In what way are you trashy?

What do you consider to be your trashiest trait?

I had one of those nights last night where I was on the phone, one call after the other. My whole walk with Edsel, I was on the phone. He didn’t care. When I got home, I was on the phone. When I was in bed for the night, I was on the phone.

Finally my poor phone ran out of power. Also, say “phone” one more time.

Anyway, at some point, in one of my PHONE calls with one of my friends, we were discussing how we judge people based on their music. And this led to a little talk about what we found, well, trashy.

For me, it’s gotta be my food choices. That is the trashiest thing about me. I eat like I’m Britney Spears. Fast food, soda, bacon.

Also, Iris decided to murder a stink bug on my bed last night, before dawn, and as you can imagine that roused me from sleep, so I slept nonce after that and have the energy of Mariah Carey. 

I don’t know why I’m mentioning so many washed-up singers today.

Anyway, so tell me. What’s the trashiest thing about you? (“I read this not blog, June!”)

119 thoughts on “In what way are you trashy?

  1. So the new blwebsite let me respond to one person and after that kept redirecting me to log in. After trying that a few times I decided to comment.

    I LOVE SURVIVOR. I also have watched every single episode. My Survivor favorite of all time is Ethan Zohn followed very closely by JT. And Cochran. I simply adore Cochran When we found out June’s date had a man bun I thought, “Well is it a Malcom and Ozzy kind of man bun? Because mm hmmm then.” I searched gifs of both looking for a good man bun shot but couldn’t find one.
    My oldest daughter has always said she’s going to apply for the show. Now that she’s 18 I’ve bee pushing it. I want SO BADLY to be able to meet some of the Survivors.

    If that makes me trashy I don’t want to be non-trashy!


  2. I have a mad love for all white trash food corn dogs, I will eat any form of potato that has hit oil and the worst is I am all Italian and love spaghettios. My grandmothers would murder me if they knew!


  3. I’ve cussed in church. More than once. I was an usherette at the wrestling matches when I was 18. We were allowed to drink and smoke on the job. I like country music and Coors Light. I also love to stay in my pajamas all day long.


  4. Trashiest thing about me? I could spend an entire weekend in bed, without bathing, MAYBE with brushed teeth, and do absolutely nothing in/everything from that bed. Eat, read, watch tv, mother (as a verb), wife (also as a verb). I only really need to get up to toilet and…yeah, that’s it.


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