The one where it snows in North Carolina. EVERYBODY PANIC!

Dis offend Edzul dellikit sensibilitys.

We had something of a storm. It's not so much how many inches we got, which is the story of MY life, but rather that after it snowed, it then hailed, hailed, the gang was all here, and sleeted, and generally the weather was a dick. We didn't have work yesterday, but I still had to work. They'd told us all to take home our laptops "just in case." Then we got the email that the office was closed, followed by an email from the head of our department, who said, "Stay in your pajamas all day, but keep IM open just in case."

There were a lot of "just in cases" going on in my life yesterday. I got all that info before 8 a.m., and kept the phone with me and decided to rest my eyes just a bit longer. And what woke me up was damn Bitchy Resting Face Alex emailing me some work.

What a jerk.

She'd asked me earlier in the week if I could look at her deck. A deck is a presentation, but we never ever call anything by what it is at work, and you spend the first year there wondering what an MCOW is or a POD. Anyway, all week she was updating me on the condition of her deck, and you can imagine the appropriate responses I sent back.

"Your deck sounds really hard."

"Can't wait to see your deck. Can you send a deck pic?"

But her deck kept not being ready, despite the pills. She was a real deck tease. Finally, of course, when I'm supposed to be drinking spiked hot chocolate (step one: get hot chocolate) (step two: get spikes) IN MY PAJAMAS BECAUSE MY BOSS SAID, instead I spent all afternoon on that damn laptop studying BRF Alex's damn deck.

The BEST part, the VERY BEST PART, is when I was almost done and Iris sat on the laptop and erased everything and I had to start over. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU. Iris is a total deck block.

Anyway, through all that it snowed. Then tinkled icily. All day. Sometimes it was really loud and clanky and disturbing.

Iris considers.

Iris decides.


I went outside in my pajamas, because my boss said, and crunched around in it for awhile, refilled the bird feeder, checked if it was good packing. It isn't.


I guess a sensible person would have put those chairs up so they wouldn't get snowed on.

Tallulah isn't really eating that much, which worries me, and she's shaking, which similarly worries me, and it dawns on me if she gets really ill, we're stuck here. I tried to leave the house yesterday just to see if I could, with a whole, "Pfft, I'm from Michigan" thing going on, and I got stuck in my own driveway, which is a metaphor for everything in my life.


She keeps going outside and squatting, often to no avail, and the silver lining is with the snow, at least I can tell when she's successful. The most heartbreaking thing was watching her squat while ice pellets fell on her. I wanted to go out there with an umbrella, like she was P Diddy, and she's Pee Didn't right now, but I knew that would just freak her out and she'd walk away from me.

I guess a sensible person would have brought in that water dish before it became a snow bowl.

Oh my poor Lu. Can't wait for the advice on this. I called the vet, but of course they're closed. So.

So that's the news over here. It's snowing, but I've got a good book (Purity, which I borrowed from Ned and hey, healthy boundaries) and I have a new paint-by-numbers to do because artist, and also my dog to obsess about. I'm all set! You should have heard my mother the night before the storm. "Have you got cat food? Dog food? Litter? Food for you?"

"Pam, I'm 50," I told her.

"That's not seemed to matter so far," she said, and remember when Dorothy used to threaten Sophia with Shady Pines?