June digs in her trash

I didn't blog this morning because I posted sort of late Sunday, and then late again Monday, and I wanted people to have a chance to catch up if they hadn't read yet.

But just now I was looking for photos for a work thing, and I was searching my trash looking at deleted photos, and I got a huge kick out of so many of them.


I love this.

Young-fetusI recently spent $50 on some face products from an infomercial, and I was planning to tell you about them and use this fetus as my "After" picture. But I announced I'd bought the products on Facebook, and was inundated with advice, so then I didn't feel like talking about my face products anymore. Still, funny idea.


Marty Martin made me this. Technically, it was Spraingate 2013. Still. The pain lingers on. The gate lingers on. The cankles linger on.

Best picture of those two, ever.


Hulk at prom.

I also had a photo of Ned's niece when she was a baby. She may literally be the cutest child possible. But I emailed Ned to ask if I could put it in, and he didn't answer, so forget it. But she is a muffin.

Oh. Wait. He just said okay. LOOK AT HER!




And finally, cute. Cute cute cute.

Ned 6a00e54f9367fb883401b7c77c47e9970b-500wi
They are my two favorite people.

27 thoughts on “June digs in her trash

  1. Your 2 favorite people? Where’s Edz? He’s going to have hurt feelings if he thinks he’s not a favorite!


  2. Loved all the pictures. That Muffin is absolutely adorable. However, I felt bad that Eds wasn’t one of your two favorite people.


  3. I have that same brown couch that Ned is asleep on from Rooms to Go. We love it because it’s wide enough for us to both lay down horizontally and watch tv. Guests hate it because they have to fight to get themselves off of it.


  4. Why do I feel like poor Edsel isn’t even 3rd? Lilly, Iris and NedKitty are all in front of him I think.


  5. Why in the world were those photos in the trash? Jewels I tell ya’! The Poe and the owl are hilarious!!
    That picture of Edsel eating stuffing and Lu with the deadpan face kills me.
    Nice man-jewelry there, Hulk.
    Fun post, June!!


  6. I thought she meant Ned and Lu as her two favorite people, also. Dogs are humans too. We had a really good friend that was having problems with his teenage kids and he was saying Baby, their little dog, was the only person around acting human. We still make reference to Baby acting human. So, Lu is human.


  7. Totally bitchin’ shoes! (Yeah, I grew up in the ’70’s, so what?) Weirdo sidenote–I was on ebay yesterday, looking for some vintage jewelry, and up popped a listing where this woman sells pictures of her feet. For $2.00. And they must sell, ’cause she has a lot of listings, but yours are nicer, AND you have zee killer shoes. Not suggesting a career change. Just an FYI.
    Ok, this sounds freaky so I’ll go now. . .


  8. she does mean ned and lu…right? i always called our dog a person. it my have been a bit of an insult to her as she was way better than people.
    muffin is indeed a muffin!


  9. I thought she meant Ned and Lu were her two favorite people. I no longer differentiate between dogs and humans.


  10. Would have never, ever guessed that was Hulk.
    Cute, cute Muffin with all that sand. Loved your two favorite people.
    When I read the title of your post I had a visual of you digging through the trash (garbage can) looking for something, then I realized you are talking about the trash can on your computer. I don’t always think in terms of technology, because I’m old.


  11. Funny stuff, great way to end the day. Thanks for the art lesson ’cause now I know how to draw an owl. And Hulk! I never would have guessed, but should have known by his expression.
    Muffin is adorable! Those eyes! Thank Ned for letting you post her picture.


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