Having a kitten isn't as much fun as they tell you it's gonna be. I'd like to speak to the manager (swings horseshoe hair).


Anyway. Why would you even WANT to attack the paper towel roll? At least it wasn't one of my highfalutin Alyssa Milano paper towels, from the Alyssa Milano Collection. I want you to know nothing kills me more than Alyssa Milano having a "collection" of anything, and I wish to collect anything she collects.

But I can't. Cause broke.

This is why I gathered you all here today. My last-minute trip to Michigan for my grandmother's birthday (+ pet-sitting); my next trip for my mother's [insert major number here] birthday (+ pet-sitting); my beach trip (+ pet-sitting), which I'd planned for ages; my sudden purchase of a car; plus the part where I no longer write for Purple Clover mean I am not as wealthy as I'd been. Wealthy. Pfft.

I maxed out my credit cards when Tallulah got sick. They'd been at zero, all three of them at zero, as of the first of this year, and it was January 1 that I came home and saw for the first time that Lu had peed on the floor. "Well, I wonder what THAT'S all about?" I remember thinking. I knew Edsel hadn't peed, cause he'd have turned into a guilty letter C. He did today when I walked in on the claw-ridden paper towel extravaganza.

So. Yeah. Broke. Sucks.

I wanted to ask you about your money sitch, not how much you make or anything like that, but how do you feel about it? Do you feel secure? This week when I got home from my trip, I called around all afternoon and canceled all my extras, which I had done months earlier with Kaye, but there were some things that I'd set up when I moved here last November that I was stuck with till the year was up, and now it's November again, so. So no cable at all, slower internet than I already had (I'd knocked it down a peg when Kaye did my budget), I'm polish-less, with no future manicures or pedicures in sight, and I'm thinking of looking in the want ads to see what Edsel can do. Maybe he could do dog modeling. You think?

O. AbfoLOOTlee.

Oh, and also, my blog dues are up. Every year, I have to pay Typepad $180, and I have to do so around November 15. I can ill afford this right now, but will try, but I know some of you hit the tip jar from time to time, and if you can afford it, please consider throwing money in there. You know I don't enjoy asking, but right now, $180 is a ton for me. If you can't afford it, for heaven's sake, do not donate.

But let's discuss. Do you feel like, yeah, I'm okay with money, or are you still shaky after the whole 2008 debacle? I was already kind of hurting in 2008, as we'd just moved here from Los Angeles and I was just starting a new job and we bought a house. But things really got ugly once Marvin left. I had no job, a mortgage and a COBRA. I can't help it–no matter what I have to have my snake.

When I moved in with Ned, I was golden. Oh my god, I remember buying clothes at the real store, not Target, because we each paid $600 a month in rent, and my car was paid off, and Ned made more than me by a lot, so he paid for dinners out and so on. Those were m'salad days, and that was how I got all my cards paid off.

Then we broke up. And I moved back here. And Tallulah got sick.

So what about you? What's your story with cash money? Are you as vulnerable to what's happening outside your world as I am, or do you have a solid plan in place even if the dog gets sick or the move is inevitable or what have you? And if so, why are you such a goddamn grownup?

In summation, I leave you with this photo of Iris in disguise. Apparently it fooled Steely Dan. ware eyeriss be? wish to bop her face relentless-lee.

I'll talk at you tomorrow. Oh! And I voted yesterday, and there wasn't even a bad line, and why they had cocaine at the voting place was beyond me.



0 thoughts on “Lily meowed the whole time I wrote this. Annoy.

  1. Jen S. says:

    Thank you I will check it out!


  2. Laurie in TN says:

    Don’t move to the south if you don’t want to hear “Have a blessed day”! Signed, Northerner living in the south!


  3. Laurie in TN says:

    Kira, I am so very sorry. Feeling unable to help a child is the worst feeling ever and I hope things will turn around for your child and all of you. I hope surviving soon turns to thriving.


  4. Shelley who was in CO but now back in Phx says:

    I agree. To say that you are “blessed” implies that others are not so, for whatever reason. What, “God” just likes you better? No. Fortunate and damn lucky are great ways to look at it.


  5. Shelley who was in CO but now back in Phx says:

    My husband and I and our youngest daughter (14) just moved back to Phoenix after seven years in Denver. I loved Denver. I loved the seasons, the scenery, the snow, everything. I hate Phoenix. I hate the heat, the dust, the cactus, everything. The reasons we moved back are…I got a job that paid 50% more than I was making. We both have elderly parents in Phoenix. I was terrified that I was going to get a phone call that my dad had died, and I wouldn’t even be able to afford a plane ticket to attend his funeral. I am a Phoenix native so I have a couple of very, very close friends here. The kind of friendships that take years and years to build. So we moved back because of friends, family and money. I thought we were finally, finally going to be on stable ground financially (Denver got expensive as hell in the past few years). So I’ve got this much better paying job…and my husband is driving for Uber and makes like $20 a day. A. DAY. We have been here for three months, and I am SO DONE with his fucking Uber. He knows he’s not making shit for money, but somehow he’s not motivated enough to look for/find something else. I hate him so much right now, I can’t even stand being in the same room with him. We’ve never been well off financially, but…well no, we never have. It’s always been a goddamn struggle, and I am 49 years old and I’m making pretty decent money, but our bills and his lack of income are killing us. I skipped both our car payments last month because I just didn’t have the money. So fucking done with this. And him. Also, my two grown daughters and my two grandchildren are still in Denver, and I miss them like crazy. They are both planning on moving down here…they were both born here and want to come back…but right now I just miss my grandbabies and my daughters. And being broke BLOWS. /rant


  6. Sadie says:

    I’m so sorry for all you are going through. Thank you for sharing as I, like probably the majority of women, had no idea of this type of cancer. You may have saved a life today. Wishing you all the best.


  7. Mary Lou says:

    Thank you for this post, June. For so many of us the struggle is constant, fearing the situation will never change.
    Up until 8 years ago I was a happy renter, able to save for retirement, take holidays and live a pretty good life. Lived close to the beach, in one of the best areas of the city, with a 10 min. commute to work.
    I made the huge mistake of buying an apartment in an older building outside the area but thought it was worth the long commute to get into the market.
    The minute I moved in everything went downhill. Two enormous levies for building repairs, major dental work after a fall while running for the bus, major car repairs when I gave up on the shitty transit system and started driving to work again.
    I had to buy a new car in Jan., when my old one packed it in.
    We are currently trying to sell the building as it has become too costly to maintain and our area is going through a massive redevelopment, with new high rises going up all around.
    The only thing that keeps me hanging by the last thread is waiting to hear if we’ve gotten any offers. I’m praying we have and it’ll be enough to pay off my mortgage, massive debt, car, balance owing on repayment to my retirement savings plan (we’re allowed to use for a down payment) and leave me with a bit extra, so I can go back to having a life again.
    This was hard to write. It’s been difficult trying to put on a happy face every day.
    Thank you to everyone who commented. I share your pain and hope life improves for all of us.


  8. pam who rarely comments herself but reads them all says:

    I’m with her — suburbancorrespondent, that is. if you’re comfortable sharing via Joon, I would love to send your kids some Christmas joy. And to you, as well. I hope every day is a better one, even if it doesn’t seem that way.


  9. Geeky Girl with Glasses says:

    That was a really good article – thanks for sharing that Ashley!


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