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Thanks, everybody

I don't feel like blogging anymore.

I took this break for however many days it's been (am I the only person who takes a break and posts twice during it?) and you know what I've been doing in the morning instead of posting? I've been sitting in my grandmother's wing-back chair and reading. Oh, it's been lovely kicking her out of that thing and doing my reading. It was just like the first 41 years of my life, when I got up and lived and didn't have to report every single thing I did.

For almost seven years I've sat here daily and written, sometimes twice a day, and so many cool things have happened as a result. I've made friends in real life and in computer life, I've sent and received fun gifts, created inside jokes, had drama among the commentors. Regular readers have died, which isn't really cool, per se, but I'm just saying. I've packed a lot of living into this little hobby of mine.

There are some loose ends I have to tie up. I know I never picked a winner in Jo's book giveaway. And did I ever give away the Lincoln Band-Aids? What I'll do is comb through all my emails and posts and see when I did giveaways and if the winner ever got sent anything, and send it. That should be brief.

And I know I didn't show everyone's photo from that day I told everyone to send in their pictures and 493949204 people sent them in. I'll find the rest and put them up before I go. So expect one more post.

Anyway, I hope you understand. I just kind of want to get back to regular life where I do whatever and the only people who know about it are related to me or in a very intimate Facebook relationship with me. And it's going to be weird. Just last night I was taking in the chili Ned and I made (!!!) and the cats were splayed across the table sanitarily, so I took one of my crystal-clear pictures.

IMG_1914And then I said, "Why did I DO that? I don't have to photograph every nuance anymore." So, yeah. Hard to get used to, I think.

People are saying I should take the funniest posts from the last seven years and make a book out of it, which means I'd have to find things that were actually funny. Maybe I could make a pamphlet or something. Anyway, if that happens I will alert you.

Thank you, everyone. This blog would've been sad and stupid without you. And thank you, Marvin, for suggesting I start a blog seven years ago.

I heart you guys.

Love, June