The Dude Abides

100_2008I got up this morning and walked in and saw her empty crate.


I  knew I'd feel bad, but I didn't know I'd feel THIS bad. Oh, how I grew to love that little round head.

IMG_2533Yesterday I took Violet to the fire station, where she is going to live forever. I refuse to write "furever home." If I were an animal and someone told me I was going to a "furever home" I would go Pit on them. Even if I were a Persian.

IMG_2549A ton of firefighters showed up at the station to meet her. They'd already gotten her a little bed, and some chewies, and a toy pig. And the world's largest bowls, which she ate out of even though I'd just fed her on the way over.

Everyone was standing around her and one of them said, "Who's your daddy? You got 25 of them!" Everybody laughed.

IMG_2538But there did seem to be one guy she gravitated to more than the others. And lucky for her, he's the guy who lives there all the time, and her little bed is right next to his. She's gonna be PISSED about giving up her firearms.

IMG_2542It was on the news last night, the story of her going to live with the firemen, and they said they were going to teach her to stop, drop and roll so she can demonstrate it to classrooms. "And, she'll know what to do if she ever catches on fire," said helpful Ned. Who has had to watch me mope.

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 10.34.51 AMYou can click on this to see it better. Also, am seriously considering adding roiling flames to my blog design. What say you? Relaxing.

IMG_2556So. I know she'll be loved and cared for. By many burly men. Who seem to favor pink. I know she'll have a good life.

I just wish I didn't miss her so much. And that she hadn't watched me drive away the whole way out of the lot.

But I know I did the right thing, and that this will hurt less eventually. And I have an open invitation to stop by any time. Hang at the firehouse. Maybe they'll let me slide down the pole. So to speak.

Carry on.

112 thoughts on “The Dude Abides

  1. Violet/Sparkles was so lucky that YOU, of all people, were the one she was left with. YOU made sure that she would be well-cared for and that she got a great home. So happy that this story has a happy ending. (You will feel better in awhile, of course it will take time. You know you did the right thing, right?) Bless you for being such a kind-hearted person!


  2. It was the right decision.
    Of course grown-up right decisions feel sucky, most of the time.
    Kiss Eds’ big pitty head and have Ned take you to one of his cheery movies…


  3. Aww, I’m sad for you June but happy that Sparkles (the artist formerly known as Violet)has such a wonderful home to grow up in. Hugs to you for being such a good foster mommy. 🙂


  4. On that bittersweet pitch-perfect June note I’m going to bed. I do hope we see more photos of Violet as she blossoms. You will always be her mom.


  5. I know!!! The discipline to give up that little pudgy body! You’re a good woman, June Gardens. Nothin’ sweeter lookin’ than a bunch of big guys fussing over a puppy. I’d be going to visit A LOT.


  6. How hard for you, how wonderful for “Sparkles.” You did the right thing. Just ask Eds. I know it hurts you, but at least you can visit.


  7. Yes. I did a likes comment on it.
    I sent the links of the two news videos to my friends that live in Winston-Salem and told them that I know June, sort of. I’m not sure they’ll under that sort of part.


  8. I jumped over to the Fox8 facebook page too and what that firefighter said in the comments was awesome. Man June, you picked the best fire station evah to raise sweet Violet Sparkles…koodles to you!!! *running from flying liver, ducking behind Deb* This is the kind of story that seriously keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see pictures of Sparkles stop, drop, and rolling with schoolchildren a year from now. I’m like the grinch whose heart has swelled.


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