Money, Pinterest, and Tallulah in a flip

IMG_0247Guess who got a new app for her iPhone?



 It has old photos and then you put your own face in there.

Apps. The new way to find yourself looking up seven hours later, going, wait, I'm supposed to be just be HOME FOR LUNCH! Crap!


I always kind of wanted my hair to do that wavy '40s thing. It's almost a mullet.

Anyway. Today I am actually asking for you advice, but JUST ABOUT THIS, so for those of you who cannot wait to get back on and tell me about how repugnant my personality is, forget it.

Remember a few weeks back, when I killed myself to edit a statistics textbook? I got paid for it, and now I can:

  1. Pay off a credit card, thereby cutting my credit card debt in half, which has kind of racked up since Marvin left.
  2. Go shop and have fun, which I haven't gotten to do since Marvin left, as I have been relatively destitute because I pay for everything myself now.
  3. Pay a big amount on a credit card bill (or pay off all of one that has only a small total due) (I have three altogether: my vet credit card, the credit card I had to open when my computer broke, and my credit card I've had forever) and go shopping just a little.

What would you do? Or maybe the better Q would be, what would a sensible person do?

I must go to work now and pray that there is nothing to do all day, because not only do I want to play with my hair app, somehow I said, Oh, maybe I'll sign up for Pinterest, and WHO WANTS TO DO NOTHING BUT PIN INTERESTINGLY ALL DAY NOW? Holy cats.

Okay, so advice, please. Someone tell me to blow it all on shopping, because my wardrobe kind of looks like Door Number Three up there.

191 thoughts on “Money, Pinterest, and Tallulah in a flip

  1. Well, eff. I have to change my opinion. If you can pay the whole cc off, do it.
    And, why do you torture us (George) by not letting us know what you’ve decided? You’ve had all ding dang day to make up your mind!
    Pinterest – can send invits in anyone needs.
    FB – self banned for now until I read my stupid Series 6 textbook. Love hate is what I say.


  2. Okay, a year ago I won $20,000 on a $5 Illinois lottery scratch off card. After taxes, it came to $14,400. After I split it with my husband, I netted $7,200. I bought an iPad. Together we bought a 46″ flat screen tv. He bought a Play station and used the rest for mortgage payments. I kind of let the rest sit in my checking account as a buffer. It’s now gone and I miss it dearly. Looking back I would have paid down my credit card. Instead of buying more scratch off tickets. Although I did win $2000 more 3 months later. FYI, if you buy instant lottery tickets, save your losers. You can write them off. But you will be audited. Hello H&R Block. Love to Edsel, Talu, Lily and Iris. You too, June.


  3. Really, I think making every Dollar buy as much as it possibly can is a big part of being fiscally responsible and still being able to spend money on the frivolities that make life fun. I never buy anything online without first checking prices on mysimon or froogle, and then I go to retailmenot to see if there is a further discount available. And, sometimes you just have to say eff it and buy something dumb anyway!


  4. I am late to the party as usual, and too tires to read all the comments but I am sure they are hilarious as usual!
    I like the idea of June paying off the cc with the highest interest and waiting for the next check to spend. I am getting a large tax return this year. Two thirds of it is going into the bank to pay property taxes and the rest is going to three things–get my car serviced, get a new pair of glasses, and get my son a new phone. I wish I had some leftover to pay down my credit. Maybe nest time.


  5. Obama says something, half the room claps. Obama says something else, half the room stands and claps. Show soldier, everyone stands and claps. Speech ends, everyone stands and claps.


  6. There was a two hour Bee Gee bio on the Biography channel tonight but I only saw the last hour since I was watching the State Of The Union coverage.
    36.) Okay, I’ll admit a little bit that Barry was a bit hot back in his day.
    aa.) BUT, BUT Maurice WAS HOT in many of those stills. He just was! All you have to do is take your eyes off Barry for a bit.
    **.) Mo was the X-factor in that group. Once he passed, well, Robin and Barry just do not make a Bee Gees band. Poor Robin, he looked like sh*t even back in 2005. They really both aged after Mo died.
    And so ends my Bee Gees Bio recap.


  7. If you have any credit card offers with a 0% introductory rate, you can do a balance transfer. The introductory rates tend to last at least 9 months. There is a 4% fee, but that is much better than 18%. Be sure to read the fine print though. Also, some will start charging you 25% if you are late for one or two payments. If that is a problem maybe try to do an automatic payment of the minimum amount and then pay whatever extra you can each month.


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