I Got the Music in Me

First of all, Hulk went to visit Faithful Reader Joann last night.

How do you think that went?

Also, somehow last night on Facebook, where I spend entirely too much time even when I HAVE 900 PAGES LEFT to proofread, I got on the topic of my least-favorite song. And really, when I say I got on the topic, I did. I was kind of chatting with my own self. On Facebook. Who is the patheticest person alive? I mean, other than drunk Hulk up there.

For me it's I Got the Music in Me. I wish I could express to you how much I abhor that song. It makes me angry, that song. Because it is so terrible. Remember when Julie on —

Oh, crap. WHAT WAS THAT SHOW? With Valerie Bertinelli when she was cute. And annoying Bonnie Franklin being all pert. Oh for the love of all that is holy. WHAT IS IT CALLED?

ONE DAY AT A TIME! Oh, thank God. I was all, I know it's a stupid slogan. A Stitch in Time? The Facts of Life? Don't Breathe Under Water? Thank heavens and St. Joseph and all the children's aspirin I thought of it.

Of course I could've just Googled it.

Anyway. At one point Julie, aka Mackenzie Phillips, joined a band and sang I Got the Music in Me. I think I was about 10 and I was all, I want to slap myself with a concrete block. Please stop singing that song.

What about you? What song do you hate the most and why? Marvin was sure to stampede to the radio dial, because apparently I was married to him in 1971 with my radio dial, whenever Hotel California came on. Now when it comes on I listen to the whole thing even though I don't really like that song so much.


Okay, so tell me yours. And tell me why you hate it. I may have asked y'all this before but people come and go so quickly here. I hope the person who wrote I Got the Music in Me hasn't arrived.

250 thoughts on “I Got the Music in Me

  1. Late joining in, but happy to see no one has mentioned the song I hate more than anything: “Killing me softly.” Really? He’s killing me softly with his song??


  2. D of C, my daughter dated a member of The Dead Kennedys for over a year. He was a very nice person. No drugs, kind, thoughtful, etc.


  3. Run Joey Run. I couldn’t believe they did it on Glee.

    I have a camp song I can’t stand as well. Kum Baya. It makes me want to pull my eardrums out with a fork.


  4. Met Bobby Sherman in the 90’s, he was surprisingly handsome and super nice. Didja know he volunteers with local police depts in whatever community he is living in?


  5. I’m completely late, but want to add my loathed songs to the list.
    Christmas: Dolly Parton’s Hard Candy Christmas. It’s about breaking up with her boyfriend, NOT about Christmas, yet the radio stations here play it every year because the word Christmas is in the title. Smart ones, they are.
    Faith Hill’s song Breathe. The line about I can feel you breathe, it’s washing over me… I know it’s supposed to be so sweet and romantical and all – but yuck.


  6. Susanne in Georgia, whose husband sang that stupid song all seven times I was pregnant, just to get my goat. He got a lot more than that, let me tell you. says:

    Didn’t read the comments yet, so don’t know if anybody voted for mine. There are two that I absolutely hate: MacArthur Park (“Some one left my cake out in the rain…”) and One Less Bell to Answer. One less egg to fry. Gah!!
    Either they broke up with each other, or need to get together. I can’t figure out which.
    Oh, and also? Having My Baby. Blech.


  7. “Red Solo Cup” by Toby Keith. I mean, seriously?! It sounds like he wrote it while he was drunk and sang it while he was drunk. And it makes no sense whatsoever!! That song. HATE!
    Also, not fond of “I Want to Check You For Ticks” by Brad Paisley. UGH! Really?! Brad put out some awesome tunes, but he lost me when he came up with that one. Check you for ticks. AS IF!! Because nothing spells love and romance like checking someone for ticks!!!!


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