June reviews her day. June is boring.

Here was my schedule yesterday (your SCHEDULE? Oh, June, you’re too good to us):

8:15 a.m. Botox. I went to a new place, as my last place disappointed me. Remember this winter when I got my lips done? Yeah, me either. I saved my pennies like a miser last fall so I could have my lips plumped, as I HATE my Sleestack lips,

and $600 later I looked exactly the same. Except I had bruises. When I called my doctor, fmr., (whattaya know, another former doctor) they said I could come back, which is great seeing as how they said if you aren’t happy call back, but that I’d have to pay for more stuff.

And that is when I flounced. I mean, I didn’t give a whole exit speech, I just waited till Botox time rolled back around and found a new gal. And oh, am I happy. I mean, it takes a week or so for the effects of the Botox (technically Dysport) to show up, but there was no waiting, the receptionist was hot, they really took time with me and showed me (horrors!) new wrinkles we need to address, AND


it was cheaper. Way cheaper. Than where I was going before.

Plus, both places are close to work, so clearly god meant for this to be. Because that’s what god is up there mulling over.

Speaking of which, as a not-organized-religion person, may I ask something at the risk of offending? I’m mostly seriously asking this and just slightly sort of put off by it: When you ask for “prayers” on Facebook, whether you’re vague about why you need them or not, is there some sort of belief that if a whole bunch of people pray, somehow god hears it better? I’m really wanting to know this and not just being a jerk. I mean, is that the common belief?

I took a Dahn yoga class for a few years back in LA, and I really loved it and wish they had it here, and after class you were welcome to stay and get a little lesson. One time they allegedly showed us molecules from a drop of water before and after many people had prayed over it, and the molecules changed. Is it sort of like that, that there’s power in numbers? I honestly don’t know and that’s why I’m asking. I know it sounds a little challenging, that I’m even asking.

Oh my god we’re not past 8:15.

9:00 a.m. Work. You’d think this would be where I relaxed, but in fact it wasn’t. My appointment went so smoothly that I was a little early, PAULA, and it’s good that I was, because another team had a bit of a crisis and needed volunteer copy editors.

I volunteered.

Mother of god.

There was a ton of work, due really soon, and I wasn’t familiar with that client’s style, so you can imagine how relaxing. I got it all done, though, and then at

12:45 p.m. “Lunch.” I screamed home, because due to some freelance work I’m doing, I had to attend a webinar so I could write this thing I’m writing better. I took the laptop  in the back yard and took notes in the sun, praying my mute button would not go off and they’d all hear me yelling at Edsel when he barked at the gaybors or at Tramp, the little white puppy who’s kitty-corner from our yard. Tramp, whom Edsel wishes dead. Tramp, who has some nerve running around in his own yard, being shaggy.

Tramp. Fuck Tramp. If Edsel could get a tattoo, that is precisely what it’d read.

1:45 p.m. Work. I had to catch up on all the work I neglected because I volunteered to help the other team. Mother of god’s gravy.

5:00 p.m. Therapy. Twice in the last few months, I’ve screwed up therapy. It’s every other Thursday at 5:00, and I don’t know, like, once I got the wrong Thursday, and then once the Thursday before Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, they let us out of work early, and to me it felt like a Friday because it was the start of a holiday weekend. I was literally just lounging on my couch doing zero when I got a text from the therapist at 5:25. “You on your way?”

“Oh my GOD, I KNEW I had therapy and I forgot it was Thursday!” I wrote back.

So as a result, she sent me a text yesterday, when I’d been acutely aware all day that I had her. “You coming tonight?” she wrote.

“God, you screw up 40, 50 times and all of a sudden you’re a ne’er do well,” I wrote back.

I’m sure it means something crucial that I “forgot” like that. I’m sure I’m resisting learning that I’m a lesbian or something, but can’t a cigar just be a cigar? Anyway, I really had been thinking, “You have therapy, (hairapy)” all day.

So when 5:00 rolled around, I got in the car to scream there, cause our deal is I get out of work at 5:00 and she knows I’ll be there as soon as I can, after, and we go a little late as I am her last person of the day.

She’s five minutes away.

Naturally, as I got on the road, they’d CLOSED a major portion of a major road here, I mean closed all the way, not one lane, closed. She’s ON that road. I had to zip through neighborhoods only to find another clogged road up ahead because everyone was trying to avoid the closed road, had to give a guy the finger who looked right into my eyes and wouldn’t let me in (white guy with a Confederate flag sticker), cut through iHop’s parking lot and boom I was there.

She must really think I’m avoiding the lesbian issue.

7:00 p.m. Interview. As part of another freelance job I’m doing–and guess who’s stretched herself too thin?–I had to call this woman and interview her for an article I’m writing. This was the part of the day I was in fact looking the most forward to, and it was pretty good. Interesting stuff. Be sure to ask me all about it, because I’m certain the publication I’m writing for would be pleased with me for telling it all here.

In the meantime, I’ve paid more than 10% off of my credit cards, which okay not a ton, but still. And my credit rating went up 18 points. Look, I’m TRYING. Any time I get extra cash, I throw it all at poison for my forehead and also my credit cards.

8:15 p.m. Drink. I don’t drink during the week. It’s part of my weight-loss plan that so far has resulted in zero, absolutely zero, weight loss. I’ve been eating way, way better and not drinking except on weekends and even then not much, and I’ve been walking an hour a day: 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at our 3:00 walk at work, and at least 20 minutes with Edsel, usually more.

Nothing. I’ve shed nothing.

Anyway, right after my interview, I heard from Ned. As you know, we are on one of our speaking moratoriums unless it involves his cat, who is still, you know, here, so. But he called and updated me: the vet gave him a list of things to look for to know if it’s time. I say it’s already time, but the vet said to list three things she has always liked doing, and is she still doing them. She’s doing two of the three. She hadn’t put a bag on her head for awhile, and he was planning to get a new bag for her, to see if she puts it on. She gets bored with her old bags.

The vet also said to get two containers and put a penny in one after a good day or a penny in the other after a bad day and to pay attention to what she’s having more often.

So he’s starting all that, and in the meantime he was having dinner at the fancy hotel near me, the site of our controversial first date, and since he knew I’d have already eaten (I had) did I at least want to come have a drink.

Mother of god, a drink. Yes, I did.

On the way there, it occurred to me our first date had been on a Thursday, so I asked Siri how many weeks ago was January 19, 2012, and she said 275.

“It’s our 275-week anniversary, Ned!” I announced, as I walked in, and he said, “Well, I got you something!”

And he really had! I’d long admired this magnet thing he had on his dashboard, this magnet you use to slap your phone up there, so it’s right where you can see it for directions or whatever. And he got me one!

Actual, unretouched photo of it working its magic in my car.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.04.50 AM.png

So that was exciting, and Ned and I sat at the bar with a view of the dining room, playing “Would you?” with everyone who walked by.

“That’s a no and a fuck, no,” said Ned, as two particularly not-lovely people walked by. Go ahead, play it! It’s fun and not at all rude. Also, if you’re playing with a man, you have to deal with his homophobia. It’s more fun to play with a woman, so to speak, who’s willing to say, “Yeah, I’d bang her” every now and again.

While we were there, it started to rain really hard, that kind of rain you can hear hitting the roof. That’s a thing I really love about living here: the dramatic weather. It’s fantastic. None of this namby-pamby drizzle like Seattle had, or barely-there rain like in LA. Here, the rain’s gonna come down on your head.

So that was my damn day. It was a busildy day, is what it was. Now tonight after work, my coworker Molly is playing out at this farm that I’ve been to before. That is if it doesn’t rain on our heads. Allegedly it’s gonna be nice but I can tell you right now it looks a little rainy.


I leave you with my ridiculous cat, who by the way is still being fed kitten food and who is officially bigger than the grownup cats. I mean, he’s not rounder than Lily because no one is, but he’s taller and longer and he’s not even done yet. My theory is he’ll be about Edsel’s size eventually.

I look forward to that.

In his grip,


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  1. Yes, I was taught (and if I’m honest, still believe) that God hears all prayers but when a collective group of people begin to pray for one particular situation/person/whatever it is more powerful. There are a lot of scriptures relating to praying together or the force of a praying group. But since this isn’t coffee and scriptures with Jan time, I’ll leave my explanation as that.


    1. Yes, I was taught and completely believe the same. My husband’s oncologist has said Michael is unususal for someone with lieomyosarcoma in his ability to work. My husband is a workaholic and his dad had cancer and worked until a week before he died. I still believe in the power of prayer. I bought him a Celtic cross he never wore years ago. I gave it to my sister. I got him a new one since the cancer. He never takes it off. We talk about attending the very liberal Episcopalian church a few towns over. I’m a lapsed Roman Catholic, he is a lapsed Episcopalin.


  2. What’s the point of saying if you aren’t happy call back if they’re just going to charge you to do more work? If you already weren’t happy why would you pay them even more?

    Also, I love Steely Dan.


  3. Also on the prayers thing, I usually ask for a good vibes/positive thoughts/prayers, whatever my peeps believe in and wish to send me. I guess I do feel that the more positive energy being directed your way, the better the outcome, and to me, prayers are just energy. I’m not religious but I have friends and family who are and if they want to pray for me, by all means.


  4. “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:19–20, NKJV)

    That right there is the Bible verse that has people to believe the more, the merrier as it were. Or at least get Jesus to show up. So IMO that’s why people ask for prayers.


            1. Again I’m not religious but I do believe in a higher power, and I don’t believe that god or the Universe isn’t listening to us just because terrible things happen. I’ve talked about this before here, but I do believe all things happen for a reason and have a purpose. I guess that’s not much different than those who believe that god has it all already decided.


            2. God gave us free will; he does not force our commitment to Him. That leaves the way open for those who choose to be influenced by the deception and temptation of Satan, leading to all manner of evil. Oh, and he listens to every prayer, even the ones we can’t express in words.


    1. My confusion is thousands of people could pray for someone to be healed and they aren’t but someone else will be healed with no prayers? So how can you say it helps? Maybe helps with strength or peace but not necessarily anything else?


      1. It IS hard to understand and it IS confusing, but I think that’s because, as humans, we think in terms of our time in the here and now, whereas God has plans that span eternity. Right now, this life we’re living is all we know. Agree that praying does help with strength and peace, though.


  5. OK. One of my most LARGO pet peeves is the whole “pray for me/my mom/my colon/my car” on Facebook deal. Followed by “Unspoken prayer request!” which to me is just Vaguebooking at it’s worst. And the whole concept that God Himself sits up in Heaven on his Heavenly La-z-Boy with a Prayer-o-Meter running, deciding who lives, who wins the lottery, and who gets a new job based on who gets the most prayers is just bizarre. That’s not how MY God works. When people say “The prayers worked! Grandma got up out of her bed! It’s a miracle!” I wanna say “really? How about the three year old who died of some horrible cancer? Is that a sign that the prayers DIDN’T work?”

    Ugh. Huge huge peeve.

    ANYWAY! Your days are filled with excitement! If I have more than one thing on the schedule in a day I can barely handle it.

    I gotta get my husband one of those magnet things before he drives us right off the road trying to look at his dang phone.

    Happy Friday!

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    1. Could not agree more. With the God/prayer/vaguebook thing. I don’t know about your husband’s driving, but let’s assume I agree with that as well.


    2. I’ve seen too many “calling all prayer warriors” on my feed lately. I believe it makes people feel better, so I guess that’s something. But I think they should give details so those of us who are nosy and don’t pray get something out of the post, too.

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      1. Now I’m picturing all the prayer warriors wearing a helmet, which I can’t figure out how to post here. Pissing me off. An Ancient Greek Warrior helmet with that red brushy thing on top. Forget it. The moment is lost. I’ll post the picture on FB.


    3. thank you for saying this. i’m sure someone will tell us it is all because it is all HIS will and we can’t fathom why HE chooses to do what he does, but it is all part of a master plan. yeah…ok, as long as it makes you feel better and you don’t shove it down my throat.


  6. I know. I don’t think he is some great Puppetmaster in the sky pulling strings. I more think it can’t hurt and at the least can grant strength and grace to deal with what is to be.


    1. You know, Paula, I really wish you’d stop VaguePieing or VagueBooko’Juning. It’s so difficult to tell what you’re thinking and where you stand on things…

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        1. I’m sure her experience as a vet in a cats-only clinic and her years of schooling are meaningless. I think it’s a good method, as one could just vaguely look back and say, “Oh, the cat’s good” rather than, she threw up today: bad day. She played today: good day. I mean, you guys are being kind of ridik with the hating EVERY SINGLE THING that surrounds anything having to do with Ned. Hate him, I don’t care, but to hate anything near him is a bit much.

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          1. I appreciate how good of a friend he has been in times of need. If you do the just friends thing I admire you. I was always pretty lousy at that.


          2. I really feel Ned’s pain with the decision to put NedKitty down. It is so hard to know when to know when it is time to let them go. Unfortunately, I waited too long with one of my cats. He dragged himself to our backdoor and collapsed before I could admit it was time.


          3. It’s so hard to see it when it’s right there. A year ago we had my daughter’s cat of 18 years put to sleep – she was two when she got the cat from her aunt and I swear I thought it would die of a broken heart when she went to college. Who lets their barely-toddler get a kitten and think “But what about when daughter leaves for college?” Anyway, I took a photo of her when I knew she wasn’t going to be with us much longer. When I see that photo now I can say “Good God she looks sick as crap! Why did we let that happen?’ But when you’re in it, facing it every day, that’s so hard to “see.”

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            1. That is EXACTLY how it goes. Right now I have 2 16-year-old kitty brothers that are looking poorly. I have had them to the vet with blood work, urinalysis, etc. to the tune of $900. I can see that they are going down in their muscle tone and such but I guarantee later on when I look back at the pictures I will want to slap myself.

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              1. Same here! I remember that look our One True Cat gave me, pretty much begging me to put her out of her misery. That’s what made me realize everything I’d done for months (watch her get so, so skinny…wash the laundry room floor daily) was ridiculous. Still, I walked her into the vet’s office bawling and thankfully they knew why I was there because I could not speak.


          4. this is one large group of judgemental people. as is typical in cyberland. not so sure if this time is specifically negative in nature because of ned…but i do recall a lot more sympathy when you were in a similar predicament. anyone who has had to make the choice should know not to judge too much. each pet and owner situation is different. much love to nedkitty and to ned for being a good cat dad (yeah, i said it).

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          5. Ugh? Did that sound hateful? I didn’t mean it to be. It just struck me as kind of silly. Like how do you know when there are too many pennies? But if it’s a visual that helps ease the transition for someone, then more power to them. I am not judging this situation at all. Been there myself and I’ll be there again, sooner rather than later no doubt. I may be putting pennies in a jar myself.


  7. Your question was a simple one, but the answer is complex. When you take a portion of faith and examine it without understanding the full context, it isn’t all that helpful and it would make the response to your question longer than this sentence. I’m very religious. I don’t ask for prayers unless it’s a small group of friends (in person) and while positive energy is great and all, I don’t need every one on Facebook thinking positive thoughts on my behalf. If you think prayer is dumb, but you love “positive vibes” … well, I think that’s a bit wacky.

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    1. I don’t believe in either. I kind of wish I did, but I don’t. I also don’t believe in energy in the room, or seeing chemistry between people. I just don’t see it.


      1. I think the chemistry thing can be real, I watched my Brother & Best Friend meet for the 1st time and there were literally sparks shooting between them. It was amazing. He laughed it off, because he is shy, but she said if he lived in the same state, she would definitely pursue it further. I think prayer is a personal thing, but there is something to be said for coming together as a community and sharing it together.


    1. Google Dr. Emoto and the Hidden Secrets of Water. It is really interesting stuff. I have done the simultaneous praying over bodies of water all over the world at the exact same time that he promoted.


  8. I agree with Mel, this is such a complex subject, yet it can be so simple, when we pray. We have the privilege of having extra ordinary conversations with the creator of the universe (those are not my original thoughts or words, my pastor reminds us each Sunday of that privilege, I’m quoting him), the God who spoke every single thing into existence. The scripture Helen quoted came to my mind as well. Prayer comes from a position of faith, the fact we are having a conversation with God. We don’t have to use fancy words or use King James English, He hears us when we pray. So often I just pray, “God, please help me!” I do believe there is power in numbers when we pray, but we must be praying in one accord, we must agree. I do not believe unspoken requests are good, because I want to know know what and how to pray. The unspoken request might be for their ex to drop dead, or some dreaded disaster to happen to them, and I don’t believe that is in line with God’s word. I don’t understand why God doesn’t answer all our prayers. I prayed so hard that my beloved aunt would recover from breast cancer, but she didn’t. I don’t know why. My dad died when he was 51, I felt we were robbed, I don’t know why. I could go on and on, we just don’t know why. I just know there have been so many times in my life that I was only being sustained by the prayers, on my behalf, by friends and relatives that love me.

    I don’t believe in good vibes, positive vibes/thoughts or the universe, I believe in the power of prayer to an all knowing, all mighty God that created the universe.

    Manpoly, you had a busy day. I changed the sheets on our bed, did a load of laundry, had lunch with two friends that I worked with for 30 years, stopped at the vitamin shop to get a bottle of Melatonin so I can sleep at night, and just read the rest of the afternoon. Boring, I know.

    I love SD, he even matches the rug.

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  9. So many questions about botox but I will save them for some other time. Also and too the prayer thing. I have a cousin who lives in a tiny town and her biggest fear is to find her self on the prayer chain. Not that she doesn’t believe in prayer or that she isn’t spiritual; she doesn’t want anyone knowing something bad about her that needs to be prayed about.

    I read about an experiment where there was a person in England or India or Zambia who had cancer and this guru/priest/shaman/spiritual leader who organized an international prayer at such and such time to pray this persons cancer away. The selected time rolled around and hundreds of thousands of people prayed to their deity to make this persons cancer go away. Guess what? The man’s cancer went away. Clean bill of health. Now what they didn’t tell us was how many chemo treatments and radiation or surgeries this person had to also eradicate his cancer. All that withstanding, I do believe in the power of positive thinking, well me and old charlatan Norman Vincent Peal.


  10. Prayer is not asking the BIg Santa Claus in the Sky for favour. You’re talking to a Someone who know what the outcome would be to grant every request far beyond the thing we want. Like ripples in the water of the butterfly wings flapping creating some kind of major effect. I’m good at remembering analogies for things. We’ll never get it completely, but somehow when we’re in trouble we automatically appeal to a Higher Being. And I definitely believe in the power of numbers – it works down here doesn’t it?

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  11. i believe in prayer. when i ask for prayer from my ‘wheel house’ (are we over that yet?) it’s more because i’m overwhelmed, perplexed, very depressed – situations when i can’t form my own prayers. i tend to believe that there is always an answer for a prayer but the answers are yes, no, not now, got something better planned….and i have no idea how that is sorted out. imo, i think that’s why prayer is not a slot machine but a relationship with God.


  12. Don’t get me wrong – I pray, I believe in prayer, I believe in praying for others. I believe God wants to hear what’s on my heart. But I also believe God knows everything from the Beginning to the End. He already knows how it comes out, but He’s good about the spoilers. I know when I pray that I am not praying to change GOD’S mind, I am praying to change MINE. If I thought God was up there waiting for just the right amount of people to pray for me (or about me) to make a life or death decision in my life, I would no longer be a believer. “Thy will be done” means exactly that. Your will God – not my will. I will pray for grace and understanding and acceptance.

    End of speech.

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  13. I feel like people asking for prayers, positive vibes, positive thoughts is about helping them and they person they are praying for feel better knowing there is an army of people out there thinking about them. Whether or not it actually heals them, I doubt it, but it might heal their hurting heart and give comfort in that way. It’s always nice to know people have you in their thoughts… I was raised Catholic but am non-practicing, but “praying” (whatever form that takes for you) always comforts me, and helps calm me.

    I love the photo of SD’s pink tip of his tongue, so cute!

    PS: I left the house at the SAME TIME yesterday and today. Yesterday I was 2 minutes late, today I was 10 minutes early. I wish traffic was always like Friday traffic.


  14. June, I love hearing about your days, because there is a 100% chance it is more interesting than mine.

    Like others, I do not really get the facebook pleas for prayers from strangers for undisclosed reasons. I think there are many people who believe that prayer is constantly asking God for things and maybe getting them, but probably not, as if God is an ethereal Santa Claus. To me, the purpose of prayer is really an acknowledgement that we are not in charge. For a person who likes to be in control, which may or may not be me, that’s a tough one. For me, prayer is much bigger and broader than simply talking to God and asking for things. Prayer is also living in a manner that brings honor to God. Prayer is purposeful work. Listening to others with an open heart is prayer. Serving others is prayer. When these things are done with others, there certainly is more power there because we can do more together than alone. You know the saying that giving changes the heart of the giver? I think it’s the same for prayer.

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  15. I have the magnet holder for my phone too. The base attaches to my vent & the metal panel fit behind my mobile phone cover (since I don’t want to stick things to my phone). I also got one for my husband. We both think they are the best things ever & the next time I go back to TJ Mac/Marshalls, I will be looking for a few more as gifts.

    SDS is very cute & ginormous!


  16. I don’t mind when people ask for prayers but shouldn’t we know what we are praying for? I hate those assholes who ask for unspoken prayer request. Now I have to go look on your facebook and play private investigator and if nothing is on there,I’m more intrigued. I’m going on your mothers facebook. Save me the trouble and say what it is, you know that you are just waiting for people to ask anyway.

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    1. Oh great Mindy, thanks for ruining that for us. Fucking scientists/chemists……..amiright? Yeah, even with as much as I believe in prayer, I am very skeptical about that one too.


  17. People are asking for support is all – perhaps they are asking for prayers in the guise of making something known. Either way it doesn’t bother me. Of course there is no god up there working out whether you can afford that new muffler. But it if makes one feel better praying than why not.


  18. I think some people ask for prayers because they believe it will help–but a lot of people want to tell what’s going on with them without just saying “here’s what’s up.” Almost a backwards version of humble bragging.
    And for Ned’s vet…her idea would work the same if she just told him to put tally marks on a paper. So I think it might be more for his benefit than for that cat’s. Maybe she is trying to help him get to the place where he can see that it’s time. She might be hoping that the visual representation will just give his heart a nudge.


  19. What will be will be. I don’t believe in a god who is a cosmic bellhop. But I do pray for strength and for the best possible to come from this situation, or for this person. I have prayed and felt nothing and on the other hand I made it through 3 weeks of swinging by a fraying thread when Distinguished nearly went on ahead. Each day I knew I was living and carrying on with more strength than just mine. Can’t explain it.


  20. That wasn’t very clear. I do pray and I will pray for anyone who asks. Praying and meditating changes me. Who am I to say what ultimate reality is? I have, however, had enough experiences to know there is something mighty powerful and present beyond us that sometimes we feel tapped into and sometimes we don’t..

    Someday maybe we can tell our “angel” stories.


    1. Me, too. I pray for anyone who asks and even those who don’t yet I know who may be struggling. I also send warm, healing thoughts and vibes into the universe for people. However, don’t get me started on the word blessing, blessed, bless, blessings, so blessed, hashtagblessed and other bullcrap.


  21. I also believe very strongly in the power of prayer. And like Lisa and DeDe and others, I don’t believe that the more people who pray, the better chance of God changing things. The outcome is already decided. I believe that people praying for you gives you spiritual support and strength to get through whatever is going on in your life, because you know that these people are standing beside you, spiritually. I have frequently felt the strength of other people’s prayers, when going through horrible times. It’s not so much Prayer Warriors as it is that other people praying for you makes you the warrior who can fight through whatever situation you’re enduring (like Sleestack lips). There are many things that I believe I wouldn’t have survived without my faith. That being said, there are also many times that people ask for prayers for stupid shit and I want to tell them to stop bugging God and everyone else with their petty bullshit!

    I struggle myself with why a 3-year-old child will suffer and die from Leukemia, and a pedophile lives a long, successful life. Why don’t abusers of any kind walk out into the street and immediately get hit by a bus? But I trust that God always has a plan and knows all and there is a reason for everything. We just don’t always know the reason. I have to believe that the 3-year-old is in a better place when they pass away and they are in the arms of God where there is no more illness and suffering. And the pedophile is still alive so that he/she has to wake up every day and know what he/she did and live every minute of their life, wondering if the horrible things they did will discovered today. It has to be a tortured life, wondering if the other shoe will drop any minute. I also have to believe that in the end, these people will have to answer for the things they have done.


      1. That killed me, too! Anyone who can sneak Sleestack lips into a discussion of childhood suffering and pedophilia deserves an award.


    1. Dancer, I have heard that The Shack is an amazing story. I need to get that book, because as unwavering as my faith has always been and knowing that God is merciful and loving, at the same time, I see all the horrible things that happen in the world. Especially to innocent children and animals. I realize it is free will etc like Koala Raspberry (my new favoritest name ever) explained. Even knowing that, I still struggle with the why.


  22. I came back on here specifically to tell you how hilarious Sleestack lips was. I was out walking and couldn’t stop that stupid smiling you do when you’re walking alone and you remember something hysterical and there’s no one to tell. Glad dear ole Cheech up there brought it up.


  23. I personally think God just lets nature take its course with things due to the fall in the garden, man’s free will, etc. I came to that conclusion after a year of being furious with God, saying I lost my faith but I hadn’t , I was just angry and deeply hurt. It was after our infertility treatment failed and my new insurance (company buy out) dropped all infertility coverage. It just felt so unfair when abusers concieved every day or so it seemed. One day I was watching a documentary and a woman eight months pregnant was shooting up. I knew for me in that moment that God doesn’t control every single detail of our lives. It helped me to begin to heal. I believe there are some miracles too but why some get them, who knows? I used to think have was getting the answers. Now I think it will be no need for questions or answers, perfect peace.


    1. KR, my heart hurts for you. I’m glad you could make some peace with your heartache. Although I accept that it was not God’s plan for some reason that I am yet to know, I still struggle with seeing happy couples everywhere and why I lost first my husband and then my fiancee I hope to find your peace.


  24. I’ve thought about Ned’s vet’s suggestion all afternoon (mowed the lawn, that’s my ponder time) and it’s an interesting approach at visual learning. We’re going through something similar in trying to determine our 15 year old Rottweiler’s “future” but our vet’s advice was simply “you’ll know when”. Ambiguous is not helpful so I spend a great deal of time looking into her eyes and watching facial expressions to see if she has any insight. All she seems to say varies between “another green bean would be nice” and “more VetRanch, please” so helpful she’s not. We’re going to start the cups tomorrow and see where things are at in a week.

    Did I mention lovely post and you’re pretty?


  25. I wonder if Ned’s vet realizes that Ned won’t take her opinion either and thinks that if Ned sees overwhelming evidence of more bad days vs good days, that he will finally realize that Nedkitty isn’t having the quality of life that pets deserve, and he will be more easily able to make a decision.

    Or she’s a nutball. I dunno.


  26. Cheech 1000, Thank you. I had a wordpress password forever ago and I can’t remember it and it’s not letting me reply directly. I know many lovely people who are alone too and I don’t get that either. Life can be cruel so I now grab the joy with both hands. You never know what lies around the corner.


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