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Bye-bye, Pie!

I love writing about my life every day. I sort of saw it as talking to friends. But after the relentlessly cruel comments yesterday, I see that people hate read. I see that not everyone is on my side. I guess I knew it, but it didn’t really register, you know?

That makes it not fun anymore. It kind of makes me feel sick. I kind of started to wonder if I was an unlikable person. Then of course I remembered there are even people who don’t like Tom Hanks and I felt better. Still. This all feels unsafe now.

(And also, what kind of person wants to hate read? Why make yourself angrier? I don’t see the fun in that, but then again I listen to Dr. Laura. I guess I’m people’s Dr. Laura.)

I thought it over last night, and some more this morning, and I’ve decided to stop writing for awhile.

I’ve made some real friends through this experience; most of you have been really great. I can’t begin to count all the good things that’ve come from writing to you for 10 years. Thank you for all the nice things you’ve done, and for being a part of my life.




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June visits a perfect puppy. Conundrums.

Yesterday after work I schlepped out to the country, and let’s talk about how much I want to move to the country. I just love it there, even though I spend much of my time there thinking about snakes and ticks. Do you ever just go somewhere and find yourself happier? That’s me in the country. I know for others it’s fancy places such as Rome or Cakes and Turquoise or whatever that tropical place is called. Continue reading “June visits a perfect puppy. Conundrums.”

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Yore what, I’ll never know.

“Hey, June, can you proofread a deck by 2:00? It’s 80 pages.”

A deck is a presentation, usually a PowerPoint one, and there’s another of those two words squished into one with a capital letter in the middle that I like SoMuch. Continue reading “Yore what, I’ll never know.”

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Try to guess the swear word I use when I hit Publish then realize I’ve not added a title.

I knew I was going to a party yesterday afternoon, so I planned my ensemble in my mind so that I could do my freelance work in peace. I showered, did my hair, put on my kabuki makeup

Fuck with me and die

Continue reading “Try to guess the swear word I use when I hit Publish then realize I’ve not added a title.”

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Sort of a complainy post. (“What??”)


“So. There you go,” texted Ned (“text” Ned), as he sent me the image above.

For all the complaining I do about people saying “text” as a past-tense form of, you know, “text,” I still hear it all the time. Continue reading “Sort of a complainy post. (“What??”)”

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June gets outsmarted by a cat. Again.

First of all, stupid Firefox (or, as cute Faithful Reader Tee once called it, Foxfire) updated and now I can’t get on WordPress. Have I mentioned how much I hate products that capitalize words in the middle of their name? FuckOff. EatShit. StopIt.

But really, Foxfire is all, “BLOCKED! THIS IS AN UNSAFE SITE.” Oh my god no it’s not.

I also saw someone hashtag colors today, on Instagram. ColorsContinue reading “June gets outsmarted by a cat. Again.”

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Chocolate > labs

Today, I was supposed to go to work having fasted, and have blood drawn for our health insurance thing at work. Then 40 minutes later, I was supposed to go to my new doctor and have even more blood drawn for my initial visit with him in a week, unless of course he dies or quits before then. Or I die of italicizing.

The point is, I didn’t feel like it. Continue reading “Chocolate > labs”

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Pierce and Honeycutt

Dear Faithful Reader Paula:

You know that feeling you get when you wake up during the workweek, all on your own without the aid of your alarm, and you feel rested and you know OH FUCK, something is very wrong?

Continue reading “Pierce and Honeycutt”