June Prissys her freelance. Also, am I your secret?

I just noticed how much Edsel anticipates my every move in the morning. First he tears down the hall ahead of me to the bathroom, which by the way is the size of a closet, but yet he must stuff his yellow arse in there with me each morning. And to think there used to be TWO dogs with the stuffing and the yellow arses in that miniature Pomeranian bathroom. How we managed that I’ll never know.

After the clown-car everyone’s-crammed-in-the-bathroom experience (Steely Dan never misses an opportunity to jump on my lap whilst I’m toileting), today I noted Edsel then tears farther down the hall into the living room, where he waits for me to open the curtains. Then to the kitchen and dining room, where he enviously watches me feed the cats.

So mutch enbee

Then finally, FINALLY, we get to the part where I feed him, and let him out, and really you’d think he’d eventually say, Oh Edzul god, every day be the same. That’d he’d have some sort of crisis of ennui. But no.

Speaking of Edsel, he was one of the many–many–ways I managed to put off starting my new freelance project yesterday.

I got home early yesterday, meaning I left work right at 5:00, something I never do. “Good, I can get started right away and be free by 7:30,” I thought.

Oh, but first I must eat, right? I mean, one cannot live on proofreading alone. So I enjoyed my delicious 7 points.

IMG_9489.JPGIMG_9490.JPGThen of course Woof Blitzer had to start up. It’s highly offensive to him that other people walk their dogs past our house. How dayre dey? Then when HE walks past OTHER dogs’ houses, and THOSE dogs bark, Edsel always kind of glances back at them, like, he rully do be a ass whole, completely forgetting he does the SAME THING ALL DAY LONG with the hackles and the O face.

Can you see how his lips are in his growly O? Fogging up that part of the window.

Edsel, SHUT UP.

…Oh. Sorree.

So then I put on my shoes to go walk him, which by the way is another thing he anticipates. As soon as shoes go on at night, he prances about the house, and whines, and dances, and posts cheerful emojis to his social pages, and so on.

Then we ended up taking the world’s longest walk, as it was cool out, and August in the South/cool out are not things you find yourself saying just all the time. So we enjoyed the 394854438292 cicadas and the pink sky and the bats o’plenty. We waved at other dog owners, and by “waved” I mean one of us lunged and snarled and got out torches while others of us pulled desperately on a leash. We took new roads and old familiar ones. We pooped in yards and bagged it up like it was a treat.

Then, when we got home, it was crucial that I check my social media.

Actually, here’s what annoys me. Is this just me and my high levels of extreme fame, or is it you as well? You, the common people. Do tell me, so I can remember what it’s like to live as one of you.

When you take, say, ONE HOUR off of Facebook, do you inevitably have at least 20 notices already? Dear Facebook: I don’t need separate notices if one person liked what I said, and another person laughy-faced what I said. Why would I need that? Combine those motherfuckers. Jesus.

I generally skip over all notices except for actual comments. It’s just all too much, Facebook. And for the love of GOD will everyone stop Facebook IMing me. Because I need one more place to look.read.respond.

Anyway, after all that, I needed a snack (4 points) and then I thought, Well, I should probably start proofreading that book.

It was nearly 8 o’clock. I WAS GONNA BE DONE BY 7:30. This me who thinks I’ll ever not put off a task is the same me who says, Ima get up for that 6 a.m. yoga class at my gym. I tell myself that all the time. Then I go back to looking for snacks and sleeping in.

Anyway, that is how I ended up working till after 9:30, but I got to, like, page 9, which may not sound like much to you but it really is when you’re proofreading something like that.

I’d better get in the shower and so on, but I wanted to ask you something,

How does my blog affect your life? I don’t mean oh my god it’s worked miracles and I cured your irritable bowel. I just mean, like, if you’re someone who reads all the time, do your friends know? Do you tell your husband, “Oh, you know what happened in Book of June’s comments today…” and then does your husband as a result hate me?

Because I was forever regaling Ned with “readers of my blog” stories back when there was a blog and a Ned. And then I identify you. My funny reader, the reader who’s always sweet to everyone, the reader who I get hives when I see she’s commented because I know it’s gonna be a veiled bitchy comment. The reader who’s read me forever. The reader who I got in that fight with. And then, finally, Fay.

Ned and Fay. Two great tastes that go great together. Two besties. For two people who’ve never met, they sure get on wonderfully.


Anyway, a few times a year people write me or FUCKING FACEBOOK IM ME about how they read posts to their spouses or whatever, but it occurred to me I never just asked all of you at once if my blog is your secret or something you torment the non-readers in your life over.

Let’s cease reading this post about me and stampede to the comments about me. Shall we?

Yours. Mine. Ours.


142 thoughts on “June Prissys her freelance. Also, am I your secret?

  1. Yes, my husband knows and people who know me know as I talk about the 5 or 6 blogs (and not blogs) that I read every day. I find myself talking about you like I know you and realize I maybe need to get a life. It was like a good friend broke up with her boyfriend that I adored when you and Ned split.

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  2. Yes, my family knows all about your blog not-blog. I mean, your life is fascinating and the way you can distil it into something humorous is a gift I am glad you share. I always look forward to your posts!
    P.S. this is Kathy F.

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  3. I read you every day. You are the treasure I keep until I can enjoy it uninterrupted. I share with Distinguished pictures and videos you post of the pets but keep the most delicious and hilarious parts to myself for two reasons. First, I don’t want to raise his interest enough that he starts reading you and I lose my free-to-be-me space; I want to comment freely. Second, remember that he got the name Distinguished when I would be snort laughing about something HORRIBLE someone said and when I read it to him he would have a look somewhere between a disapproving parent and a confused cocker spaniel. Our all the way from top of the barrel to bottom of the barrel humor wasn’t recognized as hysterical enough to him to satisfy me. If I have to explain it or apologize for it I’m not going to share it. My friends all know you as June and know who I’m talking about and I cannot believe and can barely forgive that they have not picked up a compulsion to read. Woe is them. Woe are they.


  4. As an everyday reader who reads every day, I mention you and your notblog to my family. They sometimes shake their heads and mutter something about Mom’s imaginary friends.

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  5. I drive my family nuts. Much eye-rolling going on. They know when I start with…June was hilarious today…June said…look at this picture… In a nutshell they humor me. Personally, I’m in deep deep love with you and can’t imagine life without you.


  6. I scream to work and then scream up to my office… pour a cup of coffee and run to my computer to sit and sip and read and laugh. I won’t pretend like I don’t occasionally refer to “my friend” or “this woman I know” when telling stories because explaining to people that I am emotionally invested in the words and life of someone I have never met makes me tired. BUT I do love you and I’m glad you’re still here after all these years! I want to be you when I grow up. Seriously.


  7. I’ve mentioned you and your writing to a few people over the years, and have sent links to not-blog posts when they seem like something someone else would enjoy reading.

    I refer to you as “this candid and funny author whose stuff I’ve been reading for years”.


  8. Good Morning! My family knows that I read you–every day. My daughter knows about Lu, because I cried and she gets all concerned about me. So, she knows about all animals. I think I also shared Lily’s vacation with her. She knew about Lottie and I shared the new puppy sad weekend with her too. I talk about you with my friends at times as well, especially if you fit into our conversation. You are famous!

    Congratulations on getting to PAGE 9! I have been avoiding three course schedules. Maybe today will be the day?

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  9. I talk about you all the time. My family knows I’m nuts, so they aren’t fazed by it one bit. They do frequently say “now who is this again?” and I’m all OH NEVER MIND.


  10. You are a secret to my “the internet is going to ruin the world” husband. He doesn’t want me to be on Facebook because he is convinced people on there get divorced because of it, so I’m secretly there too! This is the same husband who is constantly asking Google questions when he wants to prove he is right about something. I sometimes wonder if he knows he is on the internet when he is asking his phone a question.


  11. “Oh. Sorree.” photo. Killed. Dead.

    No Facebook for me (which usually causes involuntary horrified noises when I state that) so can’t help you there. I often chat about you to my mom who doesn’t actually read you daily as I do but wants a regular status update. I’m pretty sure she was more devastated at Tahlula’s passing than her grand-dog. I personally read your new post whilst eating breakfast and it just feels like an official start to the day.

    Lovely post, pretty Joob (Job?)


  12. Not a secret, but I don’t mention it much because I think people get tired of hearing about “this blog I read…” I am like Ashley – I tend to refer to you as “a friend” or “someone I know”, because it’s easier. Although, sometimes I do feel like I do know you and that we would be friends in real life. I look forward to reading every day!


    1. Ditto! I don’t feel like explaining who you are for fear of losing respect I’ve worked so hard to gain. (Har-har) I just say “I have a friend with a dog who does that.” or “I know someone who’s cat…” Ha! If I had a significant other, he’d be sick of hearing about you though. 🙂


  13. All these comments could have been written by me…I get to work around 7:30 and click impatiently waiting for the day’s dose of humor. I, too, can’t imagine life without it. And, yes, my family also refers to you as my “imaginary friend” although I have read my husband several posts that were too delicious to keep to myself. Most of the time, I can barely read them aloud to him as I am laughing like a hyena and snorting. Even though he knows who “June” is, I always preface my comments with “Remember my blog friend who thought she was buying spades for Edsel’s spaying party and actually bought clubs?” Over the years, I have started and stopped reading other blogs, but your continues to be my favorite.


  14. 3. in my mind you are my long time friend. when i speak about you i do refer to you as ‘june’ or my friend. because? my circle just doesn’t ‘do’ blogs. except, i will horrifically admit that my aunt is over the moon for PW. even wants to plan a day drive to her restaurant/store.

    Q. i’ve never known someone as funny, smart, sarcastic and ‘hip’ as you. well, ph&b comes in at 2nd.

    II. my secret hope and dream is when you become a famous author i will get to say, “I’VE KNOWN HER FOR YEARS!!”

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  15. My husband knows about you and when I try to tell him something about your post, I have to explain who June is all over again and then the question, “how do you know this person.” Oh, well I don’t actually KNOW her but…

    You’re an hour ahead of me so I usually lay in bed and read your post for the day. It’s another way I avoid getting out of bed in the morning.


  16. Your not blog is the highlight of my morning ritual. Sometimes when I am repeating some hilarious June story I just tell people about it like you are my “friend”. It’s easier than saying, “oh, this blog I read”. Believe it or not there are still people out in the world that don’t understand blog reading and though you are not my friend in real life I’ve been around for 7 or so years and I feel like I would like you as a friend in real life. This is my favorite not blog.


    1. I do that too. Like, I’ve told the “These darn shoes” story to people all over yonder, and I just say it happened to a friend. Also, I already told yesterday’s “You remind me of my grandfather” story and I didn’t say where I got that story. Just someone I knew. Too hard otherwise.

      And just TRY to tell anyone a story that emanated from (Face)Book of June. “Well, I have a page about my blog on Facebook.” Yeah. That doesn’t sound assholian.


      1. The underbite is what did her in. She glanced at my computer screen one day, saw his face and fell in love. Like the rest of us, she does wish he’d stop eating puppies.



          That underbite, man. It charms. Unless you’re 10 pounds and 10 weeks old. And a puppy. Do babies weigh 10 pounds when they’re 10 weeks old? I have no idea.


  17. My GOAL is to read you first thing when I get to work, to begin my day as God intended: in a good mood, but recent work events have SHIT on that goal, as well as my second goal, which is to always comment. (I need a third goal:
    avoid the run-on sentence.) (Although I can also blame WordPress for Not Being Able to Comment sometimes. Eff WordPress.) If I am unable to read you until later in the day, I am then “out of sorts.” (TM CoW.) When I am forced to interact with my family (I kid), I always talk about you. They know you as “June? In North Carolina?” and I don’t know why we’re still raising our voices at the end when they’ve heard about you now since about 2009. I also talk about other commenters here and on (F)BoJ. You know what I need? A real life, outside of the internet.

    My dog never barks at other dogs. If she’s out on the deck and hears another dog barking, she will lift her head and look at me like, “Well! That’s certainly annoying,” and immediately attempt to resume sleeping. On walks, if we meet another dog, she will politely sniff said dog’s NOSE, of all things. (Isn’t the proper dog greeting butt-sniffing? Probably too much of an effort for her to move south.) She doesn’t bark when people come to the door either. I imagine masked men with knives could waltz in and she would go right on sleeping. She’s a wonderful dog, a great pet and we love her dearly, but “watch dog” she’s not. On average,I would say she barks about twice a month.


  18. How I wish you could cure my irritable bowel.

    I only talk to my husband about you. He knows you by name. Sometimes it’s Karen June. But only once in awhile because I’m selfish and just too lazy to try to explain things. I’ve gotten that look before that PJ speaks of. I’m like, no, were not horrible people, it was funny! Oh, never mind.


  19. You’re not a secret, but my husband has no idea what blog I’m referring to when I say, “on the blog I read…”. That’s not a typo or anything, by the way; yours is THE blog I read every post on. All others, I skim the title to see if I want to read it; I always know I want to read yours.


  20. I read you every morning right after the newspaper—you are much funnier and I enjoy you more. I refer to you as “that blog I read” and my family is so used to that phrase they don’t bat an eye. When I get to work I check in periodically for the comments and THAT makes my whole day better. Sometimes it’s the only bright spot of my day. (I work with homeless people and that can get pretty depressing pretty quickly sometimes.)


  21. Dear June, how you affect my life? Well, you are part of my morning ritual whereas I go through and delete almost all of the email junk I get, then I read the few things I want to and save yours for last. Kind of like dessert. A nice satisfying hunk of chocolate cake with a big glass of milk.

    Love Edsel’s “O” face. Thank you for including us in your life every day.

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  22. Each day I check my Blogger reading list and I always save your blog for last, kind of like dessert. I have laughed with you and cried with you for many years and occasionally I share stories with my husband. I would do it more except he tends to stop listening when I say, “so this blog I read…” Before my daughter grew up and moved away, I would show her pet photos and we would admire all the animals. We developed a kind of nickname for Edsel: showing each other our bottom teeth in an underbite was shorthand for “any new June pics?”


  23. Sometimes I read a post to husband. Most of the time I can’t get through it cause I’m laughing and spitting so much. (I spit when I laugh sometimes, especially if something is really really funny.) Husband then has a thousand questions cause he doesn’t quite understand the context of the funny and then he hates my long winded stories that bring him up to speed on June’s life since the last time I read him a post out loud. Sometimes he just stares when I say a Juneism, like m’cooch. I’ll be like what? It’s on that blog I read. He particularly pays attention though, when I talk about any issue… medical, family, friend, house, life, food, washer and dryers, ANYTHING…and give voice to the chorus of June’s panderers, fangirls. I actually learn a lot from this non blog and community of commenters and I think husband does too. Husband probably learns more than he wants to, though.


  24. One phrase my husband and kids hate to hear is “because I have no friends,” meaning there’s no one I hang out with or meet up with or text furiously with. My husband is my best friend, as are my pets, then, nothing. So GOD YES I refer to you all the time. I was despondent for days when Marvin left (it just showed up in a post one day, which makes sense of course because why would you detail the nuances the days and weeks before it was official???) and cried for a week over Lu, hugging my dogs all the damn time.
    It’s like you’re a public service for this newspaper editor with no social life….


  25. I am also an everyday reader who reads every day even when I’m visiting family as I was last week although I never comment from Mom’s computer. (I now share Just Paula H&B’s third goal.) I do share some of your stories with Mr. Sadie because he met you IRL so when I start of with, “You know June, well she said…”. At least, one of my sisters reads on a regular basis and I’ve told the others about specific posts or whatever you call them on your non-blog.


  26. Karen, I’m really glad I signed up to get your notblog via email. I enjoy your take on life, pets and your stream of consciousness style. Any time I can view cute, endearing animal pictures, I’m a happy camper. While we’ve never met (does kinda knowing your mother count?), I get a glimpse into your world each time you write. And your world seems to be a bit funnier than mine, at least most of the time! Has reading your blog changed my life? No. Impacted my life? Again, no. But your daily BS on life as you know it, or would like it to be, makes me chuckle. And, yes, my husband knows that I read you daily. Heck, he was already used to me sharing your FB postings and animal pictures, so what’s one more thing? Keep writing, kiddo!


  27. In my house, you are referred to as “OurFriendJune” (one word) and I regale everyone with your antics. “Oh my God, today OurFriendJune was so hilarious! OurFriendJune’s cat, Steely Dan, did the funniest thing! Listen to what the latest thing OurFriendJune did!”

    You are the friend I’ve never met. You are the Everyday Reality Show I look forward to every day. You opened up your life to a bunch of strangers and created a place for this group of strangers to discuss your life, their lives, gossip, laugh, cry, fume, bitch etc. Your trials and tribulations are real and relatable. Yes, you do impact my life in a small way because, whether you intended it or not, you have become part of my daily life. I think you’re stuck with me. Insert winking emoji here.


  28. Thanks to some kind of Facebook miracle, your not blog link is always the first story in my feed when I get up 3 hours later than you sophisticated easterners. So your wit and a cup of coffee are now my Edsel- like routine. Like others, I selfishly share only tidbits and smidgens with the family. I’ve been momming it for 40 years sharing my space, hairbrush, air with everyone else.


  29. Here’s another everyday FR who reads your blo…Website every day. I even had you bookmarked on my daughter’s computer when she lived in San Francisco. (I live in Sacramento.) I gave up commenting about you to my son because he’s so dense I’d have to spend an hour explaining what I was talking about. However, I do occasionally have my daughter read one of your posts, especially those about your cats since she’s also a cat lover. The latest post I had her look at was the one with your new portrait pictures. Now we both want a new iPhone (that’s what it is, right?) so we can also take fabulous pictures. And also? I have a small bathroom, too, and my huge labradoodle insists on coming in there daily when I put on my makeup. He literally takes up the whole floor. I have to ask him to “move a little bit” so I can close the door to potty. He knows what that means and does move a little bit for me.


  30. My 20 year old daughter (in college but lives at home for now) and I both read you everyday so we definitely discuss funny things you said or some situation going on in your life as if you are a real life friend or relative. My husband is aware if whom (who?) we are talking about and sometimes we show him the pictures of the pets.


  31. I save reading your blog posts for when I can actually take the time to enjoy them; I don’t speed read through them like I do all the others. Your posts are one of the high points of my morning. I’ve been reading for quite a few years now, although I rarely comment. And I do mention you to my friends & husband – they are not sick of hearing about you, but they don’t read you either. They may think I’m a bit odd when I bring you up, but that’s nothing new. My two dogs insist on coming into our little bathrooms with me as well, plus my youngest daughter. It gets pretty crowded in there. And awkward. Especially as my daughter likes to leave the bathroom sometimes and forgets to shut the door. SMH.


  32. I’m an every day reader who reads in the morning as soon as I can read it uninterrupted. During the school year that means I read it while parked in the parking lot of work and laugh and giggle and snort and despair if I run out of time to comment. I actually turn off Howard Stern to concentrate on reading.
    I am also in the group who refer to you and the pieps as my friends/someone(s) I know. Sometimes people press on how I know you and then I watch as their eyes glaze over when I explain the blo-website, how all the regularly schedule readers comment to each other, how we have a secret Facebook club for our shenanigans, how we also have a recipe site.
    My husband, a man of not many words, usually just listens and doesn’t say much. My sister gets a little smug (which isn’t exactly the right word) and makes comments like, “You don’t really know these people…. if you saw them on the street you wouldn’t know them…” to which I usually reply, “some of them I do know and well. If I saw some of them on the street I would ABSOLUTELY know them and be overjoyed to meet them in person. A person can form friendships even if they’ve not met the other person.” She usually just shakes her head and disagrees. L
    I’m sure I shared the story of my ex-best friend who got very jealous over the few minutes a day I spend reading, commenting and chatting. So jealous in fact that if I ever mentioned June, BBP, or sky of the pieps she would become huffy and angry. Just one of the many reasons we aren’t friends any longer.


      1. Here are a few of her better quotes:

        “Oh. I guess some woman you don’t know is your NEW best friend!”

        “June… Paula… Tee… Beverly… etc., etc., I guess THEY’RE your friends now. I guess you don’t have TIME for your REAL friends anymore because you have NEW FRIENDS.” (in response to me saying “reading June” when she called and asked me what I was doing.

        “If I have to hear BBP, June or the pie pieps one more fucking time. I swear it’s going to get ugly.”

        She has issues.


        1. That is ridiculous. My ex-best friend used to call me at other friend’s houses. Like, she’d look up their phone number in the book (hello, ancient ref) and call me there. “When are you gonna be done?” Maybe we were friends with the same woman.


          1. In the new age of social media she texted me one day with, “You’re in the city?!??!!???”
            Followed up by: “Who did you go to the city with?!?”

            Me: “No. I’m at the grocery.”

            Her: “I just saw Brenna’s (my daughter) post about being in the city!!”

            Me: “well… yes. Brenna IS in the city. I am not.”

            Her: “Who is Brenna in the city with???! You didn’t let her go ALONE???”

            Me: “She’s up there with some friends.”

            Her: “ALONE?”
            Mind you, Brenna was 16 at the time at it was noon.

            Me: “No. She and 4 girlfriends and one of their moms took the train in this morning.”

            Her: “Is this mom trustworthy?!? Are you friends with her???”


            No response. But I was making a face and shaking my head at my phone.


  33. My kids refer to you as “that woman with all the amimals” and look over my shoulder to catch pictures of said beasts. Coffee and June in the morning. Never miss it.

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  34. Thank you for bringing the funny into my mornings and for creating this community. I look forward to starting the day with you and check back multiple times to read the comments. It’s like a gathering of friends, most of whom I’ve never met. The FRs I have met IRL are all good people that I enjoy “seeing” here each day.


  35. I refer to you constantly in the course of my daily living, but me children and my boyfriend NEVER can figure out how I know you. P.S. I’m headed your way tomorrow to bring my boy back to school.


  36. Your blog is my dirty little secret. This is so mainly because I only speak to my husband when necessary. *insert sad loser horn* I am a court reporter and your not blog is the first thing I read after settling into my desk with my coffee. I am not sure how many years I have been reading, but it’s been a long time. I’m always disappointed if there isn’t a daily post and was devastated and checked daily for you when you were on hiatus (both times). Thank you so much for sharing your world/humor/pets with us.


  37. I’ve read your musings for a little bit of forever. I get up ridiculously early for work in Hawaii. Like 4am. Part of my wake up ritual involves your blog and two cats threatening to pummel me if I don’t feed them fast enough. Mr. Lover knows that I am way to emotionally invested in your blog.


  38. Read you every morning, after walking the hound and before starting work. My husband knows you as “that lady with the dogs and cats whose blog I read.” Sometimes I’ll say “You know, that FB group for the people who read that lady’s blog …” when I’m regaling him with something from the FB page. Very wordy. Very wordy. I’ve also referred to you as “this friend in one of the Carolinas,” ’cause off the top of my head I can never remember which Carolina you’re in, and also ’cause I try not to be so wordy when I’m out and about. It annoy.


  39. My family has no idea who june is. I like you to be my secret. I just got out of a fishbowl life so maybe I’ll let more people read you now (because it’s all about me). There’s just something about having this blog all to myself (except two other people who I introduced to you and sort of regret) that makes it feel special. A hidden world, if you will.


  40. I have read for years, although I don’t comment much. I feel like all of us on here are friends, which is weird, but I’m not one who makes friends easily. I enjoy hearing about all of your lives.


  41. Goodness. You haven’t lived until you invite complete strangers to your house to stay a weekend and throw satellite birthday parties for someone you’ve never met. You should have seen the looks on the faces of my neighbors when I invited them to one of the birthday parties, Laurie had arrived that morning to stay at my house for the weekend even though we had never met before, and I had bowl full of pop-tarts and a birthday cake for “June” and I had to explain that I had never met you, you weren’t coming to the party, and your name isn’t even really June. My mom just nods her head a lot when I mention anything from here.

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    1. Beverly, I still think about how brave you, Letha and I were to actually meet that first time at a restaurant to celebrate June’s birthday. Nothing weird about that was there?

      By the way, where’s Letha these days? I miss her comments.


  42. This is one of your best! Hilarious, especially the Ned and Fay part.

    I’ve read your blog since before you ever left LA. You had just started the no spend year when I found you. You are the ONLY blog/website I read every day, I have others I check a couple times a week. I feel like I’ve actually met you, and still have hope that one day I will, maybe when you are on your book tour. My husband knows about the blog/website, but not about the Facebook page. I refer to the FB like we are all commenting on the website, he only knows I can now see my sister-in-law’s FB entries and my nephew and niece’s FB. I talk about you a lot, but you are June in NC, because I have a friend in real life name June and he gets confused as to who I am talking about. He knows about all your pets, in fact the other day he saw a photo of SD and wanted to know, “who is that?” When I told him Steely Dan he was, “okay.” I talk about commenters, here and on FB, like they are friends, he knows about AA selling her old house to the Amish family and it being moved, which he thought was awesome; and some of you I know in real life and I always have to explain you know, Beverly who just moved to East Point from East Atlanta or PJ, the friend from NC that stayed with us, and his response is always, “oh yeah.” I do talk about you and commenters with friends, but I always refer to y’all as a friend in NC or NY or IA or CA or Atlanta, because it is impossible to explain who I’m talking about and just easier to call all of you friends. This place is really my secret place as is the Book of June on FB. You have created such a unique and fun community with your outstanding writing ability. How can you spend time with “friends” and it not have an impact on your life. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Love ya!

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  43. P. S. My husband also knows Sadie as the lady and her husband that came to Dean’s Barbeque and he gave them a tour of Stately Oaks. Sadie, Dean’s burned back in March and they aren’t going to reopen. A sad situation.


  44. I tell my husband many of your anecdotes. I always have to preface them by saying I’m talking about the blogger (he doesn’t know your new site isn’t a blog) I LIKE as opposed to the mommy blogger who hates her kids (I don’t follow her because she doesn’t deserve the hits, but I do read about her on a snark site). My 9-year-old daughter loves to look at the pictures of your pets. She’s as animal crazy as you are – she’s disappointed that the only pets I’ll let her have right now are a cat, two gerbils, a fish, a frog, and a ghost shrimp. Even though we are saving up money to also get a dog. And we live in an apartment.


  45. I’ll try to leave m’first non-blog comment since y’all moved here. This blog and the comment section have brought me out of many a pity party. June, I may not always agree with you, but I always respect you and your ideas. And I love how you express yourself. AND I learn current slang expressions here! I was thrilled when I mentioned RBF to a young co-worker. She had no idea what I was talking about so looked it up and found I was using a current hot term. Awesome! And there aren’t enough words to describe the feelings when I read through the comment section, which I like to liken to The Peanut Gallery. Yes, I AM old. You all have become my virtual friends and I puffy heart you. I used to tell my late husband about this group back before he was late. Not sure if he ever got over the thought of how weird it was for me to enjoy reading about people I had never met, but he humored me nicely. So, thank you June, and thank all you faithful readers. Now you may carry on.


    1. Hi, Arlene. It’s good to hear from your again. Don’t be a stranger and comment from time to time when the mood hits or when the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, either one.


  46. Same as Kelly – I usually refer to you as “a friend” or “someone I know”, because it’s easier. Although, sometimes I do feel like I do know you and that we would be friends in real life. I look forward to reading every day!


  47. I come in to work, get my coffee and my breakfast bar and get all situated to read Joon. It’s the best part of my morning. When I talk to my husband about something you’ve written I actually say ‘this blog I read,’ but to everyone else it’s just ‘someone I know.’ It’s not easy to explain why you know so much about the personal life of someone you’ve never met.

    When you’ve taken writing breaks, I checked back compulsively, hoping that you would start again.


  48. You made a big impact on my life long before this nonblog came along. I do love reading about your adventures every day though, and it’s fun when friends will comment on something they have read from you. I am sharing you with the world. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 3 people

  49. I tell my family about “my sister’s friend June’s blog,” and I have a friend or two I keep meaning tell about you, but it’s like recommending favorite books, or more like LENDING favorite books: those people really have to deserve to know about the something special, and I’m not sharing you around gratuitously.


  50. Your not blog is the only blog/not blog I read. I haven’t been able to comment lately. Issues at work.

    I love Edsel’s oh sorry photo. You can really see the German Shepherd in him there.


  51. I have read you forever and I look forward to your posts each morning. I’m constantly referring to something you have said/done or something about your pet family. My family has come to think of you as “My Friend, June”.


  52. Now my comment looks grasping and selfish after Mother’s lovely comment. Gollum-like. (Not a big LOTR fan but surrounded by them.) I will work on my trust issues and spread the word–a bit.


  53. HA! I talk about the blog and the (face)book group all the time and always preface it with, “You know my favorite blogger in Greensboro?” And my long-suffering boyfriend’s almost to the point of rolling his eyes but NOT QUITE, and will be like, “Yes, of course…?” And then I’ll get on with whatever story there is to share. He also finds you charmingly hilarious. My sister, on the other hand, can’t take the scattered nature of your writing, which is part of what I love about it. I’ll send her a post every now and then and invariably she’s all I CANNOT EVEN. I’d say she’s one of your top secret internet haters but I can’t see her drumming up that much emotion over it.

    I, on the other hand, I love the entire community you’ve built here.


  54. My husband recognized Ned in WF.

    This is how I discovered he does pay attention to my “Hysterical June said…” tales or show him BBP pictures (“Look how cute Edsel is in this one!”). So one day, at WF he’s all “Ned’s here”. Me: “?!?!?! Where?! Where!?” So, yah, husband knows you and can at least recognize the main cast. I sometimes tell “my friend June said” stories to others since explaining the whole blog thing is awkward and kills the point of the story.

    Things you’ve taught me:

    A. Do not give advice unless asked.

    B. Any sitch is not usually about you, it is more likely about the other person’s internal workings/motivations. You are totally different than me but you’re similar to my rl friends, so it has been great following your story because I understand my friends better now…if that makes any sense.

    C. Read the comments because those people are effing hysterical /brilliant/kind…plus I never would’ve seen Big Little Lies except ya’ll said to and oh (oh!).

    There’s more but rl and I doubt anyone’s still reading so…

    Your story is an amazing daily read and of course I share – comedy, tragedy, drama, great writing. I cannot wait for you type everything up into a book then sell the TV rights for a fabulous mini series…possibly after moving to an exotic foreign land and finding true love (and an Edsel compatible puppy).


      1. Thank you for explaining WF. I was wondering if it was the condensed version of WTF, but then I couldn’t figure out the Ned siting there.


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