Tallulah Bright and Dark

Is everyone back now? Are you all done ignoring me? Just another reason for me to hate the holidays: Everyone leaves.

I blog on and on: Here's what I got for Christmas! Hey, Dick Clark and me, throwing down!

Me: Christmas, New Year's Eve, blah! Celebrate good times, come on! [insert picture, insert another picture]

You Guys, 14 days later: …heh.

So, good. We're back to normal. I gave you yesterday to catch up, if you wanted to, and now here we are back to it being a regular, boring time of year so I'll show you pictures of my pets.

IMG_2421Edz so sad. will neber be same. neber be same unless you share towst.

20150104_192850_resizedShe was so cute, I let her stay, and man. Relaxing? It's like she was MADE to fit on my lap.

IMG_2398Senior dog. Senior picture.

I guess when I said I'd show pictures of my pets, I meant my dogs. We had all the cats put down. We're moving. I wonder if anything can incite my fury faster than, "We have to get rid of our pet. We're moving." Don't get me started.

Speaking of which, sometimes Purple Clover will run on Facebook old articles I wrote, and they ran the one about when Lily was missing and I looked for her at the fire station. THAT story on Purple Clover links to the OLD story about how she was missing. I looked at that story for the first time in months, and someone had left a long rambling comment about what a terrible person I was for just having the screen door open when I have a cat.

"I have 11 cats, myself," she wrote sanely, "and sometimes my husband will be so selfish and irresponsible, just like you, and leave the door open and I always tell him how awful he is, just like you."

Do you know who probably has a wonderful life? Mr. Catz, over there.

The wonderful part about writing for P Clover has been that comments can't hurt my feelings anymore. Back in the old days, when I was a whippersnapper, if you guys even slightly disapproved, it was like touching a hot stove or something. OH! I'll NEVER say that again!

Now I'm all, fuck it. I guess that's a good attitude to have.

What do you say fuck it about that you didn't used to? Do tell.

I have to go, because hair, wet.

Photo on 1-6-15 at 8.18 AMDog, over me.

Oh! P.S. I had a good idea for our book club, the one Typepad insisted you stay for when they did that little writeup. Let's this year read books from our teen years: Lisa Bright and Dark, Go Ask Alice, Forever. What say you?

P.S.S. Sigh. My latest Purple Clover. Go ahead and say mean things on it. Fuck it.

Love, June

IMG_2378mom hill air yus.

111 thoughts on “Tallulah Bright and Dark

  1. I love that picture of you and Lu so bad. Beebles is about the same size and insists on being up in my business ALL the time. She just shimmied up into my lap as I was trying to type this!
    I call her squirrel girl. She’s sort of liquid dog and has no bones and her extra-long tail is so squirrely!!
    Happy New Year, my friend. I miss you.


  2. I mostly say fuck OFF more than fuck IT. I really don’t give a flying fuck when people judge me or my house or my hair or my politics or how weird I am. If you don’t like it, you can suck it AND fuck off.
    I’m so nice. Such a sweetie.
    Oh, and people who aren’t nice to my dogs in MY own house? You also can suck it. So rude!


  3. I’ll light the fire…you place the flowers in the vase that you bought today.
    In light of this effing cold, I’ve just realized that these lyrics make no sense whatsoever.


  4. I read the Betsy-Tacy books, written about Mankato, MN. And Mrs Piggle-Wiggle. And yes, it is predicted -35 wind chill here today. This sucks.


  5. And Caddie Woodlawn takes me back too. I just finished a YA dystopian book and the girl’s name was Callie Woodland, and it made me crazy that her name was so derivative. I guess most teens reading the book wouldn’t even recognize the 50s or 60s book title, but I loved that book.


  6. That looks ingenious. Hope it helps DW get around while his foot heals. Tell him to stay away from uneven metal grates.


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