Let’s just act like we’ve always been here.

Oh, hey! (I’m waving like I know somebody across the room, cause we’re all such regulars here at WordPress. Oh my god, chicken skewers with peanut sauce again?)

(You know what sounds really good right now?)

So, among the many things that seem to be changing in my life, a few months ago our social media woman at work told me I should really update my blog, which I will right now very phonily call a website. She said it was dated, a thing that I knew but that I was too lazy to change. I mean, why change? Tens of you clicked on every day; why mess with it?

And while I realize it’s horrifically meta to blog about your blog that’s about your life and right now I’m telling about my blog about my life in my blog about my life, I decided to, yes, change up.

So I hired this guy at work to switch me over here, and then I messed with which theme Ima use, and if the look of this…website changes after this, do not freak out and rip off your clothes and run down the street in just your heels and socks.

I have no idea why that was the visual in my head.

Hey, I’m not sure I can include videos anymore. Goddammit. See, this is the problem with new sites. You don’t know where anything is.

Anyway, the guy at work and I ran into a snafu a month back, and there was much mewling in the land, and I had to deal with Things, but here we finally are and I should probably pay that guy the nominal fee he charged me to do all this.

One thing I hadn’t planned on, as I mentioned yesterday, was that every dang photo I’ve ever put on my blog is here for me to retrieve. Hang on. Ima plop in here the ninth picture from the ninth row…


Awwwww. Cats, fmr. There’s Winston who I lost in the divorce and who was lost by Marvin (GOD, Marvin), and baby Henry who I also lost in the divorce and who is still Marvin’s kitty. LOOK AT BABY HENRY OH MY GOD. And our own Francis, who made the rockin’ world go ’round. Dat ass, tho.

Okay, 16th picture…


Easter loot. I’m going to guess that Peg gave me that. It looks like a Peg collection that came in a pastel-egg bag.

Okay, come on. One more…


Aw. My ex-mother-in-law. I’ll have to alert her she’s on my blog today, just like old times.

Anyway, so that’s that. I believe there’s a button somewhere that you can click that means you follow my bl–website, and every time I get up and blo–website, you’ll be alerted. I have no idea where it is. Can someone out there help everyone else?


Okay, come on, I couldn’t help it! It’s fun to look at these old pictures! I was having a cute hair day.


1985, maybe? Hey, have you seen my absurdly pale lipstick? I think I left it in 1985. Also, have you seen my tanning bed? Good gravy.

Okay, I have to go dry my hair, which fortunately no longer involves baby bangs and a perm. I had to schlep out to Winston-Salem last night for my headache study class, and could I have been more exhausted after that? When did I turn into an ancient person?

He took a face from the ancient gallery and he WALKED ON DOWN THE HALL AND.

And he came to a door! And he stepped inside…

See? It’s still me. Despite all the fancy newness going on over here.




86 thoughts on “Let’s just act like we’ve always been here.

  1. I just replied TWICE to Beverly and neither reply is showing up. And WordPress made me JOIN so I could “like” comments. WTF, WordPress? Where is my reply to Beverly?


  2. Paula, I don’t mean to alarm you, but I followed and immediately received an e-mail to confirm. Believe me, I was surprised because of my lack of technical skillz. Oh, oh, I just discovered something, IF you use a different e-mail the quilt pattern changes! I’m easily amused.


  3. Okay, I am commenting from my class’s blog…because I have to grade their blogs and when I sign out and sign in it is weird and I so don’t want to deal with it. (It is really only an issue because it is wordpress too. Their last blog assignment is due today, so it will only be for a couple of days and then I can sign in as myself.)


    If you visit my class’s blog, I have tutorials for my students so they know how to do all the things. There is one to embed video. If you are interested, great, if not, who care?

    All the pets fmr. are so cute…and all the June fmr. are cute too.

    Lovely post, lovely June!




  4. Love the new website! This is a great change and I can now remove my normal name, Tee, I hate Typepad. Loved all the photos, especially the last one, it was so sweet.

    AA, you can’t afford to miss one date here at the, I was going to say Pie, what is it now? Here at the Book?


  5. Also, my avatar is light pink. For years I had a dark green avatar. You know what that light pink color looks like? Actually it doesn’t . It’s darker. The avatar is darker. I think. Never mind.


  6. Okay, off to add a new bookmark for BookO’June. Love all the old pictures. And all the new words.


  7. [gasping for air, throwing clothes back on] GODDAMMIT! I’m off your blog for one day, ONE DAY, and all hell breaks loose!!! [rubbing feet, putting socks and heels back on] And why the eff did I wear heels with these socks anyway??! I look stupid. Especially when I was naked running down the street. Gawd.


  8. Have now signed up to follow TWICE. No confirming email. Is there something you’d like to tell me, JUNE???


    1. I just signed up to follow and immediately got a confirming email. I would develop a complex about this if I were you, Paula.


      1. I signed up again with my GOOGLE email. Apparently WordPress is an email elitist. ALSO it mademe create an account so I could “like” comments and yet when I “like” comments, NOTHING IS HAPPENING. June hates me.


      2. I replied to you but it disappeared. WordPress is a bossy bitch. I re-followed using my gmail account and I got confirmation. Apparently WordPress, besides being a bossy bitch, is also an email elitist. AND I had to JOIN WordPress just so I could LIKE comments. AND apparently, so I could comment again.


    1. OK, I dumbly put in my real name as opposed to my nickname. No biggie – I don’t have anything to hide……I don’t think….?


    1. WELL! I’M JAN!! I don’t even know what your comment is about but felt the need to make myself known!


      1. And now, well!! I’M AN ASS!! I saw June’s sign-off but I read it as “June”. She must have been wanting to Yoko me today.


  9. Hello, everyone! I’m glad I found you. The new blog/website/book looks very pretty, June. Just like you!

    How’s our girl, Iris, feeling?


  10. This is so fabulous! And yay for well timed distractions! I just discovered there is no one named Ott Longnecker. You know how you (me at least) misunderstand song lyrics and learning the truth is world wrenching? It’s like that, but with author instead of lyrics.

    There’s an Ott. There’s a Longnecker. But no Ott Longnecker. Madness.


    1. HEY!! How comes LNTL got a cool walnut, and the rest of us have quilts? Playing favorites, much? I mean, LNTL is so pretty too, but come on!


  11. I miss Francis. I do. And Marvin, but mostly for his one-liners and the time you Yoko-d him and I giggled to myself about that for days. Days. Lovely website, June! Pat on back to coworker!


  12. I don’t know what’s best: the pale lipstick, the mini-bangs, the tan, or the pose. I’m going with pose.


  13. Quilty things! Very cute. Love seeing all the cats, fmr.
    Pink is always a good thing.

    So you don’t blog now? You website? I don’t take to change very well.

    Hey! Since happy faces were banned on the “blog” can we use them on the “website”?

    Lovely post June.


    1. Let’s discuss stress level: my co-worker is retiring and not on good terms because she’s a wishy-washy namby-pamby doormat who lets her brat children and idiot husband run her life. My bosses are taking her defection personally. A new person is starting in two weeks. My stress level is at DefCon 4.


      1. I read that defecation twice….and thought NO that has to be defection … then thought wait it is Paula it could be defecation. Ha

        Liked by 1 person

  14. I have nothing to say today. Just wanted to see if I got the same little quilty pattern thing as I got yesterday. Carry on.


      1. It just told me I was posting comments too quickly and to slow down. This is fun.


  15. Ohhh I’m on WordPress and I CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO ALL THE THINGS. It irks. I also don’t blog enough to really totally get the hang of it, so there’s that. Love the new blog (website) name June!


  16. Congrats on the new digs. In the picture where you have long hair you look like you could be Eileen Davidson’s (RHOBH) sister. When I was younger and bolder with the ridiculous looks, I had a blue/lavender lipstick. What an idiot I was!


  17. Hi, everybody. Congratulations, June. I don’t see a follow icon. Just Twitter and Facebook and Search. I got all nostalgic seeing my alter ego poor old Francis up there. And Marvin.


    1. Wow. Follow just popped on my screen while I was looking at it. Paula, my confirmation email popped up like it’s 2017.


  18. Cool new site! Can’t wait to start getting June emails in my inbox. Thanks for the fmr kitty pictures too.


  19. Those bangs remind me of my doll, who I happened to name Karen. I gave her a haircut all by myself. I was so proud.

    I guess I’m stuck with brown for all eternity.


  20. I hit the “following” button and entered my email. It says I should get an email to confirm. That has not happened yet. Shouldn’t that be INSTANTANEOUS? God, June, 1985 called….


  21. I just hit the “follow” button, and according to it, you have 975 followers. That’s a lot of tens.


  22. MIL, fmr., is very pretty. And I love her bracelet.

    FRANCIS!! There are pink puffy hearts floating around my office right now. What does it say that I adore your grumpy-ass cat? Don’t answer that.


  23. Oooh I love seeing old photos, especially yours.
    Mom of Marvin is also pretty. Love her top.
    The follow button is at the bottom but disappears when scrolling down. At least it does on my phone.


  24. I see the button to Follow your blog in the bottom right hand corner, but only when I’m at the very top of your page. Once I start scrolling, it disappears. I hope that helps!


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