Discovery Channel

Aw, hell.

I let only Edsel in. SD is out buying artillery.

31 thoughts on “Discovery Channel

  1. FLOOFY ARCHY FUZZY KITTY!!! I luf him already.

    How can Edz be so sweet and gentle with a kitten, but want to kill a puppy? I just don’t get it. I guess cats are not a threat to him?


  2. SD suddenly realizes he can’t continue to be an ass, because he CAN be replaced. He figured he was irreplaceable.


  3. It’s like you put the final nail in the coffin of SD’s disdain.

    I will be fostering soon, too.

    Merry Christmas you ol savings and loan…

    PS sorry to hear about Nedkitty.


  4. Yes! Anita, is right! Eds needed a kitty doppleganger!
    Cat is out of the bag! Dead!
    SD is out buying artillery! Double dead!
    I bow before the quick wit of this amazing author and commenters!


  5. Hope you’re not planning on sleeping anytime soon, SD has murder face!

    Will newbie kitten ever get free run access to everyone or is it a mandatory separation?


  6. Oh, good, lots of pictures! Have I ever mentioned there’s too much text in your not-blog? Have I, June? You know what I think would really help people connect with your not-blog better, June? Do you?


  7. The head of the welcoming committee has arrived and he looks calm in the presence of such a BIG kitten.
    Looking forward to further reports. Wheeeeeehaa.


  8. Her teensy weensy puffed up tail!

    Did Edsel invite her out into the parlor for a cup of tea and a scone, so that they could get to know each other?


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