Pom wonderful

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Did our dear friend June expire? Is she on the other side of the grass? Feeling the silk?” It always kills me when I say that and someone out there doesn’t get it. You’re dead. In the coffin. The silk-lined–oh, forget it.

Anyway, it’s my head–it’s been giving me trouble. Am on day 9 of waking up with a migraine, and let me tell you, it’s put me in a MOOD. So since the last few days have been a bit of a blur, of just me trying to get through the day as normally as I can while I wish to FEEL THE SILK (“I don’t get it, June”), I will just go through all the photos I’ve taken in the last couple days to guide me so I have anything to talk to you about except my agony. MY AGONY! I just fell to my knees dramatically. As opposed to falling to one’s knees not dramatically.

I’ve no idea when this was, but I assure you I was wishing for my demise.
Aw. Mrs. Iris’s injuries are healing nicely, really. She seems unscathed. Bounced right back. Back to being Iris, the Sightless Killing Machine.

The other night, though, I got up in the night to get water or heroin or something and I accidentally closed Steely Dan in a door. He didn’t make a sound as he tore off, appalled, but now whenever we’re going through a door together, he waits till I’ve passed the door frame first. You can’t blame him. Also, stop being so smart, cat.

They’re selling Pollyanna’s house, across the street. She died in 2015. They’re also selling the house of Paul, my sitting on his glider neighbor, alive fmr., down the street a bit.

Every time one of my older neighbors dies, younger couples move in and fix the place up. So while it’s sad, it’s also kind of good for my ‘hood. I just said ‘hood. Cause I’m so street. Word up.

I do miss Paul. Whenever I’m walking Edsel, when I pass his house I get wistful. We used to go sit on his glider with him and talk. He was lovely.

IMG_6792IMG_6795When I get home from work, some nights Dr. Laura is good so I stay in the car to listen to the whole call–and may I interrupt this thought to say Dr. Laura is an asshole? However, that doesn’t mean I’m not riveted. You don’t think I know some of you hate-read me the same way I hate-listen to Dr. L? Puleeeze. Also, you think I care? Go on ahead wit’cher hatey self. Now go do the right thing.

The point is, Steely Dan has taken to jumping on the car when I get home, and climbing though the window if it’s down. Then he likes to prowl about my car while Dr. Laura humiliates another person who just wants advice. Oh my god, a hateful woman, she is.

The Poet at work is getting two new dogs tonight! She’s a Pomeranian person. Her last two dogs, which covered, like, the last 32 years of her life, were Poms. Now tonight she and I are driving all over yonder to meet and possibly (pfft. probably) adopt a mother and daughter Pom duo. So some of us at work got a little collection going, a baby shower of sorts, where she did not have to be the center of attention, as that is not her thing.

I found her those Pomeranian notecards, in case she wants to write other Pomeranians. I wonder if Pomeranians are Armenian? Because Marvin once pointed out to me that all Armenian last names rhyme with Armenian, and that has stuck with me.

IMG_6762.PNGBeing on WordPress is exciting, and not just because someone at their help desk reads this blog and has been ridiculously helpful these weeks and should get, like, a work award for all the assistance she’s given me. But also cause it gives me all kinds of stats, such as who comments the most (Laura T) and who looks at what categories, if you’re so inclined to read my blog by category.

It would appear …friend/Ned is the top category, and how can that be more interesting than my pets, who do all sorts of fascinating things?

weee fassinateeng

Look at poor beleaguered Edsel, who had to take all Lottie’s toys, fmr., out of the hole she dug in that bed in order to hide said toys. Not only did they make his bed lumpy, he never plays with anything but Blu, so they’re all for naught. That terrible day that Lottie left, I tried to gather as many of her accoutrements as I could find, not knowing she’d created this bunker, this storage unit, till weeks later.

He looks clean, though, doesn’t he? That bath did him a world of good. I mean, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Depends who you ask, here.

Okay, I gotta go. I’m going to work and then getting right on the road to steal me some teensy floofy dogs. I suggested the names Pom-Pom and Mediterranean the Pomeranian, but no one listens to me.

Your favorite hate read,


48 thoughts on “Pom wonderful

  1. Wait…Dr. Laura is still on the air? I thought she was fired because she said something more offensive than her usual something offensive. I mean, at least in the L A market, she’s been gone for a number of years now. I think?
    Whatever. Go do the right thing, June.


  2. I don’t ever hate-read you! I might hate other people while I’m reading you, but that has nothing to do with you. I lurve-read your blog.

    I worked for an Armenian attorney for several years. He was 2nd generation and his last name was Rudd, so that blows Marvin’s theory out of the water. My atty had a very interesting family – many kids who were architects and doctors and lawyers. But his one older sister was a mason! In fact, she built the foundation of the house that my atty built. Where the heck did a female mason come in with architects, drs and attys?

    Our neighbors have a Pom. Her name is Chloe, and she is the cutest, happiest, bounciest dog that I think I’ve ever seen! She’s almost 10 years old and still runs around the yard like she’s a pup. I’m not a little dog fan, but I luff her.


  3. Those cards are very cute. After nine days of the hellish migraines glad you will find yourself amongst Poet’s Pom Poms this evening! Ooooooo this sounds like a perfect opportunity to FB Live about.


  4. Cannot WAIT to see The Poet’s new pups! Does she get to rename them? I mean, wouldn’t the mom at least already have a name? I’ve entertained thoughts of my next dog being a Pomeranian. The ones I have known have been smart, loyal, funny little dogs. My favorite kind. Next to big, dumb, lovable Labs. I would have another Lab in a heartbeat, if it weren’t for the shedding.

    You look lovely June! So sorry your head persists.


  5. I’ve been working at home for the past two days due to construction. Guess how much work I’m getting done. Holy mother of cows I’m so sorry you’re on day 9! I’m sure you thought of this – but the gas leak with wine? Maybe a new trigger. Did the vet change Edz dose? Love SD. I may have to change from Team Fran to Team SD. Confession time. In my mind every time I hear SD a little voice says STD. Imagine tshirts with Team SD. YOU KNOW that’s what most people will think! Chortle.


  6. Do allergies have a component in triggering migraines ? My allergies currently the worst I can remember. No migraines for me, but I feel wretched.


    1. Me too, Bobbi. I’m taking every allergy med that I can get my hands on. So now, I’m all stuffed up and sniffy, AND drugged up.


    1. Someone’s Big Book of June Events is open and dog-eared! He has his fancy bed in the living room, so he can moon over me in the evenings while I read or stare blankly at my phone. His old bed is now in the back room, so he can moon at me while I blog. Furthermore, he has a bed in my bedroom, so he can flump dramatically off my bed whenever I have the nerve to, say, move my leg. I assume that from his bed he moons at me while I sleep.


  7. I’m glad you explained the silk because I couldn’t figure that out and it was bugging me. I’m so sorry you’re still having a migrainey brain. These past few weeks have been hell for me, too. I wonder wtf is going on. I really hope you get some relief so your weekend isn’t ruined. Can’t wait to see dog pictures.


  8. As it is the anniversary of Prince’s death, I can only muster a “lovely post, June” comment. Otherwise, I’m grieving because I STILL can’t believe he’s gone.


    1. I loved that man. Like seriously loved him. I bought an original issue Purple Rain album yesterday from my favorite crusty old vinyl dealer guy. My original one went to my grandson who I have started a vinyl collection for (he’s 5). Sighhhhhhhhhhh. I loved that man. Grandson and I always watch the final scene of the movie together whenever he stays over. He’s staying over tonight so we’ll definitely be watching that scene again (rest of the movie, not so appropriate for a 5 year old obviously). Grandson is very particular about where the scene starts with Morris Day and The Time ending their set and going down the hallway and we always have to watch it to the end where that gorgeous specimen of a man jumps off the high rise. Sighhhhhh. A good friend of mine from Minneapolis saw Prince many many times in the early days at the First Avenue Club before he was famous. I still feel somehow Prince was mismanaged by his team but I don’t know, it’s just all so sad.


  9. You never take a bad picture, which bothers me… Also, Steely Dan in your car is the best. You have the neatest workplace! My dog – my best friend – my favorite living being in close tie with my husband – DIED last week and the best compassionate comment (not gifts, I’m not that optimistic) was “does this mean I can be a day late with my story?” from one of the reporters.


    1. Of course I do. I just don’t put those in. I give the illusion of having a perfect life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. Oh! Whew! Oh.


    2. I’m so sorry, Andrea. My heart hurts for you.


  10. Sorry about your head. Aren’t there days you wish you could pop it off and put on another one while that one is all hurty? Your picture is lovely, you are so pretty June. I swear you look younger than you did several years ago! Thank you for the lovely pet pictures; good to see that everyone is back in form, even murdery Iris. And SDS is such a huge panther now; how old is he? I’m hoping he is fully grown because I’m not sure he would fit in your car window if he gets much bigger. Have fun picking up the fur balls tonight with The Poet and hope you have a good weekend planned.


    1. He’s 9 months old. God help us, everyone. He’s still spindly because he’s growing, but techncially he’s as big as Lily and Iris. He’s going to be a giant, solid cat, is what he’s going to be. A giant, solid, smart cat who craves novelty and generally wreaks havoc.


  11. When you mentioned the other side of the grass, that reminded me of Splendor in the Grass and I finally google fuckinged it (fucking googled it??) Holy crap, THAT won an Oscar for screenplay? Dang, that’s like Romeo and Juliet on steroids after the meth bash earlier in the evening. I don’t think I’ll be watching that movie any time soon.


  12. I’m sorry but what can I say? You can’t call me out as your number one commenter and then not allow me to comment. And then of course once I get here there’s already 10 people ahead of me. Dammit June.


  13. Lovely post, lovely June. I especially like those GIANT pictures. No, really, they’re great. And I’m so happy for The Poet and can’t wait to see GIANT pictures of her two new pups. I hope your migraine goes away very soon. What a crappy nine days.


  14. You look lovely with a migraine. I look like the Hag from Popeye. I am so sorry you are on day 9. We are having Santa Ana winds which means I woke up both yesterday and today with migraine in the membrane.
    I have different stages of migraine. I have the functioning migraine, the one where your head is about to explode and your body feels as if it has been beaten profusely but you can still get out of bed and fake it. I have the couch migraine, where I can make it from the bed to the couch where I spend the rest of the day watching reality TV and checking Facebook. I have the bathtub migraine, where my head hurts so bad all I want to do is get in a hot bath and stay in it with a warm towel over my head and eyes, do not talk to me in this state. Finally I have the where is the gun migraine, where I just want to blow my head off my shoulders and is usually accompanied by retching and kvetching. I have had the couch migraine for the last couple of days.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the Pom Pom’s and of course there will be a story to accompany it.

    Hope your head is better.


  15. I was desperately trying to fix it, because I knew hitting Publish, leaving the house, driving to work, setting everything up, getting my computer on and having zero comments was weird. So while I’m trying to work on it, I kept getting, “PING!” “PING!” “PING!” JOOOOON! NO COMMENTS JOOOOOOBBB!!! FIX IT JOOOOOOOOOOOO–you get my drift.

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  16. Ok, I’m imagining your delight. Did you jump up and clap your heels? Spring a cartwheel? No, I think you rolled your eyes and called us all “fuckers.”


    1. June, sorry for disturbing you, but didn’t want you to think we had all deserted you. The pictures of Steely Dan in the car, the Pomeranian notecards and Iris on the mend. Lovely post. I also miss your conversations with Paul.

      Congratulations, Poet, on your soon-to-be new family members.


        1. Ahhh. Gee, thanks, June.

          I’m glad you mentioned Freaky Friday today because I’ve been thinking about how much I enjoyed the ooooeeeeoooo stories and wondered if my fellow bookies had more to share.


  17. How is there not already a comment? I don’t get it, June.

    A friend of mine had the CUTEST Pomeranian named Miss Muffet. She was adorable, even if you didn’t like little dogs. Charmed friend’s husband, who HAD SPOKEN and was NOT AT ALL PLEASED when friend just went and got Miss M anyway. I think they are on their third or fourth Pom now. Congratulations, Poet!


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