The one where June never shuts up. Yeah, that one. This one time.

I have a story that’s hilarious, or at least it would be when I told it, with my fine storytelling skills, and hey, modesty.

But as I always do before I tell someone else’s story, I asked first if it would be okay to tell, and it turns out it’s not okay to tell, which I just mistyped not Olay to tell, and I also am not allowed to tell you about any second-rate moisturizer.

Actually, I’ve read several articles where dermatologists recommend some sort of Olay product and I can never remember which one and I just go ahead and keep washing my face with whatever soap is in the shower and hey, skin-care routine.

Which reminds me, those Kiehl’s products I bought with my birthday gift card? Made me break out. So I bought shoes instead.


I got this shoe in this metallic and also in black, which I have worn all weekend. I did not purchase that piece of tissue, or even shoplift it.

THE POINT OF MY STORY is that the story I wanted to tell you resulted in someone thinking a thing she did was something just everybody does, and it isn’t, and just her family did this particular weird thing.

When I was first in college and out of the dorms, I had to go grocery shopping for the first time and felt overwhelmed and asked my mother if she’d go with me. We got the requisite peanuts in the shell, fruit punch and fish sticks, all of which sound delicious right now and hey, Weight Watchers. Anyway, when it was time to check out, I put everything on the whatever you call it, and I separated the food from the nonfood.

“What’re you doing?” asked my mother. I told her, and she looked at me sort of sadly.

“That’s just if you’re on food stamps, honey. You don’t have to do that when you’re paying with regular money.”

When my father left, my mother went back to college, and we had The Food Stamp Years. Apparently I stopped going to the store with her once those years were over.

Another person I know grew up poor, and when he got married (young), he was unpacking and putting all his clothes in a box, to shove under the bed. His new wife was all, “?”

This guy had never had a dresser. He’d just always shoved his clothes under the bed.

So, what’s the weird thing you did in life until you moved out of your house and learned your family did it wrong?

Please, to answer.

And OH MY GOD, before I forget for the hundredth day in a row, above, here, this picture of a ring that I sort of like because I just like it cause it’s gaudy, is actually a LINK TO AMAZON. Click it and you will be on Amazon. If you click it, money will come. To me.

I am an Amazon associate now, and all you have to do (hah! Hello, Sisyphean) is click the image, or the Amazon ad at the side of my not-blog. And once you’re in Amazon after clicking from here, anything you buy that visit will get credited to me and I’ll be rich. RICH!

Or I’ll make 48 cents. BUT IT ADDS UP.

Thanks! It’s been a relatively painless way to make extra cash (that won’t get here till the end of September) other than the, oh, 39494923932032 IMs that ask, “Did my order go through? Yeah, I know, but I don’t think mine went through June. I just don’t. I feel it, June. It’s a feeling I have deep in my soul. Will you check Amazon while you’re at work, June? Will you? Will you check?” Other than that it’s been easy.)

God, that ring really is pretty. Wouldn’t it look delightful flashing on my hand?

Speaking of not having a ring, Ned phoned Sunday to see if I’d like to go look at houses with him. As you know, because your Big Book of June Events is constantly open and in the way, Ned’s gaylord has moved and is selling the house. Ned really wanted to buy it but there was a lot of

“You have to fix this first”

“No, I won’t, and also here remains the high price”

sort of stuff going on, and in the end, Ned decided it was a bad investment and now he’s scrambling to rent a house or apartment.

“You could move in here,” I suggested. And then we stitched our sides and wiped our tears and peed ourselves merrily.

IMG_9171.JPGNed is the first human I’ve used my new phone’s portrait effect on, a feature I have become obsessed with.

IMG_9101.JPGIMG_9177.JPGIMG_9155.JPGIMG_9129.JPGIMG_9138.jpgOh my god, I need to be stopped.

This next one isn’t portrait style but I liked it anyway.IMG_9130.JPGI call it Awkward of Cat.

The point is, there was one house? That was on the street that a friend of mine lives on? And I have always had Street Envy over it, because it’s really tucked away on this quiet dead end. The house Ned looked at was built in 1937, with arched doorways and a working fireplace. (Dear Everyone: What the fuck with making your fireplaces not work? “Oh, we’ll just take the character and suck it right out. While we’re at it, let’s put a TV over the mantle.”)

It had three bathrooms, and this finished attic space that’s now a loft with a little windowed alcove where one could write her not blog, and guess who forgot she wasn’t looking at this house for herself ages ago?

It also had a sunroom, where the owner’s puppy Doberman was ensconced, and when I take this house, the puppy comes with it, I’m gonna have to insist. Also, both the sunroom and the finished basement lead into this


back yard that goes on forever with the flowering trees and has a

TIKI BAR on the patio.

“I’ll take it!” I said, and then basked in humiliation.

Oh my god, that cute, cute house. Front porch, too, with a stone floor. And a porch swing.

I want you all to brace yourselves. Ned wants to think about it.



What’s to think? Holy mother of god, that house was a miracle. But he’s also looking at sleek downtown apartments with huge floor-to-ceiling windows in hundred-year-old storefront buildings and so on. I wish I were a rich swinging bachelor.

I gotta go, but oh, I did one more productive thing this weekend.

When Edsel and I walk, I don’t know if a tree has been cleared or I just now noticed it or what, but lately I see this radio tower or cell tower or something off in the distance. It was so cool and lovely this weekend that I decided to chase it.

IMG_9186.JPGSee it, in the dent in the trees?

I walked toward it as far as I could, then took this wooded path to try to get closer. I really cannot picture where it is in real life.

IMG_9188.JPG“How did June and Edsel get raped?” “Oh, they were chasing a radio tower.”

IMG_9189.JPGI reached a clearing and, damn. Not much closer. This is going to have to be an Edsel and June road trip, like Thelma and Louise. Too bad Lu isn’t alive–she could be Lu-ise.

Okay, I gotta go. I noticed last night that my very first boyfriend unfriended me on Facebook, as did his then best friend. I’ve no idea what I did wrong, and I was tempted to ask them, but then I said, FINE, then. FINE. You know how it’s always a good sign when I get to the “FINE, then” stage. But really. Facebook would be the only way I’d ever be connected to either of them ever again, and they were all, Yeah, no. So okay. There goes that.

I’ve said I’m gonna go 14 times.

FINE, then.


90 thoughts on “The one where June never shuts up. Yeah, that one. This one time.

  1. OK – Now I want to know why they unfriended you, too! What the heck with that?

    My mom made us all wear smocks when we ate, which we called bibs. We had them in a drawer in the kitchen and before every meal we would run and get our bibs. And we were not babies when this was still going on. I thought it was normal until I was old enough to eat dinner at a friend’s house and realized no one was getting their bibs on. I bet I was 8 or 9 years old. THAT WAS WEIRD MOM!

    I was a very keen observer of life in other people’s homes as a kid – once I became aware that not everyone did the same things we did, I was transfixed. Like my friend who’s mom would spread newspaper in paths all over their house and everyone was required to walk on the paper, not the carpet. If the newspaper wasn’t spread when we walked in the front door, we were required to just stand there and wait while she made us a path. I was so embarrassed for my friend until I realized she wasn’t one bit concerned. She thought it was normal.

    Lovely pictures, June! And the fact that Ned has still not resolved his living situation is giving me hives – JUST DECIDE ALREADY MAN!


    1. What is odd to me about the newspaper is that it seems like walking on it would cause newsprint to get on the floors or carpet. Just holding a newspaper gets newsprint on your hands.


  2. fine. best woman word ever. also? love love love the new photo thingy. the photos are really good. remember when you had a hard time getting good photos? no? yeah, me either.


  3. May I ask what kind of phone you got that takes such stellar photos?

    I’m trying to think of the weird thing I thought was normal because that’s how my family did it but it really wasn’t at all…


  4. I wish I could wear cute sandals like these. Sadly, too much of my lumpy bumpy feet would show.
    The photos are gorgeous.
    Poor NedKitty looks like a little ragamuffin.
    Ned’s thinking about it house would be my dream home.
    FortheloveofGodbuyit Ned.
    Sprinkling Tide detergent in the bath water.
    No wonder my skin was always itchy.
    I haven’t a clue which parent decided this was a good idea.


    1. My dad worked for P&G so we always had damaged product at home to use. My parents totally put laundry detergent in the tub. My parents did not require us to bathe regularly when we were young. Some girl we really liked at day camp began keep their distance when they learned of this and other non-hygienic practices because I told them. Still humiliated almost 50 years later! We also ate dinner really late.


  5. Oh, I LIKE that ring too. My father called me the gypsy. I have been accussed of being gaudy as well. Like I care. Those people just don’t have my fabulous sense of style. My twenty-fifth anniversary one carat diamond upgrade is an irradiated teal blue diamond. They are much chesper and I still love it to death twelve years later.
    That house sounds incredible!


  6. Let’s all buy that house before it’s gone and call it The Pie House. By the time Ned actually makes a decision, it will be the Bye, Bye Pie House.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Weird stuff my family did? We had to be silent at dinner because my father was an extreme grouch. The nuns told us it was family time to share everyone’s daily events. I tried to tell my father that and was told to shut up. I was the smart ass kid with an answer to everything


  8. Laughing!! I could never bang out a post like this, I’m STILL snorting. Even separating the food from the non-food at the checkout made me laugh.


    1. I always separate the food from the non-food items. And I separate the frozen food from the non-frozen food. I have bags for each, so that when I get home I can put the right things in the right places quickly. To me, it makes perfect sense. Also, I have turned into Paula.

      My mom only bought albacore tuna, so the first time I was at a friend’s house and they opened a can of regular tuna I had a small freak out.

      And, I have ad blocker, so I don’t have the link to Amazon. I have to schlep to the post about Prime every single time. Thank you for the ring link. Makes life easier.


      1. I totally separate out the food, too! Produce, cold things, frozen things, boxed things, etc. It’s so much easier to unload at home! I am not familiar with the rules for food stamps, but I will do ANYTHING to make grocery shopping a tiny bit less torturous.


        1. I do this too! It was how my grandmother & mother taught me – turns out my husband’s family thinks this is nuts.Now, I go ahead and organize it in the cart, as I shop, as my grandmother would expect me to do….


        2. Courtesy clerks today do NOT know how to properly bag groceries. I’ve actually stopped a few and told them, “I’ll do it myself” because they were tossing things all willy-nilly in the bags without any rhyme or reason. And before California outlawed plastic bags, it was not uncommon for a bag to have one or two items. Possibly because those plastic bags were so flimsy that anything heavier than a lemon would cause it to tear but it was so wasteful.


  9. I unfriended my very first boyfriend during the election because he kept leaving troll-ish comments on my posts. Have you trolled lately, June?

    Something my family did that was normal to us but probably weird to other was put butter on unfrosted poptarts. I remember going to a friend’s house and she thought it was so weird. I thought everyone did that. Now I realize how fatty that sounds. Haha. It was the early 90s, so it was probably margarine, too.


    1. We did that too, and I still do! Doesn’t matter, any flavor, frosted or unfrosted! You butter it on the flat side, of course.


  10. Haven’t commented in a long time! Love the photos, and your new couch. That house sounds amazing. I had to share that another blogger ( (if you go over there and cheat on the Pie, at least go buy something on Amazon first so June gets the cash) had a hilarious post about how she told at least five of her girlfriends her mother’s lifelong tip for avoiding yeast infections, and was shocked when she found out you are actually supposed to EAT the yogurt and not dump it directly on your girl parts as she has always been told to do… can you imagine?!


    1. You can definitely use yogurt directly on your girl parts for a yeast infection. It’s soothing and will help balance things out. One of my dopey girlfriends called me once to ask which flavor was best to use… uh. No. Definitely plain yogurt with no sugar. Although my answer to her was “well, what flavor does your husband like?” She was really kind but oh so dumb.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. If you look on google maps you could find that tower (use the satellite setting and then switch back to street).


  12. Eds looks so majestic in his portrait. I’m tempted to get a new phone just for this feature. it’s fab! (I said, fab, June.) The house sounds wonderful. Go, Ned, before it’s too late. The only weird thing I can think of: Because my father said so, I wasn’t allowed to walk across our front lawn. Guess my ten-year-old self would wear it out. Also, I love Olay moisturizer. I’ve used it for years and think it’s fab.


  13. OMG is Edsel’s fur really that SOFT, the portrait feature really let’s you see him in all his glory, sweet boy. Hopefully Ned will find a house he likes. I can’t really think of anything I thought was normal but really wasn’t other than my mother would never ever buy Manwich. She only bought the packet of dry sloppy joe mix. Although good, I grew up thinking the Manwich was not good, what other reason would my mother not buy it? The same mother who cooked every night and made desserts from scratch and never bought a cake mix her whole life? Turns out Manwich is the bomb. End of my story.


  14. The only thing I can think of is that we called Parmesan (pahr-muh-zahn) cheese, Par-meee-gee-an. I had absolutely no clue that wasn’t correct until I was all of 19 years old, living in Africa, at a meeting of the American Women’s Club that was there. I said Par-meee-gee-an, the room went quiet, then one of the southern ladies said, “Oh, honey.”

    Liked by 2 people

  15. When I put my groceries on the belt, I separate my food by type. I’m not going to send my bread or tomatoes down with my canned goods like some sort of animal.
    Also once I told a cashier it was ok to bag my dish soap with my food items and you’d have thought I told her it was ok to kill people.


  16. Nice photos and nice shoes, but WHAT is going on with that insanity-inducing carpet? How can you work with that going on underfoot?

    When I was little I loved Campbell’s Bean With Bacon. My mother would open the can and let me have a Bean Soup Bite, a spoonful straight out of the can, before she made it. Is that weird? I haven’t had canned soup or thought of that in years.


      1. I would be totally abashed, abase myself and bash my head repeatedly on the personal carpet. But now I wonder how the sales clerks retain their sanity walking on that carpet all day.


  17. You know June, if you posted the address of said dream house, some of us could look at the photos on Zillow and exclaim loudly, in the privacy of our own homes, at it’s wonderful features. That would be such a fun thing for me, I mean, all of us to do. It would be like watching the Oscars together and dissing Gweneth, not that we’d do that with the house……

    Liked by 2 people

        1. My Dream House is Gull Cottage from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. The movie and not the TV series. But alas, it exists only on film and not in real life.

          Where in the OC were you looking?


  18. Lovely post, but uh, you used the wrong word for the fireplace. It should be “mantel.” Please don’t slap me with a liver.


  19. Oh my god – this blo… site hates me! Another comment… poof! I constantly get a “sorry this comment could not be posted” message and then half the time they get posted anyway. Anyone else? Or is it just me?


  20. Let’s try this again. It will probably show up a dozen times and then everyone will know that I truly AM a lunatic!

    I am so happy that on “how trashy are you?” day I had nothing to contribute, but today I could add ONE MILLION WAYS my family was weird!

    Here’s another one – we saved every single container that any type of food came in if you could possibly reuse it. We had cupboards full of empty pickle jars, empty margarine tubs, empty Cool-Whip containers, empty bread bags (although those we would turn inside out and use them that way – like maybe the inside was already all used up? No clue!). You name it – we saved it. Reused tin foil and Baggies, too. My mother to this day still saves containers. She will bring food to a church potluck in an old ice cream bucket and wonder why she ends up bringing most of it home!

    Which reminds me of another weird thing – my parents saved every scrap of food that was left over after a meal and put it in one of the aforementioned containers. They would then leave the leftovers on the counter FOR HOURS to cool, for fear they would “warm up” the refrigerator if they put the food away while it was still warm. It’s a wonder we didn’t all die of botulism since I now know they were keeping food at the perfect temperature for breeding bacteria! Here’s a tip – never eat at my mom’s house.


    1. Lisa, my mom, grandmother and mother-in-law saved containers like that, but they were adults during the depression. When we cleaned out my mother-in-law’s house she didn’t want to throw out metal jar tops and my grandmother’s storage shed had hundreds of mayonnaise jars in it, why? I think it has something to do with not having what they needed.


      1. Keeping all the containers, reusing aluminum foil – those behaviors are left over from surviving WWI, the Depression and WWII rationing. My grandparents all did that. Also, the thing about leaving food on the counter to cool – check and see if one or more of your grandparents grew up with an actual icebox. ‘Warming up’ the icebox was a major concern – my FIL;s mother would leave the lunch leftovers on the table [she’d put another tablecloth over all of the dishes] as whatever was left would become part of their supper. She grew up in Georgia using an icebox when her family could afford ice.


        1. Yup – I guarantee you it was all a hold over from their upbringing. They were post-depression, but my grandparents definitely lived through it. My grandma had an impressive ball of tin foil when she died and a matching ball of rubber bands – all useless, since the rubber dried out and they all melded together.


  21. “Constantly open and in the way”…yah, some days I feel like that, too.

    My family doesn’t have a thing that we do instead we have words that we say. Most of my family is midwestern (mitten people) but I’ve never lived there so maybe ya’ll midwesterners have this particular pronunciation pattern but in the south/west/ northeast/select European countries….not so much. What is amusing (to me) is that I have one word, a common word, that I pronounce uniquely. No one in my family says this word like me and I’ve only met one person (a Nebraskan -kinian? -kinite?) who said the word like me. So best anyone can figure, my preschool teacher (who hailed from the middle states) bequeathed this unique word pronunciation to me when she was teaching me my vast vocabulary of preschool words. And no one corrected me until college, when everyone corrected me…but it’s done, I’m cookies (name that TV show), and I cannot unlearn my Nebraskaner pronunciation.

    Oh! Along this same line…maybe…I had a friend from Buffalo (she said Buff-low) who thought sentences were normally constructed thusly: “Throw your uncle down the stairs a hat.” (Throw a hat down the stairs for your uncle.) I love this so bad.


  22. Love the pet pictures. Yeah, NedKitty looks a little bony and even her tail looks tired. But she’s outside basking in the sunlight, so that’s a good thing.

    Wow, I actually think that my family is very normal with most things. I can’t think of a thing that we did that I found out later wasn’t normal. After reading LNTL’s post, I was reminded of a childhood friend whose Mom had those clear plastic runners laid down in paths all throughout the house that everybody had to walk on. She did have 4 kids plus their friends running through the house at all hours of the day and night, so maybe she was just desperate to not have stained, muddy, ruined floors.


  23. I love that Portrait feature on your phone. My 6S doesn’t have it although I just right now discovered that there’s a slo-mo and a time-lapse feature.

    Poor NedKitty looks like the Crypt Keeper. Of all the things that Ned is absolutely definitive about, it’s A) keeping NedKitty alive at all costs and 2) never getting married. Yet he can’t decide on a menu item or a place of residence without years-long contemplation.

    For the life of me, I cannot think of anything weird that my family did that I didn’t realize was weird until I lived on my own. Damn, this one is going to stump me. I’m going to have to discuss this with my siblings, although one of my sisters, and her family, do A LOT of weird things that make absolutely no sense. It’s like their Family Motto is “Why choose Simple and Easy when you can choose Complicated and Convoluted?”


    1. See, this is another time when Ned is right. I thought it was time for NedKitty, but really when you’re with her, she begs for treats and chews your hair and runs around. She is bony, but she’s got spirit.


  24. Speaking of not having a ring…omg, great line Joon. And yes,Ned, buythehousealready for the love of God! But then again- is Ned a handy type of guy? Because maybe the floor to ceiling windows in the swanky downtown place would be easier.
    All I want is a tiny yard and I have a condo. A little tiny garden and a little tiny Corgi.


    1. I really think he made the right decision to not buy the house. I know everyone keeps saying Ned, buy the house, but I know all the details and he really should not buy the house. He should rent that cute one, is what I think.


  25. My mom had a firm hand when it came to eating, so when I went to a friend’s house and she said we could eat anything we wanted, I was gobsmacked. I think I asked like three times to verify.


  26. Poor Nedkitty, she looks rough. That makes me really sad. Great photos. Ned’s between a rock and a hard sport, he’s got to make a decision. Oh my.

    My mom or grandmother would not allow us to sit on the bed once it was made. I found myself gasp the other day when we had a visitor sit on one of my beds, then I realized it was okay, really okay.


  27. I am going to scream out and get the new iPhone just for the feature. Pretty much just to take pics of my pets. Speaking of which every time I see a pic of SD I wonder why you have my cat. Same little tummy pudge.
    I was a child of the 70s so pretty much everything we did (play outside, walk to school, etc.) would be considered strange now.


    1. I allowed my born-in-the-90s kids to be “free range” children and the moms of some of their friends thought I was insane and that I was just sending out engraved invitations to all of the child molesters in the world. When my daughter was about 10, one of her school friends spent the day with us on a play-date, which was a euphemism for “unpaid babysitting.” No biggie but her mom freaked out when she found out I allowed the girls to play outside in our front yard without me sitting there watching them. She told me she didn’t allow her kids to play outside unless she could personally observe them because “what if?”


      1. That drives me out of my skull. I had a coworker tell me how she stood at the door and watched her kid go TWO HOUSES DOWN and I wanted to scream.


  28. You know what I think? That damn Ned is going to fuck around and miss out on all the good houses and end up right back where he started in that same apartment building downtown. It’s familiar, he knows where all his stuff will go and he doesn’t have to think about or plan anything.


  29. If I live as long as NedKitty in human years, I hope they can say the same thing about me. “She is bony, but she’s got spirit.”


  30. When I was growing up, my mom had a rule that we never bought anything other than gasoline at a gas station. I was 26 years old and MARRIED before it ever occurred to me that I could buy a Coke at a gas station! I remember the day perfectly!


  31. We had a formal living room that you were not allowed in. Under no circumstances could you step in there unless it was to practice the piano. I avoided that at all costs, so the room was quite a museum for my mother. When I went to my friends’ houses I always marveled that they could use all the rooms in their house, not just some.


    1. When I was a teenager, I used to babysit for the lady who lived across the street. The living room was off limits, not only to the kids but me as well. It was not decorated with fancy furniture or carpet; in fact, it was pretty blah but it was Forbidden. So of course I’d sneak in there when the kids were asleep so that they couldn’t rat me out to their mom.

      Another neighbor had an entire room added to her house to be some kind of fancy parlor that nobody was allowed to go in. She spent thousands for a room whose sole purpose was to be looked at but never used. I do not understand that thinking at all.


    2. I just sent this to my mom and sisters and asked them if you grew up in our house, bc my mom had the same rule about our living room! Except, we didn’t have a piano, so we were pretty much never allowed in there.


      1. We had the Living Room that was not used, too! It had the coveted shag carpet that got raked weekly, a couch that was so polyester it glistened, and tables and lamps that did nothing but collect dust. One time my parents were gone and I had a friend over and we decided to use the living room to practice gymnastics. We needed to consult a book (from The Encyclopedias!) to see what moves we needed to master, so we used an ashtray to hold it open. I did a particularly spectacular tumbling run across the room, landing on the ashtray, smashing it into razor sharp shards which were then embedded in my heel. I was bleeding like a stuck pig, as my grandma would say, from the bottom of my foot. I hopped and hobbled and attempted to make it across the carpet without leaving a trail of blood, which as it turned out was impossible. Needless to say, my mother murdered me on the spot and buried me in the basement. DED is what I was.


    3. We also had this rule for our formal living room. The carpet was “raked” and it was plush so footprints would be visible. The couches were cream colored. The table: glass. It was an untouchable room, with crystal glasses on top of the fancy liquor cabinet and expensive and breakable knick-knacks on the surfaces around the room. Luckily, we had a family room where we could hang out, watch TV and play games. So, we didn’t miss that room. We also had to be so careful in there, why would you want to go in there? Only on Christmas.


  32. Also, too, that picture of Edsel is so dignified. It needs a sterling silver frame and then to go on the piano in the formal living room!


  33. Wait. People are allowed to use their formal living rooms?

    Next you’ll tell me that using the (for company only) 1/2 Bath is okay.



    1. Ha! Our half bath is the hardest working bathroom in our house! It’s the only one on the first floor and we’re all too lazy to go upstairs.


  34. Sorry I have been absent. It was a busy week. That house that you and Ned looked at sounds amazing! I hope he decides to rent it. Or he could rent YOUR house and you could rent THAT house! I know that there are weird things about my family…but the only one I could think of was the untouchable living room, and it has been taken. I will think some more.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  35. We didn’t eat peanut butter. I’ve never eaten a peanut butter sandwich, with or without any additional condiments. Or cereal normally. If we did get cereal we never ate it with milk.
    I once went over to a friend’s and they said they were having tuna for lunch and the mom asked me how I liked mine and I said plain. Imagine my surprise when I came downstairs to lunch with flakes of tuna with crackers. I was too embarrassed to admit I thought tuna came from the can already mixed with pickles and mayo. We didn’t eat tuna at my house!


  36. I know I said this last time I commented but the pictures are incredible! I feel like I could reach through the screen and pet Edsel.
    I hope Ned decides soon but am glad he has a path. The back and forth negotiation can finish you off faster than actually moving. The last time I reviewed real estate listings, I got hooked on a castle in Virginia. Who wouldn’t want to live in a castle? Aside from the upkeep and maintenance that is.

    There’s too many things for me to list for differences in my childhood and those who are normal. Short version: I grew up on a commune where flour was ground from scratch. I think I was 20 before I knew you could buy it in a bag. When I actually left and went to a real grocery store, I discovered the frozen food aisle. Pre made EVERYTHING. It’s amazing I wasn’t 500lbs after a few months because it was such a novelty.

    Lovely post, pretty June.


  37. I love everyone’s comments. My parents are immigrants, so I grew up with many words that I thought were English, but were actually Dutch. When I said them to my friends, I got some weird looks. Also, we generally had two types of cheese in the house: “Dutch” cheese and “Canadian” cheese. I was in university before I realized that one does not nationalize cheese, and that Dutch cheese was wheels of gouda, and Canadian cheese was cheddar.


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