then we wondered if we could reach over and simultaneously zip and and down on her skirt but never got the nerve.

There was also a woman wearing a sweet white filmy dress with a black furry scarf and combat boots and I thought she looked hot and Pal didn't like the combo. I th0ught it was edgy and Pal just thought it was goofy. We decided we will never fight over men or if we decide to swing the other way, women.

She goes for incredibly normal pretty boys. Blech.

She has met Tall Boy and Dick Whitman, though, and has adored both of them, by the way.

Finally we had dinner and as per usual I was the picture of decorum. Be sure to take me anywhere.

We had two appetizers, and Pal had a big salad, and then the meal came and we were like, Why did we order food? We're stuffed. So we got 39459594 to-go boxes and got home at about 11:15. Where we got into our jams and watched poor Dick Clark.


oh. it midnyte? i tongue my bluu toy. for a chaynge.


der fud at dis midnite thing?


PartAYYYYYY at 12:00 around here. Is what I am telling you. Raise the roof. Drop it like it's hot. Or whatever.

Today we're going to the movies with Dick Whitman, because apparently it's all Dick all the time, so to speak, and also at noon I am dragging Pal to a huge meditation thing downtown. There is a public meditation anyone can go to. She wants to go about as much as I'd want to go to an all-day cilantro-eating mime fest. Nevertheless, going she is. What, is it gonna KILL her to have one introspective quiet moment? Geez.

We can close our eyes and think about poop. Also, how much do I enjoy me for saying "public meditation anyone can go to"?

Happy new year!


Author: June

At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

114 thoughts on “Yay, it’s 2012! How long till that 2012 end-of-the-world thing?”

  1. Furry, Terra is a definitely a keeper!


  2. Furry, REALLY!!!??? PARIS! How wonderful. Yeah for being 50! Just wait until June hears about this.
    June, no one has answered the question of your post title. I read the end is 12/21/12. I don’t really know, I haven’t done any research. Do you know any specifics, Peter?


  3. Or perhaps that date is 12/12/12? I don’t know. Whatever I was reading the date was written 12 December 2012. So. How do they know?


  4. It’s 12/21/12. The Mayan calendar ends on that date, mysteriously. Of course, as my children pointed out, this is the same culture that believed people were made of corn husks or something like that.
    I just need to know if this is an all at once event or will the world ending move across the globe, following the dateline? Just so I can get to the place that will end last. Or first, depending on how the rest of the year goes.


  5. Peter, thank you for the insolicited advice!! Lolol!! However, i wear the glasses to, you know, SEE!! I cannot see long distance without them! And there is something weird with my eyes that contacts are infinitely uncomforable and dont correct my vision properly! Ack!
    And the scarf? Is Adrienne Vittandi and it was a gift from my pops and step-mom! I love it too! Thanks for the compliments!
    I am in the airport waiting to get on my plane. Sad to leave June and her adorable doggies and kitteh! I had a great time here and can’t wait to visit again! Happy new year, Faithful Readers!!


  6. Guess I will wait on my Christmas shopping until 12/22/12.


  7. Okay, here’s the scoop, Tee. The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, which is the winter solstice. But, this date could be as much as 60 days out of whack. The basic problem is that the Mayan long count calendar has to be converted to our calendar. And, to do that scientists use something called the GMT constant which is basically a way of lining up both calendars using astronomical events recorded from each. Sounds simple, right? But questions have been raised about the accuracy of the GMT constant, so the real answer is, who the hell knows?
    And, that, dear readers, is as much as I can tell you. If you really need to know more, here is a link: http://news.discovery.com/space/the-2012-mayan-calendar-doomsday-date-might-be-wrong.html


  8. Peter, who next time will keep his unsolicited advice to himself. And, yes, Becky, I'm still flirting. So what of it? says:

    Pal, you’re still stunning!


  9. Letha, I wish I had pie in the house because I’d love a slice. Even the Christmas chocolate is all gone.


  10. Mother..I too had a pair off double zip pants in the ’70s when I was 17…drive-in pants??..haha…good thing that I didn’t think of that.


  11. Safe trip, Pal!
    Thanks for helping June ring in the New Year-
    That’s what friends are for!
    Everybody sing it now!
    Furry, you lucky girl!
    What a wonderful birthday gift and even MORE wonderful hubby!
    I leave my Christmas stuff up until the end of Jan.- yes, I AM crazy but I love it all and the place looks so bland and boring when it’s all packed away-
    Don’t give a rats ass about the apocalypse/end of days/Mayan bloop de bloo- if it’s gonna happen there ain’t a thing we can do about it so will just live life to the fullest in the meantime!!


  12. I read that there was a public mediation event. I couldn’t decide what that might be, maybe something like The People’s Court? I’m nosy enough to want to go to that, but I’d skip the public meditation.


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