Okay, SERIOUSLY no time today

Went to the BookUp again last night. May or may not have gone with …friend. May or may not have stayed out too late. May or may not have LOOMING DEADLINE.

This may or may not be my pal Jo at said BookUp. Who needs to stop saying "may or may not" about everything? May it or may it not be me?

So I will go. But someone in the coments yesterday came up with an interesting Pieces of Wisdom question and I am SORRY, dude, that I do not have time to go CULL the comments and see who said it. I may or may not have time.

Do you have any superstitions about money? For example, I never put my purse on the floor if I can help it because I heard you will never have money in your purse if you do that. And actually I never have money in my purse because I use my ATM card for everything. But when I DO have cash, I always face it in my wallet in the same direction, in number order. Suze Orman said to do that so I listened. I may or may not be relatively not flush. Still.

So what are yours? Do tell.

126 thoughts on “Okay, SERIOUSLY no time today

  1. Chik fila is the greatest! Someone has to take some to Hulk and Not Chloe! I don’t have a money superstition, but I have a mantra! “As long as I owe you, you’ll never be broke!”. (kidding! I pay my credit cards every month! No debt over here…)


  2. If a neighbor places a wind chime too close to my house…something other than money and good fortune will be flowing their way…


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