16 thoughts on “!!!!!

  1. I’m so excited and I’m not even ashamed! Kate and I got married on the same day… many years apart, but the same day!! Smileyfaceemoji


  2. This is what keeps me alive. I WILL LIVE UNTIL THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!. I’m old. And of course I live for June’s blogs ( did I get the apostrophe in the right place?.


  3. We should all buy fascinators and dress to the nines on the big day. I know it’ll be the middle of the night for most of us but whoo care.(insert JG trademark)


  4. Speaking of fascinators…here’s hoping someone makes sure Beatrice doesn’t make an ass out of herself again with her outfit and fascinator. I will never forget the horrible “toilet seat” monstrosity!!!! The woman has the fashion sense of a two year old.


  5. It IS exciting! I remember getting up extra, extra early to watch Diana’s wedding. Will I do that this time? Probably not – mainly because I’m old and I have a job. *sigh*


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