World’s Dramatic-ist Day

Careful readers will note that yesterday I had a mammogram. Or, really, slovenly readers will too, seeing as I just said it yesterday, there, genius. I tried a new place this year because allegedly--according to their ads--they have same-day mammogram results, but of course only after I'd transferred my files, my D Files, did I … Continue reading World’s Dramatic-ist Day

June wraps up her trip; bored nation rejoices

If you're just getting back from your Thanksgiving holiday, and I say "holiday" like we're all British, there are several days of my posts for you to catch up on and I wish you luck. I wish you luck mucking through all my ins and outs. For the rest of you, who kept up with … Continue reading June wraps up her trip; bored nation rejoices

June blogs from the guest bedroom

Kim Jong-il in da house. “So where all have you gone since you’ve been back in Saginaw? Which bars?” ....? I’m 52. People keep asking me all about the nightlife I’m experiencing here in the mecca of nightlife that is Saginaw, Michigan, and so far my answer continues to be, I’m 52. Show me that … Continue reading June blogs from the guest bedroom

June blogs from Chicago

I can hear the nasal tones of my people, as I am officially back in the Midwest. I’m at O’Hare airport, and I adore people who call it “O’Hara.” As god is my witness, I’ll never fly Southwest again. (Vomits radish.) (I like Southwest, actually. They’re funny.) I have an hour before my next plane. … Continue reading June blogs from Chicago


I have a new thing that bugs me: Women using that video-making feature where their eyes are huge, and their lips are gigantic, and their voices are distorted. Perhaps you're hilarious, person making a video while sitting in a car, which, woooo! How could you NOT be, with that original venue? But I see that … Continue reading LDV

June gets murdered up.

Friday night here in Greensboro was a wet affair. It was exactly how fall nights should be: windy, occasionally rainy, the damp leaves shivering on the trees. I was acutely aware of the night, because I was sitting silently in my house, catching up on some freelance editing. I've had freelance work almost every single … Continue reading June gets murdered up.

If we’re gonna turn back time, can we turn it back to when I was cute?

A delight this time of year is discovering HOW MANY DAMN CLOCKS you own. You think you set them all back, only to enter a room and say, "Oh my god! It's 8:30??!!" Yeah, no it isn't. You forgot this one. Now how the fuck do you work THIS one, goddammit? I gotta make my house … Continue reading If we’re gonna turn back time, can we turn it back to when I was cute?

The one where June misses Halloween

For years, we've been doing this project at work that is what you might call detailed. If you're a proofreader or a copy editor, all three of you, it has everything that takes time. Names you need to check? Yes. Numbers? Yes. Details that're listed in several places and they all must match? Yes. Fact-checking … Continue reading The one where June misses Halloween