Aura. And not one of mystery.

I have a ding-dang aura. If you are not a migraine person, and aura is this zigzag pattern in your field of vision, rendering you pretty much blind. It will go away after a while, but I literally can’t see the screen to type you. I’m speaking into my phone.

Also, Lily is in my lap, taking full advantage of the fact that I am prone.

Since I can’t see, talk amongst yourselves. What is the one thing in your life you wish you were doing differently?

92 thoughts on “Aura. And not one of mystery.

  1. I’m mad at myself for not promoting myself better when negotiating salaries. Evidently, I’m too trusting, or plain naïve. Gender/age wage gap is real and I have experienced it twice in my professional career. I am worthy, smart, competent, and strong. I will overcome this nonsense and have to remind myself of this shit daily. Retirement can’t come soon enough, but unfortunately is some years away for me. [sigh]


    1. I also wanted to add I hope you feel better soon, June. I don’t experience the migraines/auras but I do know many people that do and I wish there was some way to alleviate the pain. Hoping you find the cure.


    2. Someone told me the other day that the wage gap is partially because women don’t stand up for themselves and ask for raises. I actually asked for a raise for the first time in my life after hearing that. My boss basically told me I’m worthy of one, but there are no raises in the budget right now.


        1. Replying to Amy…so as not to be confusing……So, you told them screw it , I quit! and are moving to Colorado the land of the gods. Very gutsy woman. Good for you.
          Just proved you have big balls!


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