Let’s look at June

Given that it’s Sunday and I’ve already finished preaching my sermon and all, I thought this might be a perfect time to round up all the stupid lipstick pictures I’ve taken, so we can see them all in one setting. Sitting. Whatever.

As you know, and have discussed with your families ad nauseam, I purchased a huge collection of Clinique Chubby Sticks last month, a purchase that was unnecessary and yet has provided all of us with hours of enjoyment.

“Mom, do we HAVE to all gather around and look at June’s daily lipstick picture?”

“Yes, Jeshosephat. It’s a crucial part of your book-learnin’.”

I took a photo of me with every color, I think, and here they all are. I think.

Richer Raisin. Now with roots!
Fuller Fig. Frosted follicles.
Whole Lotta Honey. I’d rather be getting a whole lotta hiney.
Graped Up. Where even am I in this shot? On a dollar bill?
Curviest Carmel. This color stuck in my teeth. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Mega Melon. And melanoma, given my sun-damaged chestal region, there.
Broadest Berry. I look like a broad in this one. Don’t fuck with me, fella.
Roomiest Rose. Oh, June. Stop.
Chunky Cherry and the Capillaries. My new band.
I just realized that I hadn’t ever put on Mightiest Maraschino, so my nose and I put it on now, having not showered. I liked the part where I smudged it. And the pillow case on the floor. I’m doing laundry. Sue me.
Mighty Mimosa. No relation to the Mouse of the same first name.
Pursed lips with Plumed Up Poppy. 
Whoppin’ Watermelon was wimpy.
Plumped-Up Pink while feelin’ peckish. You can tell, or at least I can, when that cold set in.
Pudgy Peony with m’pup.
Plushest Punch. Pell, no.
Super Strawberry. I’ll have the soup.
Roundest Raspberry, readers.
Grand finale: Grandest Grape.

So there it is, and probably later today you’ll say, man. I wish I could look at more pictures of June’s fucking face.

You need only turn back here.

Anyway, which do you prefer? Most of them are barely really a color. I think perhaps I prefer Pudgy Peony. Possibly.



71 thoughts on “Let’s look at June

  1. You have really nice lips. She said in a non-lesbian way.

    I like the Maraschino. It’s bold and says “I’m wearing lipstick!” But please don’t take that with even a single grain of salt – I wear zero makeup, which I know shocks everyone who is forced to look at me in real life.

    Happy Sunday!


  2. I like Broadest Berry and Roomiest Rose. Who even came up with the names on these? They must have been a little snockered to come up with these and think they were clever. Good post, Coot.


  3. The Mega Melon is my favorite. You look great in all of them, but best in the Mega Melon. I wish I could wear lipstick, but alas, I have the Jamie Lee Curtis no-lips.


  4. What a fun post! I like Pudgy Peony, too! Also, Plumped-up Pink. You look so pretty with your new hairdo and cool leopard/cheetah/whatev coat. Really there are quite a few colors I like, and only one that’s not up to snuff. I’m giving the slant eyes to Poppy.
    Happee Sundee to ya’!


  5. I enjoyed this! So, would you buy them again? I have one Clinique chubby and though I have thin lips, I like to use it and it’s easier to find in my purse. Thanks, June. Oh and if you put the link to that leopard coat, I bet we would stampede over to Amazon to round up the cougar June coat!


  6. Oh no, I’m too jealous. How can every one of those colors look good, even great, on you? I would be lucky to get one decent color out of that bunch. Most would make me look like old cheese. My go-to lipstick is called “Twig,” but I try to occasionally branch out into the mauve family, with marginal success. No reds, no pinks and GOD NO corals. I keep trying nude lipsticks and I look like a Law & Order SVU victim, but I never learn and two weeks later try it again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    So you’re already All That AND can wear a multitude of lipstick colors. Pardon me while I go and pout and try my nude lipstick one more time.

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    1. JP, is that Twig by MAC? I have worn that color/brand almost exclusively for close to 40 years. I try something else just for a change, but nothing compares (2 U). MAC Taupe is a runner-up. Now, let me see if I can find a good ‘un for June.

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  7. I would be bummed that they all more or less look the same.

    That’s not to say they aren’t lovely, just not enough variation for the price and the number of them.


  8. Most of them looked pretty on you with a few exceptions. My favorites were Melon and Berry with Pink, Strawberry and Grape also in the running. I like Maraschino when you want to glam up, is that even an expression?

    Did Violet finally make it to New York and miss the parade?


  9. Winter:
    Roomiest Rose
    Roundest Raspberry
    Richer Raisin

    Mega Melon
    Mighty Memosa

    Pumped up Poppy
    Plumped-up Pink
    Grandest Grape

    Fuller Fig
    Super Strawberry
    Pudgy Peony


  10. This is fun(ny)!! I loved looking at all the pics trying to pick one. I can’t. There was one that I thought looked really pretty…but then I thought maybe it was only because it looked so pretty with your robe. So, you’re pretty, you have good taste in makeup and I can’t help AT ALL. The only thing I ever put on my lips is Blistex Five Star Lip Protector.


  11. Peony, Fig and Berry. But I’m partial to those shades. I wear a similar color – Endless Spice from Revlon – all the time. I’m like JP – I try those nude lipsticks over and over, with horrific results. I read somewhere that women 50 and over should wear lipstick that is closest to their natural lip color, so that’s Endless Spice for me. Besides, it’s long-wearing so once I put it on in the morning, I don’t have to mess with it again. That wins in my book!


  12. So I have gone back three times and I lose count, so many of them look great on you. I like the Peony. But I like A LOT more too. See above: lose count.

    Lovely lips, lovely June!


  13. I actually liked nearly all of them. It is a rare woman who can look good in every shade of lipstick in a combo pack. I wasn’t crazy about mightiest maraschino or plushest punch…probably because they were so much brighter than the others. It may sound crazy, but I always try to get a lipstick that has blue undertones because it makes my teeth look whiter. Maybe we should redo this exercise and have you try them all on again and then smile at the camera! (Just kidding…don’t stomp me to death!) Actually, I think debwhosbacktobeingdeb gets the gold star for her keen eye and for recommending shades for each season.


    1. It’s ancient – literally. It’s been considered an insult since ancient Greece and Rome. It was originally a phallic symbol before it became the old F.U. I think it became commonplace in the U.S. sometime in the late 1800s. (One of my kids did a research paper on the whole subject – proud mom moment!)


  14. Joob, you know I’m one of those natural type of girls. FUCK NATURAL I knowwwwww, but what I want to say is I LOVE THE NEW HEADER PICTURE!!!! I love the milkglass pedestal cake plate, I love the actual cake, that swirly big candle, the clock on the back wall with the electric cord hanging down, and of course I love the broad in the yellow and white checked outfit and her polished middle finger.

    You’re so pretty, Coot!


  15. On my particular phone screen they mostly look the same, some are just more promo and some more brown, but I’m sure it’s just my phone. That said, I really like them and I would totally buy them if I was working and needed to look nice. I really like that they are subtle. My least favorites are the red and the orangey ones. I see from the comments that a lot of people really like the red so what the hell do I know. Also too, I really miss you on FB. I hope you’re well!!!


  16. I think the lady in your new amazing header photo needs a name and it should be chosen from the names of the lipsticks listed! Should she be Roomier Rose, Fuller Fig, Pudgy Peony, Broadest Berry…


  17. Fuller Fig is great, but since every one of these photos was taken in different light settings it’s kinda hard to know for sure. Plus also too, I’ve been meaning to ask you – I have tried to “Follow” your not-blog by clicking on the “Follow” thingy in the lower right-hand corner, to no avail. I’ve signed up a couple times and I get nada. I think I even tried to let them know there’s a problem – no answer. I’ve also checked my Spam folder – nothing. Advice?


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