Some mornings, I feed the cats while Iris is still out for her morning constitutional. My theory is she makes her rounds of all the baby nests in the area, patrols for new life and squelches it. Anyway, that was the case today, and when she finally hopped up into The Window That All Cats Sit In at my house,

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her breakfast was already there.

But this morning, she sat there uneating. Her food right below her. "Iris, your food is already there. Are you blin–oh."

Sometimes I forget.

Note I have zero pictures of Iris and Lily in that window.

I have a shit-ton of these, though.

They only ever go up to that window to eat, these particular cats do, not hang like all the other cats did. And before you ask, in order from top to bottom, those cats are

  • Henry, Winston, Francis
  • Anderson, Roger
  • Winston, Anderson
  • Roger
  • Ruby
  • A cat named Edsel

This house is bad luck for cats. No one tell that to my flower cats, who, really, have managed to survive longer than everyone else here, despite my throwing Lily onto the streets for 52 days and poisoning Iris with dog flea meds just recently, here.

Anyway, if you're wondering how June's Big Life of Budgeting is going (scroll down to yesterday's post, Annoying Pants), yesterday I went to a poetry reading, to see my friend The Poet read, and in case you thought they sold tickets to poetry readings, they don't. "Hey, man, you get tickets to that poetry reading? I gotta get scalpers or something. They were sold out."

I love this thoughtful art shot of The Poet. She's probably thinking about dicks.

Clearly right then she wasn't, you know, reading her poetry. Maybe someone else was, and I was politely taking photos with my cell phone, which I would never do, because appalling and awful. I think we were on a break. A poetry break. Anyway, that was free. And after, she came over, also free. I made her pay admission to enter my esteemed home, actually. So, profit.

Oh, and Faithful Reader Deb is sending me two (2!!!!) nail polishes to do my own pedicures. She wrote me and we picked out colors together. We gathered together to ask the Lord's blessing and also select nail colors. Here they are…

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.19.42 AM

This is Fancy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.20.50 AM

And this is Broody, and those pretty much sum me up. If only they carried "Bitchy."


I wonder if, when I wear Butter nail polish, I'll talk like Butters from Southpark. I can only hope.

I gotta go. I spent more time looking up cat-in-the-window shots than I did writing today, and that is somehow your fault. I forget why. But I'll never forget it, and how it affects our whole family.

I'll talk to you tomorrow, when I guess I'll finally get around to telling you about the following…

Anne Frankly,


0 thoughts on “Windows 9.0

  1. Arlene says:

    How much is that doggy in the window?
    The one with the wagg-ely tail.


  2. June Gardens says:

    I was kind of giving everyone a day to be judgemental, not really trying to build suspense. I feel like once I tell the story, most people will be all, Oh. yeah. Well. That's totally a thing that would happen to June. But I know people love to feel superior to me, so here's everyone's day. Go! Everyone be lofty!


  3. Megsie says:

    Oh, she is adorable! Kiss that sweet face for me.
    Lovely post, lovely June!


  4. Shannon says:

    Cruel puppy cliff hanger!
    Fancy is a gorgeous summer color, great find.


  5. Tee says:

    Dancer, hope you feel better soon and find the perfect job for you.


  6. hot in az says:

    yesterday’s photo of baby edsel, oh my goodness. it’s no wonder you fell for him.


  7. Deb who is back to being Deb says:

    It’s an early birthday gift. Plus, now I need STAINMASTER for my nose. I am not that nice. In fact, in some circles, I am known as a decidedly not nice person. And toe nail Butter sounds like toe cheese and now I am a little gaggy. So thanks, SADIE.


  8. PJ says:

    You wanna have someone who tells you what you can buy and what you can’t? Drop me a line and I’ll tell you, “You can’t afford that.” Who says that all the time? Soosie somebody?


  9. PJ says:

    Awww, Dancer. Every good luck to you.


  10. PJ says:

    Ha! Excellent response, Poet.


  11. Sadie says:

    What a nice FR you are to send June the toe nail Butter.


  12. Deb who is back to being Deb says:

    Is there anything better than puppies who don’t fit into their skin yet? Dang, that is an adorable little face!


  13. Henri, Winston and Fran!!! Oh my stars, that just made my day. And then Anderson Cooper and that sweet precious Roger.
    Edsel!!! That pup is just hilarious.
    Holy crap, a new new new puppy!
    My head is spinning from going back and forth so quickly.


  14. Tee says:

    Thanks Duf, it took me a while to name her, but it is perfect for her.


  15. Duffylou says:

    How much do I love the name, Miss Trudy Trotter?


  16. Amish Annie says:

    Ooooooo pretty nail color! Eds in the window, dying. And kitty witty snuggy wuggy boo boo bears!
    I loved yesterday’s post too with Kayeeeeeeeeee. I want a Kayeeeeee!


  17. The Poet says:

    Excellent idea! And the next one could be called Edmund Fitzgerald.


  18. Tease.
    Love Butter nail polish.
    Meant to reply yesterday. Pandora. Free, but I pay the $4 a month to skip ads. And since, I believe, you no longer listen to Howard Stern, it’s a great way to have your own music without the stupid crap.
    Still unpacking, looking for a job and feel like crap.


  19. Kim, who used to live in California but now lives in Arizona says:

    It’s just not right to leave us hanging like this. Love the pic of Edsel in the window.


  20. MissusB says:

    Is that puppy’s name Gordon Lightfoot?


  21. Anita says:

    I’m glad I swallowed my coffee before I scrolled down to Edsel doing his vulture impersonation!
    Did The Poet get a puppy? Kaye?


  22. The Poet says:

    “If you could read my mind, love,
    What a tale my thoughts could tell…”


  23. Jeanie says:

    That picture of Edsel hanging on the cat perch is adorable and cracked me right up. Speaking of adorable, I love that puppy. He is the cutest ever! Also admiring the nail polish colors, especially the lavender. Lovely post, June, and you look so pretty today.


  24. Beverly says:

    I was totally blanking out on Winston’s name for some reason. So thank you for the guide. I remembered the rest.
    You’re so pretty, June.


  25. And if all of that enthusiastic squealing also messed up your page, I am truly sorry.




  27. DB in MD says:

    Don’t look now, June, but there appears to be a Puggle in your house.


  28. Tee says:

    Tell Iris she is slipping, Miss Trudy Trotter left us a bird at the back door and half a chipmunk on the patio.


  29. Boomer'sMomma says:

    The suspense is killing me!


  30. Megan says:

    I’m going to guess that you are pet-sitting for someone. The recent “no more puppies ever” post combined with the budget post…I think you’re sticking to your rational, level-headed guns.


  31. Sadie says:

    Henry and Anderson kittens! Loved the cat and cute Edsel parade. Was Edsel the grand marshal?
    Poet and puppy visits, both free and fun. Did puppy read poetry, too?


  32. Greensboro Laurie says:

    This puppers is so darn cute and she knows she doesn’t need any of that bow-wow-tox. Winning. Saving.


  33. Annette says:

    Oh the puppy suspense! Love all the pet pics, so worth your time!


  34. Dawn aka Doggie Day Camp Counselor says:

    “June, June, June”….she says, shaking her head despairingly.


  35. Tee says:

    I was just scrolling along enjoying the cats and NAMING of them and them BOOM that photo of Edsel just made me laugh right out loud!
    Okay, come clean about that puppy. Is her name Anne Frank?!


  36. MissusB says:

    It’s so wrong to post a photo of a puppy, clearly sitting on your kitchen floor and then just leave us hanging. So mean. So cruel.
    In other news, the photo of your cat Edsel in the window made me bark-laugh.


  37. Persephone says:

    Puppy in the house? How is Eds? No wonder he was all curled up around Blu!
    Lovely post, June!


  38. Helen says:

    Oh. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.
    What have you done?


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