Should auld acquaintance be annoying

Does my new computer make me look fat?Computers. Now with Kleenex! What cold?

I like how there’s a Kleenex on one of my computers. You know I hate to mention it, but I have a cold.

Anyway, you can’t tell if my new Mac makes me look fat yet because you will be stunned to hear I’m having trouble migrating my old computer’s information onto my new computer. Several hours with AppleCare have occurred. Several swears have similarly occurred.

In fact, I put off opening my new computer because I knew it was going to put me in a foul mood, and here I am, in a foul mood.

So here I sit, on the last day of the year, in my drafty computer room looking out at the bare trees, talking into my phone like a crazy person.

I guess people have talked into their phones for years and it’s not so crazy, but I am, in fact, talking to no one. That is the crazy part. The part where I’m speaking into a void.

I really wanted to make an updated end-of-the-year video for you, because even though I said in early December, “What could really happen to me this last month?” I did, in fact, have some interesting things happen. My visit to TinyTown. My foster kitten.

But now my computers are migrating, and picking up work while they can, picking grapes and so on, and I can’t make you a new end-of-the-year video. So I will sit here and speak into your void.

Yesterday, I put Jodie Foster in her little cat carrier, and took her away from the home she has known for two weeks–with cats she adores and a dog she loved to pick on–and back to the shelter.

She was healthy enough and big enough to be adopted. It was really difficult to do, seeing how well she got on with everyone here, and the thought of her shivering in the shelter, scared and confused, was like to kill me.

o fux

But that was the deal I made, and I know I did her some good letting her stay with me.

Yesterday at 5 PM, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I called the shelter.

“Yes,” (because you know I always have to start those phone calls with “yes”), “I fostered a little kitten named Lilly Lu?” (That was her name at the shelter. Lilly Lu. Are you dying?) “And I dropped her back off this morning for adoption. Did anyone happen to adopt her today?”

The worker looked through her papers. She asked me some questions. “The little orange one?” More papers. Oh my god, lady. My heart was racing.

“…Oh, yes, ma’am, she sure did get adopted today.”




I knew it was looking good for her yesterday. While I was waiting for the foster lady to come out, I walked around the shelter and looked at the other cats, and there were barely any left. When I took the kitten to get her booster shot a couple days before Christmas, it was like Calcutta in that shelter. There were people everywhere.

And of course, now I feel sorry for the couple of loser adult cats who didn’t get adopted by anyone for Christmas. But I’m trying to put them out of my mind.

You have no idea how relieved I feel. Jody Foster did not have to even spend one more night in the shelter. She got swooped up.Of coarse she do

After taking that kitten to the shelter, I may or may not have stopped off for a pork chop biscuit that I couldn’t even taste, so basically all of the calories, none of the flavor, and then I bought a new pair of glasses.

I bought my last pair in 2015, and my prescription has changed twice since then. Plus, I don’t know, I was just in the mood. I’ll show them to you when they get in, but the point is, as soon as I got home I found these online and wanted to kill myself.

Yes, those are little diamonds. Well, not real diamonds, but you know what I mean.

doooeng mom impresh

After all that, I felt pretty punky. Is punky even a word? I didn’t feel well. So I came back home and sat with my Kleenex and convalesced.

It has dawned on me this week while I have been sick, and I know I’ve hardly mentioned my sickness, that when I feel like this all I really want is my grandmother. The nice one. Not the one I’m turning into.

I want to be in her very warm, old lady house with the cuckoo clock ticking and the theme song for Days of our Lives in the background.

I want her to bring me orange juice and for her to call me “grandma’s baby.”

That’s all I really want. If I could ever find someone who would dote on me and act so tragic about me having a common cold, then I’ll know I’ve met the person for me.

I thought about that yesterday, and I thought about my kitten. When I was a little kid and had a cold and went to grandma’s and she doted on me, I’m sure at the time all I thought about was that I had a damn cold and felt miserable.

And two weeks ago, when I went to the shelter to foster a kitten, my idea was that she would be this little thing in the back rooms, and that I would go in there and spend time with her. I had no idea she would become such an integral part of all the lives of all the creatures who live here. Including the ear mites.

My point is, when we’re making memories we’re never aware of it. I will go my whole life wanting my grandmother to be back, putting her hand on my forehead and exclaiming how I’m burning up.

And every once in awhile I’ll say, “Remember that time I fostered a kitten for two weeks? And she was so wonderful?”

But we never know what things will turn out to be wonderful memories. We plan a fabulous vacation, and then we get there and it rains every day and we never really remember that vacation. But we go out the door one day just to run errands, and something magical happens that we remember that day forever.

I guess what I’m saying is, I hope 2018 brings you a lot of memories that you don’t even know you’re going to have while you’re sitting here today, with the cold wind and the bare branches around you.

I hope that next year at this time, you look back on the year that was and say, “Wow. There are a lot of good memories from 2018.”

Because even a sick day with bare branches can turn out to be memorable.

See you next year. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Today’s lipstick. It’s something-Punch. I know I look marvelous. What illness?

65 thoughts on “Should auld acquaintance be annoying

  1. oh my lord, how your grandmother was when you had a common cold. Relate. My mother would set me up in the den and feed me lemon cooler cookies until I became parched and then I’d gulp down freezing cold milk which I suppose was bad because dairy = snot but who cares, it made me cozy. Your riff on not knowing what will be a good memory while it’s happening was Pulitzer/Didion/Bombeck so thank you for that. May 2018 be worthy of you.


  2. Catching up on your blog and now you made me all weepy. Lovely post, June. Wishing you very good things in 2018.


  3. I had to google what on god’s green earth a pork chop biscuit is and just lost 5 minutes of my life staring in horror at the photos. Not that I should be judging, since I eat those orange Circus Peanuts, but I have never heard of such a thing.


  4. Lovely post, Coot! Thanks for evoking so many nice thoughts. You are a wonderful writer and thx is for sharing your talent with us each day.

    Happy new year to you, June, and to all the Book of June peeps.

    So glad Jodie Foster went from one loving home immediately to another.


  5. Wow, beautiful post, really made me tear up.

    Thank you for the memories of uncontrollable laughter from reading your words.


  6. Thank you for fostering Jodie Foster! She is lucky you gave her a home, siblings and a great start.

    I hope 2018 brings many happy memories for you.

    2017 has been yucky and I’m spending it with DH and his man-cold:( Here’s to a great new year and making new memories!


  7. Lovely post Juan Coot. Thank you for writing to us almost every day.

    Today’s lipstick is quite fun.

    Happy New Year to all!


  8. Lovely thoughts, June. Magical things can happen when we least expect them. Here’s hoping that 2018 is a good year for all of us. Happy New Year.


  9. SD was just checking to see if that crow needed any driving directions. Or maybe some tartar sauce?

    Lovely post, pretty Coot June. Thank you for braving your illness for us! Here’s to 2018 creating happier memories.


  10. And this is why you are the writer and we are the readers. What a wonderful wish. May 2018 bring us all the best memories yet! For me, may it come in the form of a little ball of fur.
    Happy New Year, Juney!

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  11. I think about making memories all the time. I want my dad back and I think about the times I spend now with my mom and how precious they’ll be to me in the future. My husband is older than I am and I think the exact same thing about him now that he’s in his 60s. Happy new year!


  12. P.S. The migration of technology never goes well for me, so I empathize. Every time I have to do it, I end up with “lost” stuff somehow, and it’s a huge pain in the ass.


  13. Thank you, Joob, for sharing your not-blog with us. Your posts were some of the few laughs I’ve had this year. OK, no political talk, but Christ on a cracker, what a year…
    I wish you and all of us a much better year ahead.
    Pet Steely Dan for me. Oh, and speaking of musicians from our school years… I know someone whose babysitter for a few years was Bob Seger. You know, like, before he was famous. As I’m sure you already assumed.


  14. Yay! Little scrappy Jodie Foster got adopted!!! I hope she has a wonderful rest of her life with her new family and is loved as much as she was during her short stay with you. I also hope she has another SD to wrestle with and other Lillies, Irises and Edzes to bug.

    I had a Grandma who also spoiled me rotten when I was sick. She’d come up to the house with a lovely “bed jacket”. Usually made of satin and all froofy with flowers on it. Remember bed jackets? She’d also bring some kind of puzzle books or coloring books. Something you could do in bed. Sometimes, she’d bring homemade chicken soup. And then she’d fuss all over me too. She was Irish, so when we had colds, she’d convince my Mom that we needed a “hot toddy” to get the cold out. It was made with hot water, Irish whiskey, sugar and I don’t know what else. It tasted AWFUL

    Wishing you a happy, memorable 2018 as well. Also, hope you feel better.


  15. I loved this post and I also love the start of a new year. I like putting the past behind me and moving on to better days. My wish for you is for 2018 to be full of new friends, good memories and a couple of great adventures. In 365 days, I hope you are writing about what a great year 2018 was!


  16. I am raising my glass to you, June!

    Your reflection about the magical moments is so beautiful. It touched my heart. If I were the advice-giving kind, I might suggest for you to forward to your purple clover person to publish for a wider audience, or you know, include it in that real-life book that you are writing. Good thing I don’t give advice. It is really none of my business anyhow. I just want you to know you I am grateful that I have the opportunity to read your words.

    Happy New Year, June. Lovely post!


  17. I remember at this time last year thinking, oh boy, 2017 is a weird number and it is going to be a weird year. Thankfully, I don’t have that feeling about 2018. I feel good about it! Happy New Year, June! And readers!
    Thanks for writing, June. Cheers to another year here on the Book of June!


  18. Ah, Jooonie. Happy New Year! If anyone deserves it after the shit show that was 2017, it is you! (And, me – but that’s another story). Wishing you the best in 2018!
    I have to add: You are a far stronger person than I. Far stronger.


    1. Kathy F., May the curtain be closed and the lights turned off and the shit show pack up and move out of town. May 2018 be better,


  19. What a lovely way to end 2017 – with a Sunday post from June!

    I’m so happy that Jodie Foster didn’t have to spend a night in the shelter again – you did a selfless thing, June.

    Steely Dan always comes across as such a panther to me, his cat-voice answer to you surprised me – I was expecting more of a Mufasa!

    Thanks for sharing your 2017 with us. I mean that so sincerely. You detailing your life makes mine happier.


  20. Happy New Year to you as well. I hope 2018 is a year full of wonderful memories for you and the rest of the pie peeps (are we still pie peeps?). Often great memories are made in simple ways.

    You did a find job migrating JF to a new home. I hope you have the same success with your new computer. Migration didn’t work as well for us with new phones.

    Are you going to party tonight? Oh, I forgot you are so ill.


  21. Lovely post, June. Thank you for it and for continuing your non-blog. 2017 was hard, but I’m thinking maybe it was necessary for us to have the time to make some needed changes so that the new year will be a better year. At least I think that is true for me. And yes, your laugh in the SD video is reassuring. May 2018 be happy and peaceful and full of contentment for us all. I wonder what will happen, or who I/we will meet that will affect the rest of our lives. Happy New Year, everyone!


  22. Lovely post, Coot! I continue to admire your ability to help us appreciate the everyday moments. Our lives are the now, instead of tomorrow, next week or ten years from now. It is the journey and we never know where it will take us. Hope your new year presents you with many moments to remember. Much love to someone I have never met and likely thinks that is totally stalker weird.


  23. I was so scared to read that JF might have been at the shelter… and then RELIEF! Good job, June!
    Thanks for a great post and the reminder to enjoy the moments.


  24. This post made me cry. Not sure if that was your intention, but it did.
    I’m glad that kitty found a home quickly and hope she loves a long and fabulous life.

    Heepy New Year, June!

    (I meant to type “happy” but heepy came out and it made me laugh.)


  25. Wish I could send you your grandmother.

    Your laugh on the SD video sounds like you’ll be OK, though.

    May everything go well for you in 2018, to balance 2017, because otherwise the universe will tip over.


  26. I’m glad to hear Jodie Foster went to a new home right away. It must be hard to foster four legged furry children and let them go, when you really don’t want to let them go.

    I feel your pain on getting a new computer, it’s never a smooth transition.

    Five years ago, I had no idea what big changes would be happening in my life. I knew life was short and I couldn’t continue to be miserable. 2013 was my year of change in so many ways. I’ll always be glad I walked out the door that one summer morning and something magical happened; I just didn’t realize it that day.

    June, I hope 2018 is your year. I wish you the best!


  27. This was a nice post. If it wasn’t for your devastating illness I would think you are in a pretty good place right now, all things considered. Happy New Year!


  28. What a lovely last-day-of-2017 post and how wonderful that Jodie Foster has a new family to love her. Thank you for your wish for our 2018 memories. May the new year bring peace and unexpected joy along with happy memories.


  29. So lovely June.

    As my life whizzes past me, I’m often struck with moments of melancholy where I think “I may never see or feel this exact way/thing/experience again”. Then I think “so why not enjoy it NOW?” It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane and miss the magical.

    Happy New Year to you and to all of us here – here’s to another year of wonderful!

    (Also – the first person who writes “Happy New Year’s” on my Facebook feed will be justifiably murdered. It’s my first resolution!)


    1. P.S. Love the new header!

      Also, too – I’m headed to my daughter’s to spend time with my brand new grand baby. I hope that my grandkids will remember our time together with as much fondness as you remember your grandma. The nice one. It’s a special, tender relationship – they are my treasures.


  30. After the “year in review” articles have left my brain, this post will stay with me. I remember reading a line in a book one time, to the effect of “isn’t it amazing that someone you haven’t even met yet will be the most important person in your life a year from now?” I hope there are a lot of good memories and wonderful new people in 2018 for us all.


  31. I hope that for 2018, too, because I am pretty sad about pretty much everything right now. Here’s to a better new year!


  32. I love this post! I get hit with memories that sometimes stop me in my tracks. It’s sad that we don’t see those times for what they are when we’re in the moment! There’s always something we’re worrying about in those moments that keep us from really being focused on the events surrounding us at the time!


  33. My fervent wish for you in 2018 is that it doesn’t take you the 15 or so months it has taken me to “migrate” my computer files. Almost every day I look for something that is still . . . migrating. Grapes of Wrath redux.

    Lovely post to start the almost New Year, lovely June!


  34. What a beautiful post. Happy New Year to you, June, and all your faithful readers, too.

    Blessings on all grandmas everywhere who love their little ones.

    I know they said at the shelter to keep JF separate, and I understand why, but think how adoptable it made her that she gets along well with other cats and dogs and how ready she was for new adventures.
    Well done, June. As usual.


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