Two showers, still filthy. Or, add vodka!

Yesterday, I attended two baby showers. One for Spalex, the Alex on our Spanish team... And one for TinaDoris. TinaDoris's was Bring Your Own Bra Strap. What I need to do is stop putting my ravaged face next to smooth, unlined women in their 20s. Let's just assume they look so good because they have … Continue reading Two showers, still filthy. Or, add vodka!

Van, damn!

It's my friend Charlie's birthday, and he finally got his screw-paralysis-I'm-driving van, so he wrote me to ask if I'd hit the town with him this afternoon. He wants to get terrifically drunk, so maybe your old pal June will be driving a van. I don't know. The point is, I'm off! To do ridiculous … Continue reading Van, damn!

Hey, Lady

For a couple years now, I've been writing every week for this website called Purple Clover, which is aimed at women who are long in the tooth, shall we say. Not in the bloom anymore. Rounding the bend. I am one of those women, as I know all too well. The writing has been going … Continue reading Hey, Lady

Don’t say a word. Also, Hulk’s sex life.

Yesterday I had one of those horrendous workdays where you spend hours writing something, then lose the whole document forever, no matter what IT does. I wanted Superman to fly around the world and reverse time. Then today the exterminator came, not to kill me, which would have been nice, but to kill our ants. … Continue reading Don’t say a word. Also, Hulk’s sex life.