Say it isn’t so

"You know there's a Hall and Oates hotline," …friend told me, like it was just common knowledge and I was the last to know. And no, I don't know what we were discussing beforehand that led to this riveting disclosure.

And who cares? THERE'S A HALL AND OATES HOTLINE? You make my dreams come true!


According to …friend, you could call a number and it'd say, "For Maneater, press one. For Sara Smile, press two."

"Go ahead and call it now," encouraged …friend, who is apparently out of touch and out of time, because although I DIDN'T call it then, I put it in my phone's Google search so I'd remember to look it up later. And when I did? All anticipatory and gleeful?

It's a bitch, girl. The number no longer works. I may have to get my private eyes on this–they're watching you, stupid nonworking hotline! Cause they're on my list. I can't resist.

Okay, I'm done. I can't go for that anymore.

Hall and Oates hotline, every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you. Marvin used to sing that, and you have no idea how many songs Marvin has ruined in my head. Also, do you like how I said I was done but kept going with the Hall and the Oates lyrics?


Why is every photo of these two so homoerotic?

And I realize I could just, you know, go on YouTube and hear any Hall and Oates tune I wanted–AND WHO DOESN'T DO THAT ALL THE TIME? but it was more exciting to CALL and get Maneater or what have you.


Why is he tired of playing Ovaltine?

So, that was my disappointment for the weekend. If I were a rich girl, maybe I could bribe them to put the Hall and Oates hotline back up.

Okay, really done now.


My baby hair with a woman's eyes will talk at you.

Right after I get my going-as-Hall-AND-Oates Halloween costume done.

111 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so

  1. What is going on?? This is sooo weird!
    But anyways… So hulk are you saying your dreams about June are usually sexual and this one was an anomaly?


  2. Great post, June, with the songsterisms and all. It’s almost like you said, “Where do you stop, where do you dare me to draw the line?”


  3. Great post, June, with the songsterisms and all. It’s almost like you said, “Where do you stop, where do you dare me to draw the line?”


  4. Great post, June, with the songsterisms and all. It’s almost like you said, “Where do you stop, where do you dare me to draw the line?”


  5. Okay, I’m replying to my reply to Letha’s reply to jennyuk’s initial comment to see how this new format works.
    By the way, Mo is the hottest one.


  6. Oh this is hilarious! Both the post (June, you and Stu need to go head to head with the lyrics thing) and the commentary on the comments. I have no idea if I’m replying to a post or not or anything. But it’s funny!


  7. I always sing, “I just died in your arms tonight. Must have been something I ate.”
    No clue who sings that song, but my mom sure thought I was funny in the 80’s.


  8. I’m NOT drunk, that’s the thing. This new format makes me feel schizophrenic. My Gram was schizophrenic and my daughter studies it, so that’s no slam. Just sayin’. I’m with Mother; can’t we go back to Kansas? Now, I’m sounding like D of C…help me!!! Argghh! I blame this new format!


  9. D of C…that is SO you pretending to be Hulk. Now go put your clothes on and walk your dogs!


  10. This new format must have messed with my head because I even dreamed about typing a comment. Then Tee immediately responded to something I inadvertently typed.


  11. Ha,ha,ha……Love my “Karen in VA who volunteered in g said” . I was trying to say I volunteered at my daughter’s school and watched an officer and 3 other men take down a teenager. Guess it wasn’t as exciting as I thought.


  12. Sadie, THAT is hilarious. I was in our doctor’s office last week, waiting after we had been placed in a room and I was just looking around. She had some information sheets on several things and I was reading them. One sheet had five, FIVE (5) typos. I pulled out my pin and marked them. When the PA came she noticed the marks on the sheet and said she had typed the info. She took it with her, so next time we are there I’ll check to see if corrections have been made to the information sheet. My husband couldn’t believe what I was doing.
    Hoping for a good report from the doctor today for June.


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