Talu surveys, Lily hates and June goes to the bar

I put the cats' food on top of Edsel's crate, which obviously Edsel doesn't use anymore and which reader is it who is obsessed with me putting Edsel in a crate? I can't remember. But one of you is always all, "If you crate him, June, he'd be so much better."

That is neither here nor there. The point is, I just watched Iris jump at it, in order to climb to the top to eat her breakfast, and she hovered like a hummingbird in front of it because she missed. 

Poor Iris. Her blind thing, which I just mistyped "bling thing," is not that noticeable other than that whole pesky depth perception issue.

Speaking of bling, guess who got a new collar and is irritated.

I took this photo last night and it was kind of dark. I was having a romantic evening with myself. Let me go take another photo in the light of day. GOD. The things y'all make me do.

100_1138mom, i heer what you type about iris. iris NOT BLIND. just…resting eye for …12 to 15 year.

100_1139Lily abhor mom.

LOOK HOW CUTE! Lily haves a flowerrrrrr!

Oh, she is so completely over me. But I saw it at PetSmart, where I was, shockingly, purchasing pet supplies. You'd think by now I'd know everyone's schedule there and so on.

There was one woman there with her kid, and all three of us came upon a Basset hound at the same time. "What kind of dog is that?" the mom asked. Really? Because it's not like Bassets look a lot like anyone else. It's not like you could say is that an Australian shepherd or a Border collie. Seriously? Then the guy who owned said Basset said, "This is Bud." Okay, everyone's a moron. "But what KIND of dog?" she wanted to know. About the one foot tall and eight feet long dog with ears drooping to the ground. I mean, SERIOUSLY?

Later, I was headed to the cash register where they so eagerly take all my meager savings (like I have savings) and there was that same think tank over at the aquariums. "Mom! What is this? What is it?" The kid was crouched down, staring into the glass, right next to a sign that read CHINCHILLAS.

"I don't know. I don't rightly know what that is, Markus."

You know, that woman probably has a job, and I don't.

But speaking of that, if you didn't read my comments yesterday, I did get a call from the agency who set up my Valentine's Day interview. He wanted me to know they interviewed a ton of people for the job and have narrowed it to four finalists and I am one of the four. The fab four.

Oh you just KNOW they'll give it to some chippy who knows how to spell "embarrassed."

Remember how my friend TinaDoris gave me an employment candle? I lit it, and the next day they called me for this interview. Then I forgot about it till day before yesterday, when I lit the candle again (when I say "I forgot about it" I do not mean it was burning like Kennedy's eternal flame all this time. Because, safe) (and you know the firemen won't come back here after that last debacle) and I heard from them again. Am so lighting it right now.

After I got that call yesterday, I was so keyed up that I stampeded for the bar.

Okay, the yogurt bar. But still. I got Tahitian vanilla (because it sounds more exciting than normal vanilla) and dark chocolate. Then I topped it with strawberries and blueberries. It was effing delish.

Is frozen yogurt bad for you? It is, right? Crap.

Note the sun screaming in on my yogurt like I was on Mercury or something. It was beautiful out yesterday. Sunny and 73. You know what I say. For every Confederate flag you see here, you gotta remember the weather. It almost balances it out.

I took my proofreading outside yesterday and tried to think about Vitamin D and not skin cancer. Because I am a delightful, fun person. I love it when Talu sits on the deck and surveys her domain.

It was nice enough that I got to wear my new flipflops that Pal From MA got me at Christmas. It was the first time I got to sport them and show off for the hyacinth. I looked so fancy I turned that flower into a greetingsynth.

I am berserk. Why is it I have no employer?

Okay, am off. If I hear from that employer I will make a super special A Very Special Bye Bye Pie announcement. Maybe I will send them this foot photo. Will that make me memorable?



141 thoughts on “Talu surveys, Lily hates and June goes to the bar

  1. Hey gang, we survived the storm but the northern end of our county did not. They are reporting that five people are dead and asking everyone to stay away from the hospital if they aren’t seriously injured and calling in all doctors and nurses.


  2. Tee, we are fine and so is your BIL if he was home. We are in the basement with the tv and radio and heard the tornado sirens. The tornado and super cell went north of us. Letha, stay safe. Hope this misses you, too. They say this is just the first round so this mess could continue late into the night.


  3. I’ve said a similar thing, Unruly. It is easier to say that we have a little 12 lb. white fuzzy guy who looks like a Maltese, than to say we have a Coton de Tulear and then have to give a geography and history lesson.


  4. Heather P, I’m glad you are safe. I worried about you went I saw those horrible storms in Kentucky. So very sorry for everyone who suffered loss and damage.


  5. Gosh you guys, stay safe. Just on
    Cnn.com, yikes! Good thoughts sent your way, oh my.
    Tee, that totally sounds like me to use the word “die” instead of “dye”. My partner always jokes that he wasn’t born with good looks or a fully funcional brain and I think I’m right up there with him. I’m blaming peri menopause.


  6. Did anybody else notice we got an XO from June? In my book that’s a kiss and a hug.


  7. Sadie reporting in to say we are fine. Had at least two rounds of severe thunderstorm during the night, but no more tornadoes. Several areas of damage in the Atlanta area and major damage in so many states. Hope all of the Pie Peeps are safe. We will wait to hear from everyone today.


  8. Here I was feeling sorry for myself because my dog was freaking out during thunderstorms. Our power didn’t even go out, let alone nastiness caused by wind. Hope everybody is okay.


  9. PJ The Coton de Tulear will wear his security coat for the rest of the day and probably not leave the deepest burrow of bed. says:

    Unscathed as well, except the dog is claiming PTSD.


  10. PJ The Coton de Tulear will wear his security coat for the rest of the day and probably not leave the deepest burrow of bed. says:

    Cotons believe you can never be too careful.


  11. Glad everyone is okay.
    And Garden Girl? It’s a Catholic thing. St. Joesph wants you to bury him because he’s the patron saint of family, workers and home. And probably seventeen other things I don’t know about.
    The Catholic store I go to when I need one gives directions with the statue.


  12. PJ made me laugh with Coton’s PTSD claim.
    Glad everyone is well. Sounds like Indiana and Kentucky were hit hard. Any Pie Peeps in southern Indiana? Heather P is from Kentucky I think, so I wonder how her family is today. Any others from Kentucky?


  13. I think Ohio was hit hard, too. I know Duffylou and MaryV live there as well as others. Are you all okay?
    Anita, are your Georgia boys okay? Hope so.


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