I gots to go. I have to get in the car, drive to freaking Raleigh, get on a plane and fly to Michigan. I'm running for president and thought I'd better get on the campaign trail.

That would so be how I'd run for president. Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it. I'll campaign.

Anyway, my mother is having an election night party that I will be attending seeing as I am there and all. And then tomorrow is her 90th birthday.

One of the millennials from work is pet-sitting, and she came over yesterday to met everyone and Edsel plans to devote his life to making her happy.


Here's Ned's front porch Sunday morning. The people next door have the best tree in the whole neighborhood. You can't really see it, but his Halloween skeleton cat is on the table, there.

Wait, June. Sunday morning?

I went over there for some flour. I went over there to pick him up for church. I went over there cause I'd made a big batch of muffins and wondered if he wanted any. I went over there to snake his sink. I went over there for our Sunday morning singalong and jazz hands hour.

All right, I gotta go. But don't forget to vote, if you haven't. Please note I voted early and did not make you look at my I Voted sticker, nor did I take a selfie with my ballot–a ballottee–a selfott–nor did I announce on social media that I voted and what a wonderful person I was for supporting [insert veiled reference to how bad the other candidate is here].

It's a sad day when I'm the least-obnoxious person around.

Talk to you later, when I'd really love to discuss Frisco and Felicia from General Hospital, a thing we ended up talking about on Facebook the other night and now I am obsessed. I'd also like to discuss the Jeff/Heather/Annie triangle, Monica and Alan, and everything about Robert Scorpio plus also not to mention incidentally The Floating Rib.

Lady of my heart. Tell me who you are.

See? Obsessed. I got Lasa Fever.



P.S. Do NOT forget to remind me to tell you (wow, June) about the bee attack at Boston Market. Why so sizeable, June?

P.P.S. The Ice Princess

P.P.P.S. Mikkos Cassadine

P.P.P.P.S. Ima miss my damn plane

0 thoughts on “Dewey Defeats Truman

  1. Laura says:

    My husband is a church organist too. Our church is moving the Sunday service to 11:00, which is better anyway.


  2. That’s terrible, I had no idea! I’m in CO and we had the option (which I took) of just sending our ballot by mail, or dropping it into a (secure!) drop box at various locations around town, starting weeks ago.


  3. Terri says:

    So, does this mean you will be moving abroad again possibly? Or just vacationing abroad? Either way, gorgeous view from abroad.
    I voted last week. They tried to make voter selfies illegal here, wtf?
    Happy Birthday Mother!


  4. AB from CT says:

    Also (sorry, I get on a soapbox about this election!), happy birthday, June’s mom!


  5. AB from CT says:

    The bubble-headed bleach blonde who does our local news did a segment tonight about how many women wore pantsuits today. Then she said, “Maybe this means pantsuits are coming back!” Bitch. She’s the type who probably voted for Trump because she thinks his wife is pretty.
    Personally, I wear pantsuits whenever I’m required to dress up because I look like a Popsicle in a dress. I was not aware that they ever went out.
    I intend to join you in the drinking tonight. I just hope this is the end of the nonsense.


  6. I am wearing my best pantsuit today and my pearls. Of course, I spent the day with a 2 year old who did not give two shits about my pantsuit.
    Just a few more hours and then the coverage will begin, as will my drinking.


  7. Door Color Expert Andrea says:

    That really struck a chord with me!


  8. Cheech says:

    Had a condition!!


  9. Cheech says:

    Dark Shadows! My Mom wouldn’t allow me to watch it because I was really young, so I used to sneak watch it at a girlfriend’s house. Barnabas Collins. Siiiigh.


  10. Megsie says:

    Oh, my goodness! I need to hit the FACE! Frisco and Felicia are my jam! Did you need more characters? I am your woman.
    I love Sunday mornings with a view. My heart is happy for your heart.
    Happy Birthday to your mom! Have a lovely trip!
    Lovely post, lovely June!


  11. Cheech says:

    OMG Shannon! I walked right into my polling place this morning. There was only 1 more person in the place at that point and 5 voting machines. Benefits of a small town, I guess.


  12. Cheech says:

    Too funny! I should have just piped down, instead of getting all keyed up.
    Oh, we could go on for DAYS! Where’s AA – she’s always good at this, too.


  13. Caroline says:

    How exciting to see Ned’s front porch again! I remember how happy you were to sit out there every night. It looks so familiar.


  14. Laurie in TN says:

    Yes, Dark Shadows!!! I wanted to be Angelique. I thought she was beautiful. When I look back at her now, I think she had a condition.


  15. Texas Kari says:

    Happy Birthday, Mother! Please count your greeting cards and report back!
    I early voted. Took 12 minutes total! I was so excited because lines had been super long. Good thing, too, because there was nooooo way I was waiting in a long line for these particular two presidential yahoos. nope. The bouncer at the door was rooood to me and THEN he didn’t give me a sticker on my way out. The nerve! Like all aspects of this campaign, I was just glad it was over.


  16. BamaCarol says:

    Oh and happy birthday June’s mom! You look so young that I can’t believe you are much over 60.


  17. BamaCarol says:

    Love me some Felicia and Frisco but grew up with Luke and Laura. Actually, I would run home from grammar school to watch “Dark Shadows” which was a vampire/ghoul family soap opera in my youth. Which might explain a few things….is anyone else ancient enough to have seen those?


  18. Sadie says:

    What is the voting rate in your state? Your lines sound horrible! Does everyone have to take the day off to vote?
    No doctor’s mandate required for absentee ballots and plenty of early voting available in our state. Apparently, that made for shorter lines today.


  19. Shannon says:

    Happy birthday, June’s Mom and safe travels lovely June.
    With the brilliance of requiring a doctor’s mandate for mail/absentee ballots and no early voting offered, I’m at hour 4 of waiting to vote and considering leaving.
    They restructured our voting districts last year to avoid this (had the same experience/6 hours the first Obama run) but I think that person drinks because this looks like burning man without the fun mud and happiness.


  20. Have a great trip.
    Easy like Sunday Morning. Hee.


  21. Mrs. Gumby says:

    Dear June’s mom,
    There is absolutely no way you are going to be 90! You look like June’s sister and we know she is not a day over 25.
    Happy 30th birthday to you, June’s mom!!!


  22. Lisa. Not THAT Lisa says:

    Thanks for piping up! Haha! Get it? Oh, man… there I go organ… 😂😂😂


  23. PJ says:

    My family used to mock me for taking the sticker but I took it and wore it and now they take theirs, too. It’s kind of a thing. I don’t get to go to the community pancake breakfast/lunch/dinner anymore, but I can still wear my little sticker.


  24. Cheech says:

    Happy Birthday, June’s Mom!


  25. Cheech says:

    Sunday morning singalong and jazz hands hour! I love it.
    I’m sorry, I beg to differ. Sunday mornings are NOT the best when you’re a church organist. And the worst ever Sunday mornings are on a year (like this one) when Christmas falls on a Sunday. You have to be at church to play a big Christmas-a-Hoopla Prelude Complete with Bells, Orchestras, Choirs and Fricking Angels, at 8:30 in the morning, Christmas morning. That’s after playing 3 Christmas Eve services at 3pm, 7pm and 11pm. It’s really hard to play well when you’re that bitter. My close friends will tell you that I start bitching about Christmas Sundays, at least 2 years prior to the Christmas Sunday year. That’s how much I hate it.
    I voted early this morning, also. I’m staying off Facebook for a few days. Can’t take all the self-congratulating.


  26. Tee says:

    I voted the first day of early voting in GA. Happy birthday, Mother. We know you are not 90. You don’t look a day over 50. I


  27. Amish Annie says:

    Big birthday greetings, Mother! I have a very, very serious question though. What are you serving for food tonight? I’m always about the food.


  28. Amish Annie says:

    Lucy Coe!


  29. Cheryl says:

    I grew up with Days of our Lives and Another World. I was very upset that we could not name my brother after Rachel Cory, the most glamorous woman ever! I was still pretty upset when I found out I was having a boy 30+ years and couldn’t name him Rachel either.
    P.S. They have banned the I voted stickers in our city. Dumbest thing ever!


  30. BettyDH says:

    Happy birthday, Mother. Have a great trip, June.
    I never take the stupid sticker but, I always vote.


  31. Jeanie says:

    Have a wonderful time, June, and may your favorite candidate win. Happy birthday, Mother. You don’t look a day over 40. Also too? I thought those plants on Ned’s little porch wall were two dogs with their chins planted on the ledge. Still looks that way to me.


  32. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday, Mother! (We’ve seen your picture — we know you’re not 90.)
    Safe travels, June.
    I never watched General Hospital, but spent many, many hours of my teens and twenties watching pretty much any soap NBC put on: Search for Tomorrow, Another World, Days of our Lives, Santa Barbara.
    P.S. I voted. Want to see my sticker?


  33. Sadie says:

    Safe travels, June. Happy birthday, Mother. 90? You don’t look a day over 65.
    I voted early, too.


  34. darla says:

    90? Mother is 90? No. Wait, what? 90?


  35. dancer says:

    i just could not. you know.
    sunday mornings are the best.


  36. lauradammit. says:

    But June… I voted


  37. Cheryl says:

    Have a great trip!


  38. PJ says:

    Pack your mittens!


  39. Kristi says:

    Happy Birthday, Mother! Now everyone is onto your trick. You tell everyone you are several years older than you really are and they all tell you you look WONDERFUL for your age. I’m going to start doing that today. 🙂
    June, I still see Kimberly McCullough on shows and comment on how little Robin Scorpio is all grown up. And I wanted to be Lucy Coe so badly.


  40. Karla says:

    Oh God, don’t get me started on GH. But if you want fact checking or whatever I have 2 coffee table books from the 80’s, one for General Hospital and one for All My Children. Now I have the theme song from AMC in my head, da da daaaa, da da, da da DA da da…..


  41. Beth of the German Shepherds says:

    Typo, I am sure…90 …bah! Happy Birthday Mother. Safe but eventful travels June….waving from the deck as you fly over. Have another fine visit with your family.


  42. Lisa. Not THAT Lisa says:

    Sunday mornings are the best.
    Safe travels June. And we all know Mother isn’t 90. But she is gorgeous!


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