77 thoughts on “Gots no time

  1. Amish Annie/Paul, Downton Abbey's biggest fan other than watching a neutered Ricky Gervais and his anemic hosting gig at the Golden Globes. says:

    Poochie and Furry, all I got when I clicked on Furry’s link was some chick with fake humongous breasticles spouting GoDaddy.com.
    Peter, thanks for the info.
    Carol in Bama, yet another thing we have in common.
    Mary Lou…Downton Abbey traitor. That’s okay. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Peter, Mary Lou, and June the Obscure. I meant FYI.
    Okay, SAG Awards are from 8-10. Downton Abbey will be showed AGAIN from 10-11.
    Win win!


  3. Lisa Pie, thanks for clearing that up. I see it now. I thought the ruffle was actually his hand and…oh never mind. They’re just nice dapper gentlemen.


  4. AA/P-
    May PVR both and watch DA instead….that way, if I do my usual fall asleep on the couch trick, I’m covered-
    How was the hike, June?
    Also, saw your glasses on EBay or eBay or whateverthehellitis-


  5. I will be loyal to the Brits. But I will check to see if DA will be shown twice here. You never know around here. I live in Whoville.
    Did anyone think Nick Nolte looked like Kenny Rogers prior to him getting his face tightened?


  6. Amish A/P…Carol in Bama! You remembered I put my kids to bed when DA begins! Well, thank you. They are sleeping now and I could not resist turning it on, half-way thru, in REAL TIME. I just couldn’t wait!


  7. Brad shaved his beard. No more Grizzly Adams. I’ll be damned his face is actually still handsome. I had forgotten what it looked like with the birds nest and all.


  8. I enjoyed the show. I am always interested to see who the people in the industry will choose. I want to The Artist, but will gladly go alone, since my DH says “but there’s no talking!”.
    Downton was awesome, as always.


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