14 thoughts on “See June’s poll! heeee….

  1. You don’t need a dishwasher. You live alone and don’t really cook. I don’t have a dishwasher. But, I guess I’m used to it. A new floor is so much prettier!


    1. I didn’t think so either . I have never had one and there are two of us. Usually cook 3 meals a day at home. And don’t you have to prewash them some before putting in dishwasher and how often do you run it with one dish in it? And can you let them sit in the dishwasher a week or two before having a whole load pt mold? How about paper plates and a new floor. If one can be installed OVER the old floor or will all the old need to come up. Might be way more costly than the dishwasher. Oh hell, see my problem, it isn’t even my problem and I can’t make a decision.
      Inquiring minds , well one inquiring mind anyway. And does it count that some days I feel my whole mind isn’t there or here or to be found at all?
      Oh, Alf, more inquiring in my mind.


    1. Amish , it isn’t Saturday yet. I am surprised by it not being me thinking it is the wrong day. Or I missed something. Wouldn’t be the first time.


      1. I may have suggested a particular complete album collection off of Ebay. I hope Joob seriously considers it. S-S-S-Saturday Niiiiiiiight.


  2. I voted for the floor because you seem to hate it every time you post a photo in that room. Bring light and happiness to your creative space!!

    Glad to see your lovely recreated post.


  3. I voted for the floor because it’s something you’ll see and appreciate all the time. I also agree with the others who said they don’t use the dishwasher that much. But maybe it’s just easy for me to say because I’ve never had one!
    Go with whatever will make you smile when you use or see it, and remind you of all the hard work you did to accomplish it.
    Glad to see everything’s okay…when I clicked on the e-mail this morning and saw Page Not Found, all I could think of was 404 Error.


  4. I think you are beautiful and your nose is fine, but you have mentioned it many times so it must bother you….you could get a new floor and move out of your house and leave it behind; you could buy a new dishwasher and just need to replace it in ten years. So I vote new nose; it’ll make you happy forever and you can take it with you wherever you go.


  5. How often do you use the dishwasher? Well, when it was working. You look at the floor every ding dang day and you write in that room. You loathe that floor, get a new floor. And it will add value to the house. You can get a dishwasher another time.


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