Oh my god, I am so fancy

Oh, hey, how did you find me here? I, um, I’m not cheating on you or anything! No! Lemme just, um, put m’clothes on, and…

So, here we are. In a new blog spot that isn’t Blogspot. A guy at work set me up on WordPress, cause I’m GETTIN’ MODERN! and apparently I can only write on sites where they take two words and squish them together. Blogspot. TypePad. WordPress. FuckThis.

Anyway, for some reason, with my archives came every picture I’ve ever put on my old blog. I can go get ANYTHING I’ve put up from the last 10 years, so I keep going over there and perusing photos. Hang on.




So, clearly I gotta play around with it, and I will be OBSESSED with it for days, and I apologize in advance but DON’T TALK TO ME. Am being OBSESSED.

I can add captions oh my god!!!
I love this wallpaper. I’d marry it.

Anyway. Stay tuned while I learn this new site. I think once I get it, it’ll be easy to learn. In the meantime, just, you know, enjoy the mistakes. Which is what I shoulda named this thing.

See you tomorrow! {exciting!!!!}

69 thoughts on “Oh my god, I am so fancy

  1. Looking good! So clean and fresh. Just like a feminine hygiene product! Hey, can we still say stuff like that on your new site or do we need to be all proper-like?


  2. Look, I’m a “June Gal”! (God, I bet you hate that!) Great site! Hope the old stuff is still available for us to peruse….


  3. Okay – this is so strange. When I had the dream where I came to your house to take care of Iris and SD was as big as Edsel… you were talking about your OTHER blog and I was all like, “Oh, No! I haven’t read the OTHER blog yet!” Am psychic.

    In other news… glad to see you on WordPress! Love it


  4. I left a comment from my phone and it said I was being considered for comment worthiness, or something along those lines. So here I am trying again from my computer!


  5. It’s like you’re all grown up. Maybe WordPress won’t send me to spam every time. One can hope. Took me a while to find the archives down at the bottom of the comments; I was SO concerned that they were missing!


  6. No lie, I was just wondering about this yesterday. I lead such an exciting life. If it’s Sunday, I must be thinking about June’s website. Did you catch that? A little play on Meet the Press. Does a comma go after Sunday? I went back and forth but I think yes. I really need to brush up on my punctuation.


  7. Oh! I don’t know what to say for my first comment on your new blog. IT’S TOO MUCH PRESSURE, JUNE. You’re so pretty.


  8. Ya we’re movin on up, (to the east side)
    To the east side. (east side, east side)
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky. (east side, east side)
    Ya we’re movin on up, (moving slow)
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie. (finally got a piece)


  9. Well. THIS is an interesting development. I get all busy at work and miss everything. Tomorrow on the news: Local Paralegal Kills Co-Worker. Film at Eleven.


  10. Oh SQUEEEE on m’color! Which tried to autocorrect to m’colon. Which is probably not that pretty of a color, but how would I know?


  11. I was wondering why your post didn’t show up on my Feedly feed!

    Sorry if I missed the announcement. I like the new digs!


  12. Love the new blog design! How fun! It’s much easier to read on my phone!

    I’m excited to see what my comment color will be.


  13. Forgive me for not knowing, but curious about the male person in the first pic with a very young you. Like the new digs, June.


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