Oh, and be sure to give me advice. I love that.

You guys, I love that house. I LOVE THAT HOUSE.


In case you didn't tune in yesterday, and what's your phony excuse, Ned and I are looking for a place to live. We wanted something big so that his 14-year-old cat can have a few rooms to herself, and also so we don't get sick and tired of each other. Last weekend, we said, "Let's just drive around and see if there's anything" and boom. We see this. First place we see. And LOOK AT IT!

I didn't take picture inside because there was a property manager with us and I didn't want him to think I was berserk. I mean, I already went in there with the Peter Frampton hair. (It's been rainy. And humid.) But I stole some pictures off the website.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.05.21 AM

Dudes, it has a fireplace, and a formal dining room, and a sunny little breakfast place behind the kitchen, and a gazebo thing in the back yard, just like Shirley Maclaine had in Terms of Endearment when Jack Nicholson said, "I don't wanna blow smoke up your ass" and she said, "What a relief."

There are FOUR bedrooms, and they're all pretty big, although of course the closets are for Barbie. Jesus. So I'll wear two outfits and have one towel. That's fine. That's absolutely fine.

Oh, and built-in bookshelves! The place was built in 1913. Oh! And it's a block from a cemetery! I love cemeteries!

It's in the nicest neighborhood in Greensboro, and the houses around us are to die for.

I am unsure if you can tell I've become emotionally attached to my new house. Ned, who also loves it, is being practical. "The rent is really high, June." Rent schment. So we're still mulling it over but if we DO decide to take it, we have to agnostic him down on the price if we can. Even if he DIDN'T come down, we'd both be paying less than we do. Plus also I have to get a renter in here, which everyone says will be no problem but what if it is?

Did I mention the pretty deck? And two bathrooms, thank god.

After we looked at the house, we walked the neighborhood and went to dinner at a restaurant in the neighborhood, a place we've always loved. Then we went back to my house and watched fireflies. Every sentence we uttered was, "If we take this place…"

If we take this place, we could baby gate the upstairs so that the dogs never, ever meet NedKitty. Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.06.12 AM
If we take this place, Ned will have to join a gym because he works out at his apartment complex now. If we take this place, what if my alleged renters move out suddenly? If we take this place, can I put my cute Formica table in the breakfast area? If we take this place, how cute will my outside furniture be on that deck back there? (answer: Cute!!) If we take this place, I'll never be sad again.




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  1. I’m glad I misunderstood your other comment and your agnostic skills worked! When is the big move?
    Yes Tee, Atlanta is calling us back!


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