Do you love this song? I always forget I do till I hear it and then I say, Ooo, I love this song.


In other news–not that what songs I love isn't pressing, hard-hitting news–several faithful readers of this blog schlepped to Atlanta Airport yesterday to visit my old pal Hulk while he had a layover.

Snicker. I just said layover.

He and his daughter, Not Chloe, are headed to Disneyland. World. Whichever the eff is in Florida.

In all the years I lived in LA, I never went to Disneyland. World. Whatev. People always said, "Oh, June, you'll love it!" but the part where I am middle-aged and child-free made me think otherwise. Why the hell do I want to see a bunch of mascots running around a crowded park?

How did I get off on this tangent? Oh, Hulk. Laying over.

So Faithful Readers Fay, Beverly and her broken elbow (it's elbow, right? Who is a terrible listener? She broke something after a pedicure. Slipped on those shoddy slippers they give you), Tee,

Teehulk(here's Tee with her Hulk sign. She is a giant.)

and Sadie, who all live Atlantaish, decided to stop by the airport and say hi. As you do. Because what's more convenient than Atlanta airport?

They brought Chick-fil-A to the Hulk and his offspring, because in Fay's words, Hulk had a Chick-fil-A-sized hole in his soul and just didn't know it.

Now I am craving it, even though I am supposedly boycotting them over the gay marriage thing. Look, gay people, I really do want you to be able to get married. I mean, that is my opinion and I will support you on it to the end. But dang, Chick-fil-A is good. Can I go back there if I promise to get y'all everything on your registries?

Of course, they close on Sundays so even if I gave in and turned my back on the homosexuals I would get bupkis today.

At any rate, I am glad my readers could bring fried food to the Not Chloe. Everyone needs a little hydrogenated fat when they are growing.

While the fabulous event was happening, Faithful Reader and Email Pal in Real Life to Whom For Some Reason I Tell All About My Love Life Fay was emailing me and giving me a play-by-play, while I sat at the fireplace sweeping ashes or proofreading my 9 million pages.

I had airport envy. Plus, I wanted to see Not Chloe's reaction to all these strange women descending on her dad.

But she seemed to take it in stride. In the back are Sadie in green and Tee in stripes. There is Fay, waiting to hear more about my romantic entanglements. This is kind of how I picture her. In suspended animation at the other end of my computer. Anyway, next to her is BrokeArm Beverly, then Not Chloe and Not Hulk.

Note the plaid-ish shirt in the foreground. They all put it on and sent photos and I was enormously attracted to all of them for just that one moment.

Who amore themselves? Is it my faithful Atlanta readers?

Anyway, I'm glad it all went off as planned and that no one dragged Hulk off and married him, as women who read this blog seem to be wont to do.

Of course, dragging Hulk off and marrying him would be impossible, seeing as he is already betrothed to his mom.

June. Dragging out the 2009 jokes since 2012.

98 thoughts on “ATL

  1. HLK 113 is my plant’s intracompany snail mail address, June. For like the tenth time…


  2. Love seeing the pics of Not Chloe, Hulk, and the Pie peeps! Hope the travelers ahave a great time at Disney.
    Ruby Blue, there is probably a lot you SHOULDN’T know abot Taco Bell, so remain blissful in you not-knowing and enjoy!


  3. Not Chloe, cute with the crossed fingers. Tried it. Can’t do it.
    Thanks for the pictures. It was so fun to see you all.
    How nice when good virtual becomes good reality.


  4. Additionally in addition, thanks for the acoustic, June. I always appreciate some acoustic music or some incandescent lighting.
    I think of my block of knives as my acoustic food processor.


  5. Laurie, is the “at the fireplace sweeping ashes ” thing a Cinderella reference? Has June found Prince Charming ( or whoever was in that story…?


  6. Oooh, Martha, good thought. I just thought June was saying that she was doing her grueling work. I like that Cinderella idea.


  7. I rode home in a fog, is what I did. IT WAS 4:00! Youd be in a fog too.
    Okay, I will say one more thing about …friend. Best kisser ever. In the history of time.
    Sent from my ding-dang iPhone.


  8. BEST KISSER! Watch out for the best kisser, he will make you nearly blind (hi Iris) to the less than good stuff. I know this my own self. But enjoy the lips.


  9. True that. If at this point he said, Snap the head off Iris and throw it at Barack Obama, I would do it. Why that particular scenario entered my head is beyond me.
    Sent from my ding-dang iPhone.


  10. Love seeing the pictures! All the ladies look so pretty and sweet. Always nice to put a face with the name. Not Cloe is such a pretty girl! That was such a cool idea to have a get together at the airport! Maybe one day there will be a layover party closer to me, or a Palooza or Junefest or whatever.


  11. I am so late to the party today! I was out on the boat all day and was thinking about how the meetup went.
    Looks like it was a success! Everyone looks fabulous. Hulkette is adorable as ever. Get her MINNIE ears!
    Have fun at OJ’s, have some wine for me!


  12. Don’t kid yourself, he is at that engagement party or whatever, and WISHING he was watching with you. Bet he texts you later.
    TV-wise, Dick Whitman/Don Draper is more effed up than I remember.


  13. Didn’t watch the first hour and I am so confused. Where is the January Jones character?


  14. Anita, if I can remember right, Dick Whitman had a family engagement party to attend tonight.
    Aaaand Mad Men premiere is playing again right now…yay!


  15. Home at 4:00 a.m………June’s been bitten by the love bug b-a-d.
    Nice. But I hope Mother doesn’t read this post.


  16. I tried to comment yesterday but still haven’t figured out how to do that from my phone. My comments just sit out there but never post. I may be an idiot.
    The airport meet up was a blast. Hulk, Not Chloe, Fay, Tee and Sadie are all awesome people! Sadly, we were all well behaved though. I’m shocked I didn’t do anything really dumb or humiliating since I normally do in front of new people.
    And I would like to thank Fay for coming to a complete stranger’s house and picking me up and driving me so that I could make it to meet everyone. I’m a wuss to drive with my arm in a cast and my doctor has been telling me he prefers I don’t get behind the wheel. It’s like he knows how accident prone I am. Did I tell y’all I fell again last week ON MY BROKEN ARM??? I changed the alignment of my bone a bit but not enough to need surgery as of right now.


  17. Sadie - Thankfully, no one fell at the airport nor did Not Chloe spill anything. It had to be the good karma. says:

    Beverly! We are going to put you in a wheel chair if you keep falling.


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