I started a joke…

I already crossed off the "s" on my Bee Gees bumper sticker, but clearly I need a better Sharpie. Do they make waterproof ones? Also, could I be a worse person?

Poor Robin Gibb. I have gotten 4595949390405 emails re this, and you'd think I was a Gibb myself. Which I am. IN MY MIND.

Also, I probably should've just Xd off the "s" but I used the proofreader's "delete" sign just out of habit. Honestly, who can take a celebrity death and make it 100% about her? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

In other news, I am up and navigating and going to work today. My discharge papers said, "Return to work as desired," so I was thinking next month, maybe? Despite the fact that I was (a) supposed to work there a few days and it's now been five weeks and (2) my paycheck still didn't get right, they called me yesterday morning to see if I could do some work from home. Which I did. I know.

Really, I did it at the tire store, because when I got up yesterday morning I realized my tire was flat. How does that happen? I mean, I know how it happens, but it's just so sneaky.

And you know my car tried to tell me? It showed me this light Saturday that looked like parentheses with an exclamation point in the middle. Like this: (!). I was all, yeah, car. I like parentheses, too! Totally with you on that. Then I was like, hey, car, are you trying to show me your labia? Because, come on. Inappropriate.

I guess that's why eventually it got frustrated with me and just let the tire get flat.

IMG_1219Here is …friend, at a ridiculously early hour of the morning, like 10:00, putting stuff in my tire so I could drive on it to get to, you know, the tire place.

And since I was stuck at that riveting spot for an hour, I did some proofreading. My other choices were to flirt with the 60-year-old man wearing jorts in the lobby, or to watch The Parent Trap with Linday Lohan, before she ruined herself. I guess alternatively, I could have just emailed labias to people. (!)

So now I have to shower and get dressed and go work AGAIN. Oh! But Peg had a party and Ima have to tell you about it eventually. This time I managed to go there and keep my food down.

Peg. Managing to embrace her party themes like nobody's business. This time it was "Mad Hatter." I like how her smile is exactly like her flower on her head's smile.

Anyway, it was a good time and I will tell you about it when I am not rushing off to my nonjob on a formerly flat tire.

Catch you later! (!)

107 thoughts on “I started a joke…

  1. Amish Annie/Paul June's too busy making out with studly, damsel-in-distress rescuer...friend to read late night comments, so you're pretty safe Sadie says:

    Girlfriend Sadie, the truth has been revealed! Thank you!!!! My Mo BFF Carol from Bama thanks you as well, I’m sure!


  2. Pssst, Amish Annie/Paul. Don’t tell June, but I agree with you that Mo was the best looking Gibb. Of course, Andy wasn’t bad either.


  3. Kit, I’m sorry for the loss of your rescue doggy. BBP is definitely the place to be when you need a laugh.


  4. thanks for making my day…you guys are funny as hell…..today started out sad when I had to put down one of my chihuahua rescues, but you guys have made me laugh out loud…
    (June…….did you see the photo of Jo with Robin Gibb?)


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