June at 16

Awhile back, Ned showed me a picture of him at junior prom in high school. He had the same girlfriend throughout high school and even into college some, and she is still a good friend, so he basically has the same sitch with her I got going with my ex-boyfriend Cardinal.

Cardinal and I dated in 10th grade and broke up. In 11th grade I had a new boyfriend, which didn't sit well, so Cardinal swooped back in with his red feathers. Then for heaven only knows what reason, we decided hey! Let's try that again cause it was so much fun the first two times, and we dated from, say, age 19 to maybe 21 or so.

We've been friends ever since then other than when he got a wife and she decided I was the enemy so we didn't talk for years. (She's gone now. Sure do miss her.) There have been multiple times when we've both been single at the same time, including now, technically, but the Cardinal-and-me ship sailed in about 1986.

Which, by the way. If you have a problem with your current man being friends with his ex, ask yourself, Were there multiple opportunities for them to bang before I came along? And did they TAKE those opportunities? If not, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??

At any rate, this is precisely what Ned has going on with his friend Harriet, whose real name I didn't just throw into the Random Name Generator or anything.

My POINT is, and do I ever ever ever just get to the point without eventually having to say, "My POINT is"? Ned showed me this photo of him with his old girlfriend, and oh they were so young and cute and so on, and then I looked at the back and it was dated May 14, 1982.

"I know exactly where I was on May 14, 1982!" I said, because I am a freak. "I even have PICTURES of me from that day!" That was my Aunt Mary's wedding day, and Cardinal was my date. I had this grand idea that I would put up here on this godforsaken blog the photos of Ned and Harriet and Cardinal and me all from the same day in 1982.


So I get my Aunt Mary on the horn and ask her to scan me the photo I was imagining, but of course she was flummoxed about how to scan and email a picture and what's with the generational stuff re computers? She did, however, mail me the damn picture sooner than it will take for you to read this stupid post and I only just opened her letter last night. It's probably been sitting on my table for a week.

Good gravy I am sick of working all day and freelancing all night. Tonight I get my hair cut, then after I'm having coffee with one of my friends, and even though that COMPLETELY screws up my work schedule I don't even care.

Aunt Mary sent TWO pictures from that fateful day, and I was so excited to scan them and scream them off to Cardinal that I coulda spit. I also called Ned. "Send me that photo of you and Harriet. I finally got the one of Cardinal and me."

"My scanner's broken," said Ned.


It was all I could do not to drive the hell over there through the rain, in my pajamas, and bring the dang thing back home so I could SHOW YOU THESE DAMN PICTURES ALREADY. Sometimes my blog about my life turns INTO my life, and that is never good.

So, supposedly, Ned is scanning his fine prom picture at work, and TOMORROW I will have for you the famous shots of Ned/Harriet and June/Cardinal. But seeing as I have two pictures from that day, I will show you this one:

May 14, 1981Oh. Kills me.

In case you were thinking, Wow, people in high school looked so much older then, those are my grandparents. You know, attending the wedding. As you do. My grandfather was the absolute bomb and you could not do better in the grandfather department. And there is Grammy, the woman I am turning into. Next time you see me I promise I will have a rose-colored dress on.

Does anyone remember the photos of these same grandparents on my 6th birthday? Cause Grammy had the purse-on-her-lap look then, too. She must've been horrified of snatchers. And this was before my city was even that dangerous.


The picture of Cardinal and me slays me, is what it does. Here it is again:

May 14, 1981Look how unjaded by time and bad relationships I was. Grammy's over there thinking, "LOVE FADES!" but I had no clue. I just figured Cardinal and I would be happy for the rest of time. And that I'd always be that thin. And that stripy Izod belts would remain cool.

So there's your preview. Stay tuned for Ned Goes to Prom and June Continues to Look Naive photos.

115 thoughts on “June at 16

  1. May 14, 1982. I was rehearsing for MY wedding with my husband, family and the whole HEE HAW gang. Hee Haw was surely playing somewhere in TVland that evening. It was a Friday, I got married on Saturday, May 15th, so see, you aren’t the only one with pictures from that day!!!


  2. Oh my gosh Sadie, thank you for your kind words about my petses! Isn’t it weird how blogs will make us dream about them? I’ve dreamt of June’s pets several times (especially Talu) and when I read Anita’s blog at night I always dream about white cottages and blue water cause that is what I identify her blog with. It’s funny when you read comments here of someone dreaming about June or Marvin or Ned cause you know you’ve had the same experience.
    Garden Girl, I know, Lance Kerwin, what did happen to him? He was a cutie.
    It’s fun reading people’s experiences in and of around Mayish of ’82. It’d be fun for June to just throw out a month and year every now and again for Pieces of Wisdom and we comment on what we were up to at that time. Like Mary Ellen of Napa in Chicago doing the theatrical thing in May of ’82…oh the stories I’m sure.
    Also I must say I am so looking forward to seeing the picture of early ’80’s Ned and his date Harriet.


  3. I am truly honored that the famous LETHA enjoyed my chili recipe tonight. I am so proud! I am glad you liked it!
    I have no idea what I was doing on May 14, 1982. I was in 6th grade, so…ummm…playing light as a feather?


  4. Okay, May of 1982….I was in rehearsals for a show I was doing for a repertory company in the suburbs of Chicago. (I know how much you LOVE theatre, June!!!)
    I was young, thin, artistic and on birth control pills! Who was the life of the party? Was it me, with my theatrical morals?


  5. May 14, 1982, hummm? Getting ready for a trip to Hilton Head Island, SC.
    I bet your Grammy had a pack of cigarettes and lighter in her purse along with the gum and rain hat thingy. My grandmother always had a handkerchief in her pocketbook, it wasn’t a purse, it was a pocketbook and a change purse.


  6. AA/P/LT,
    This has nothing to do with the subject at hand, but I had to tell you that your pets, Mindy Peaches, Giblet Pearl (Gibby) and Vinnie were all featured in my dreams last night. Or rather when I woke up this morning, I realized I had been dreaming about them. This is probably because I was reading your blog a few nights ago.
    P.S. June has been featured in my dreams more than once. Probably because I read her blog multiple times a day.


  7. On January 17, 2013, I made Megsie’s easy chili recipe, and it was really good and warming on a cold, wet night. Thanks, Megsie!
    Now carry on with the nostalgia.


  8. May 14, 1982. Having previously made his escape, the ex and I were already divorced and the future Mr. Sadie and I were dating.
    A lot can happen between the ages of 16 and 18.


  9. Squeaky Fromme–my hat came from Sak’s Fifth Ave.!!! I still have it. I do remember my brother-in-law saying, “that does not look like any wedding dress I have ever seen”


  10. Sometime in May of 1982, I was in a courthouse in downtown Denver having my divorce finalized. A tough day – I wanted the divorce, he didn’t.
    Wow. May of 1982 must have been a memorable month for many.


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