I forgot to tell you something.

On Friday, the huge gruff dishwasher repairman came over, because I need more expenses, and while he was in there doing his bidness, I said, “I’ll leave you alone. I’ll be in the living room should you need me.”

Awhile later, he came in, bemused. “That gray cat is sure a character.”

See. Three gray cats. In my house, you say “That gray cat,” you haven’t narrowed it down much. But once he said “a character,” I had an inkling.

“The one that’s all gray?”

“Yeah, that one. First he stood on my clipboard. Just stood there. Couldn’t get him to move. But when I did try, he pressed noses with me over and over.”

Then he smiled fondly at Steely Dan, who’d picked that moment to saunter out of the kitchen proudly.

Steellee melt repare man

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  1. Awww, who doesn’t love nose rubs? He’s schmoozing with the repairman. This is why I don’t repair things for a living. Automatic 20% discount to anyone whose cat loves me up during the repair.


  2. Aww, adorable. Just when he lulls the repairman into a false sense of security of nose rubbing, that’s when his master plan goes into effect.


  3. My eyes went past SD there and straight on back to enjoy the juxtaposition of a crucifix and paper dolls. !!


  4. Steely Dan was hoping to distract the repairman while he chewed on his clothing. (Obviously, SDS wanted to do the chewing. I don’t know about the repairman.)


  5. Cats and repair men. It’s a thing. Had to warn the electrician who was here last week that the neighbor’s cat likes to get in vans. Turns out he’d already been kicked out of the van once, before I mentioned it. AND the local UPS man knows to check for tails before leaving.

    I love cats.

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