I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you. And your minty rope.

I found two CDs with my initials on them, and seeing as I haven't released a CD in ages, and should really get on that live album, I was intrigued.

It was a whole mess of pictures from five or six years ago, that were on my old computer, the one I punched. Marvin must have somehow saved the pictures and I never looked at them.

Travel with me through time, won't you?

WowHi! We have no chemistry!

I adore Marvin, to this day I do. And dear god, I wish for him some woman who can't keep her mitts off him. We look like we're posing at Olan Mills.

I like his hair that way, though. He looks like a little spider monkey.

DadDad, with a gift he just wrapped for my Aunt Mary. Good paper.

038Apparently I was spinning a yarn.

I'll give you a moment to stitch up your sides.

063My Aunt Mary, smoking a birthday candle. As you do.

018Just when you got your sides stitched up…

024Let's say you're new here, and have no idea who this is. Dear New Person: Once I roomed with the devil. Love, June.

042Did I need more fiber? What was up?

001My pal Charlie. This makes me sad and happy at the same time.

028Was completely duped by the ears. Who wouldn't have been duped by the ears?

003I laughed at this for 700 minutes. This is quintessentially my life. My life plus a blue whiteboard. I took it with me in this move and put it on the fridge, and just the other night, Ned was all, "Is this yours? Where'd it come from?"

There's a whole section of my life Ned is oblivious to.

Okay, one more.

008Good luck trying to get this image out of your mind. When you shut your bathroom mirror, this image will be behind you.