I seethed anyway

This is a dumb day. Don’t you agree, it’s dumb? Like, we have to go to work today, and I suppose I could have taken the day off, as I have like 344449493 more days off I could take, but I forgot.

You know how I am. Life just comes at me. Oh, wow, it’s Christmas! I should get gifts! Oh, man, July 4 is a Tuesday this year! I shoulda taken off the 3rd. Oh, crap, lookie at all that tsunami coming this way. Did they warn us of thi–[swoosh!] oh.

Also, I have to go to the dentist today, as m’tooth has been killing me, and I don’t even quite know which tooth it is. Both the top and the bottom hurt, and I know there are nerves that can do that do you, and anyway, if you have dental horror stories, kindly shut the fuck right up thank you. I figure at least I can recover tomorrow if the shit tooth hits the fan.


Also, I been tryin’a show you this picture for days, and first my computer wouldn’t work, and then I had the kitten drama, and so finally here it is. Cat of the wild. Or Peg’s weeds. Whichever.

Peg still isn’t home, and I feel like her lawn guy might be taking advantage. Oh sure, he’s cutting her grass, but he isn’t caring for her lawn as he should. He used to be my lawn guy, and then I met that really talented lawn guy and threw over tPeg’s guy, and I can tell you I FEEL his anger when he’s next door near my yard. I really do. I feel bad, but this new guy, like, edges and so on. He gets rid of weeds. My back yard doesn’t make me depressed anymore.


After the weekend kitten fiasco, I felt a bit blue, a bit blue around the goat, and Ned called me and said, “You wanna go get a drink somewhere?” so I went even though I keep telling myself I gotta stop hanging around with Ned.

I’m dieting again, Weight Watchers, not that I’m calling you all Weight Watchers, and I had done that fucking ass Tracy Anderson before Ned came to get me. I haven’t even seen Ned in awhile, as I am trying to not hang around with him, but I am sorry to report he looked good and he told me he’s back to working out more. “You hair looks good,” he said, and I note he didn’t say I looked good figure-wise, and that is likely because I don’t, cause heifer.


That guy behind us chose a modest shirt.


Anyway here’s my black hair. Also, I need Juviderm so bad. So bad, I do. And I’m tryin’a be thrifty, so I won’t GET Juviderm, so we all have to look at my marionette lines.


It was the kind of bar where there were dogs, which is always a plus to me. As usual, I got the, “He’s a RESCUE” line, which as you know drives me out of my skull. Do we need to be so goddamn dramatic? You adopted him from a shelter or an organization. He’s not a rescue, FFS. You did not pull him outta that tsunami. Hey, did you know a tsunami was coming?

After my drink with Ned I went to the grocery store and got the diet foods, then got behind a woman with four children who was buying, you know, cereal, milk, juice, the stuff you buy when you’ve got 14 kids. I stood behind her with my avocado and my 96 bottles of water and waited till everything was rung up and bagged and THEN, only THEN, did she say, “Here are my food stamps. You have to deduct the milk and the juice only.”

You couldn’t have brought this up BEFORE everything was rung up? And look. I felt for her situation, I really did. Four kids and no money? That has to suck. I don’t begrudge her the food stamps in the slightest. But when you saw your stuff being rung up wrong, how about bringing it up, oh, RIGHT THEN?

So the woman ringing everything had to take all the groceries out and do some sort of subtraction thing, and of course it was right then I got the hot flash. I was trying to have empathy for the woman in front of me while being annoyed that she let the tsunami come without paying attention, and, you know, boom. I’m hot as fuck, I’m blousing my shirt, I’m feeling faint.

Think kind thoughts, THINK KIND THOUGHTS, I kept telling myself. I tried not to seethe.

I seethed anyway.

It took me about half an hour to get through that line, and there were no other good lines, I promise you that. So Old Heat Miser, here, stayed in line behind Tsunami Preparedness.

Since I’m on a quest, an eternal quest, for thin, I was looking things up online yesterday, and I discovered that Tracy Anderson sells protein powder. For seventy dollars. For 14 servings.

What the actual FUCK, Tracy Anderson? Seriously. You expect people to pay ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS A MONTH on protein powder? Where? In what world? How many of those has she sold, do you think? Like, four? All to Gwyneth Paltrow?

Seventy dollars for 14 servings. As my grandmother would have said, it makes my asshole pucker up and twitch. She learned that phrase in finishing school, clearly.

I wonder if dieting is making me cranky?

Luff, Juan


61 thoughts on “I seethed anyway

  1. I’m also at work – and so far the ONLY ONE AT ALL in my entire floor, which isn’t creepy in the least. Nope. I am not hyperaware of every noise in preparation to defend myself from a serial killer who targets people in marketing departments. However, the alternative is being at home with my husband the teacher and two kids and only getting frustrated at them. So I came here. Have at me, serial killer!

    Thinking about it, I usually refer to Finn as a rescue but I think that’s because a) he literally was rescued from the streets, and b) it’s just the way everyone says it now. I’ll have to be more aware of that and see how often I say it.

    OK, I just heard a door close. Which is weird, because mine is the only door open. If I get killed, know that I loved you all.


    1. I almost feel LaUral needs to check back in with us. LAURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. man i love that last photo of you and sd. i’m at work. i offered to take today off and work tomorrow. but, no. so stupid. we need to move our love of independence to monday. post haste.


  3. Lots of people at my workplace took today off, too. Lots of parking spaces to choose from this morning. I could have taken it off, but I’m off Friday because we’re throwing a family party on Saturday. But I really wish I was off today. hashtag July 3rd regrets


  4. Working here too. But almost everyone is here today, strangely. Usually they will take a day off any chance they get.
    I love the hair color – I think it suits you. Not that the blonde didn’t suit you – well, I hope you know what I mean.
    Aren’t hot flashes the worst? When I get one, I just want to rip my skin off, and also I hate everyone and everything around me when it’s happening. Blergh.


  5. I am at work today too. The only one in this entire building! Actually, everyone on base has a family day, but since I am a civilian I would have had to take a vacation day.
    I will be watching my latest binge worthy show, Power. Highly recommend it, lots of very attractive people of color and lots of nudity !
    I like the darker hair on you June.
    I thought my protein powder was expensive, but Tracy whatsherface’s is ridiculous!


  6. For once I remembered ahead of time to take today off. I am always the one there on a weird non-holiday day because I just drift along thinking, “Maybe I should ask for that day off.” And before I know it, everybody else has taken the day off and I’m left there feeling pissy and stupid. Not this year! And I have kind of passed the hot flash stage and moved on to the feel-like-I’m-roasting-all-the-time stage. This will never end for me. Good luck to all of you.


  7. Add me to the working weary today. I’m really pissed too, because it’s a beauuuuuutiful day here and Friday, which I do have off, is calling for rain. :scowling face:

    I can see why you think your hair is dark because it is a lot darker and what on earth was that hairdresser thinking. Of course, it might lighten up a bit as you wash it – mine always does. If it was me, I’d wait a week then go have highlights put in to make it blonder but of course, I don’t want to be accused of getting you to spend your non-existent money on that so pretend I didn’t even say that.


    1. You’re right; my hair is so porous that it’ll probably lighten up. But I really don’t have money to get highlights. I will just have to be June of Darkness all summer. Hey, maybe Sun-In! …Not.


      1. Why can’t you go back to the girl and tell her she made your hair too dark if you aren’t happy? My hairdresser always welcomes people back who are not thrilled with their color and she corrects it free of charge. You paid for it – you should get what you want.


  8. I’m at work too. Not alone though. As my boss told me on Friday “Sam is going to come in on Monday, so you won’t be alone”. Oh, ok . . . what? It’s the end of the month, end of the quarter, and today is payroll day. But, luckily Sam told me I can leave as soon as I sign off on payroll. Which only takes me until 3:30 or 4:00. Gee, thanks.

    June, your hair looks lovely. And SD looks very content in that last photo.


    1. I am the payroll department at my work, so I feel your pain. I am still upset that last month, as I sat vigil by my dying mom’s bed, I had to run payroll. I’m never gonna get over that.


      1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Vee. I understand completely about having to go in on the worst of all days. I had to come in to work the day my sister died, so I could leave notes for the person doing payroll for me.


      2. Vee, so sorry about your mom. I hate payroll. My father had a massive stroke early in the morning on payroll day. I called my boss, who said, “Oh, that’s awful. I hope he’ll be okay. You’ll be in later to do payroll, right?” Six months later, I had to come in the day after I had a lymphectomy under my right arm to get payroll done. I was all done up on Vicodin (driving to work was fun!), and so swollen that I couldn’t put my arm down.
        Miserable, thankless, PITA job. Be kind to your payroll people; if they’re pissy they usually have a good reason!


      3. Vee, I am so sorry. I had to go to work the day my beloved aunt died, to complete time cards. I understand. Prayers for peace to you and your family.


  9. Of course I’m off today. Every day (as opposed to everyday) is a holiday when you’re retired. I thought the man sitting behind you and Ned in the almost-shirt didn’t have shorts on. Naturally, I took a second look. I’m 73, not dead.


  10. I’m at work as well. And having to do stuff for additional attorneys other than just my normal 4 to cover for legal assistants who took the day off.
    I think your hair looks good!


  11. I cannot stop giggling at the three dooofuses at the picnic table behind you. Their whole scene is such a funny opposition to well-dressed, well-groomed you and Ned. They have IT ALL going on: man bun, cigs, sleeve tattoos, tank top (eek!), beards, stringy hair. Good Lort!


    1. They could be models for new Barbie’s-special-friend-Ken dolls. I just read about the new improved Kens—Mattel has FORTY 40 different Ken styles now, but the top seller apparently is the Man-Bun Ken. No word yet on sleeve tattoos; maybe they come in an additional wardrobe set with the armholes-to-the-hip shirt.


  12. Great post, June. This can be known as the Summer of Your Dark Discontent. I do like the hair color, however, and think you look great. Thanks for the two pictures of SD. Loved them both.

    This post makes me wonder if my husband refers to me as a rescue when he talked to other people. “Yea, she’s a Senior Rescue. I figured she deserved a comfortable home for her last years.”

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I’m half way through my Canada Day long weekend but it was on Saturday so just an extra day added to my normal days off. Don’t hate me because I’m Canadian. I’ll be thinking about y’all tomorrow.
    I am guilty of the rescue. Mainly because ours come from kill centres in California so they actually were rescued from a horrible situation.
    I like the colour. It should lighten up after a few shampoos. If it doesn’t you could call and ask if the stylist would do a few highlights to lighten the overall colour. Most salons won’t charge for it as we want our clients to be happy, especially new ones.
    Yes I’m giving advice, because I’m a pro.


  14. Add me to the Working Angry today. And usually I’m alone in my office (at least in the mornings) but today everyone is here and all up in my bizness. Lovely.


  15. In the early 80s, I was a cashier at Gemco (anyone remember that store? Target (and unions) killed them). There was a large immigrant population who shopped at our store and they would buy hundreds of dollars worth of non-food items to ship back to their relatives in their home country. It never failed, I’d hit the Total button, tell them it was $543.76 and they’d pick up the first few items I had rung up and tell me that I rang those items up wrong. They’d never speak up at the moment I allegedly rang up the wrong price. Or they’d argue over the total. They’d want to go over every. single. item and compare it to the receipt. 9 out of 10 times, there wasn’t any error. Then once we had gone over every. single. item, they’d pick out a couple of items and say they didn’t want those items. That required calling a floor manager. In the meantime, the other customers trapped behind them in line would be VERY vocal in their displeasure. Each time I’d see these people get in my line with their carts filled to the brim, I knew it was going to take a good 30 minutes to get through the transaction and I would actually tell the other customers that they may want to get in a different line.

    Then there were the people who would buy a bunch of stuff, wait until everything was totaled up before rummaging through their purses for their checkbooks. Then rummage through their purse for a pen to write out a check. Then they had to rummage through their purse for their wallet to show their 2 forms of ID. The address on the check never matched the address in the ID so I’d have to call a floor manager. Or I’d run the ID number through the little machine and it would come up “CALL MANAGER!” because that person was in the system for writing bad checks. After all that, they’d say, “Fine, then. I’ll just pay cash!”

    Oh, I’ve got lots more stories from my 5 years as a cashier at Gemco Store #520.

    Hot flashes suck. I take Estroven for mine but the problem is, it works really good for about 2 or 3 months and then it stops working. So I stop taking it for a few months and suffer from the flash and then start taking it again. It’s a vicious cycle.

    Steely Dan looks so smug. I love him.


    1. I worked at Gemco! I worked at the one in Cupertino, CA. Which one did you work in? Everyone liked my line best because I was the fastest.


      1. I worked at the Cerritos store. I got to see a lot of the people I went to high school with so I was always up on the latest gossip on who married who; who got knocked up by whom; who was getting divorced, in jail, etc. That was actually a pretty good job for someone right out of high school. Union wages and benefits. When I finally quit after 5 years, I was making something like $15.00 an hour, which was damn good for the early 80s. And I learned A LOT about customer service and patience.


    2. I just had a flashback to when I paged the managers by their actual names instead of their codes and everyone thought we were being robbed. Good times. Oh! Another memory…a coworker had a crush on me. After closing we were facing with the radio blasting and his dedication to me came on. He’s going on and on about how much he loves me and then they played his song choice…Easy Lover. I died.


  16. The photo with the gentleman who makes excellent sartorial choices, man-bun guy and their less flashy friend is most awesome. I kinda feel like the sartorialist is judging. You look hawt, so maybe Ned needs more beard to sit near them?

    Sorry about the kitten. Life is so hard sometimes, but you and Lilly are wonderful.


  17. Vee, I am sorry about your mom.
    We live in a tourist town that allows fireworks. All the little towns surrounding us ban them so we have scars of inebriation enhanced amateur pyrotechnics. Relaxing.
    Husband is working, I’m retired.


  18. So do you like your black hair? It’s a personal thing. I’m always looking for affirmation of the changes with my hair. They never come. I guess I’m invisible and no one notices or more likely no one cares.


  19. My boss closed our office for a four-day weekend. I’m grateful AF, but they were just away for a month, came in on Tuesday, left for a business trip Wednesday. They’re in W,Th,F this week, then he goes on another business trip. At this point, I’ll have to ask for ID when I finally see him again. And my co-worker, who, every day, comments that she doesn’t know how her predecessor got all this work done, is off on Fridays. So she has a five-day weekend, followed by a two-day week. I doubt it would ever occur to her to, IDFK, come in on next Friday? (Don’t get me started.)(Too late.)

    Tank Top: A friend of mine has a real hot mess for a daughter. Pretty girl, but not a lick of sense and has never once in her life (20 years?) made a good decision. Meanwhile, mom is on husband number two, which, nothing wrong with that, but OMFG, he is an asshole of biblical proportions. I never knew husband number one, have only heard her side of it, but I can’t fathom that this husband was in any way a step up. Could be where the bad-decision making comes from, but Hot Mess Daughter has certainly cranked it up a few notches. I saw HMD on Saturday and yes she is very very pretty and yes she has a figure to die for, but she was wearing more makeup than a drag queen, shorty short shorts, a “tank” top like that guy’s in the picture there, and a black lacy push-up bra which everyone could clearly see because that tank top was a joke. I’m sure she was on her way to making her next galactically stupid mistake in both relationships and substances one should not ingest. …………….. Hmmmm. No real point to this, just the tank top reminded me. Carry on.

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  20. Planned ahead and took the WHOLE EFFING WEEK OFF. Not that I want to go anywhere because of the idjits out there trying to set the world on fire. And it’s a hunnert out, which is like a 12 hour long hot flash. But still, no bra and beer whenever I want, without hairy man buns to ick me out. I love yer hair.


  21. I love your dark, shoulder-length hair. You look great. I would have also been mad enough to have a hot flash behind tsunami unpreparedness lady.


  22. Love the photos of SD, especially the last one. “dooofuses” TX Kari’s that cracked me up, as did PJ’s Senior Rescue. You hair look great, I was expecting it to be much darker.

    I’m off today, well I’m retired, so I’m technically off every single day. When I was working I would have taken today off, because I would have only had to use one day of leave to have four days off. I’m not sure I would splurge and take TWO days leave if the holiday was on Wednesday. I was so stingy with my leave, every hour, every minute was calculated to make sure I got the maximum use out of it. The days I worked when most the other employees were off was great, no interruptions, no overheard conversations, it was just nice and quiet and lots of close parking spaces.


  23. P.S. I would have been totally steaming waiting in line to check out. Don’t get me started on the people that have all the coupons on their phone and they don’t tell the cashier until AFTER they have completed the check out transaction. There needs to be a separate for those of us that are just going to pay for our merchandise without any stamps, coupons, etc.


  24. OH, that first photo of SD is gorgeous. His eyes match the foliage! So, so beautiful!
    I, too, would have been annoyed…but tried not to be in the grocery store. Ugh.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  25. Almost Tankless Top guy reminds me of a girl that was in Trader Joe’s. I was behind her in line and notice that the blouse she was wearing had very generous arm holes and when she would move, you could see everything. She was young and cute so all the men were dazed. I, kindly old lady that I am, stopped her as she was about to drive away so I naturally leaned forward so I could tell her. She had a very strange look on her face as I was sharing this important information, which caused me to look down and noticed that my shirt had fallen forward and my ample bosom was out, free and spilling into her car!!!

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  26. I had a toothache like that once (don’t worry, no horror story!) and my dentist said my wisdom teeth had to come out. He suggested all 4 at once because they were all going to go bad anyway. When he said “you’ll be put under” I couldn’t sign up fast enough. The drugs were awesome.

    I love the hair! I like the blonde, too, but this is a nice change!


  27. I think I’m the most annoying person in line. I typically pay cash. Which is annoying to the cashier, I know. And the 30something behind me who can’t wait 12 freaking seconds for the cashier to count back my change. I bring my own bags, you tools, and I have my ID ready for the wine purchase so GET OFF MY ASS FOR PAYING WITH CASH!!! What? Me, bitter? Not really.


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