I wanted to jump on here, not literally, and thank everyone for your tips.

When I started volunteering with the shelter to foster kittens, I just assumed they would provide me with food and cat litter. They don’t. But the first time I fostered, it was just one kitten, so hoo care.

When they asked me to take on four kittens and their mom, I figured the kittens would be eating their mother’s milk, a.k.a. titty dinner, TM my grandmother, but no. They also eat real food.

I had to feed both them and the mom kitten food, because everyone needed the calories. They eat dry kitten food, but also these cans, and 10 of those cans cost eight dollars. They are going through three cans a day.

So with your tips, I went to the grocery store tonight and pretty much bought out the store. You guys are the bomb. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Fancy.

  1. Happy to help you and the kittens. Thanks for all the cute pictures.

    Sorry for Ned’s wait for Nancy. The disorganization at the shelter makes you think this is their first adoption ever!


  2. Those cute kitten pics make my day! So glad to help out in some small way.
    Do you know if Ned was able to get Nancy tonight?


      1. I hope this doesn’t convince him that the universe does not want him to adopt Nancy. I kind of look for signs that way, and it would freak me out.


  3. Can we order that canned (or their dry) cat food via Amazon? We could not only send you the food but you would get the money from referral! Win, win! I don’t know what kinds they have but I sent some food to the Troy Animal Rescue here in Alabama last week. Their major foster mom lost her home to a fire and they had 20 animals suddenly back at the shelter to feed. Sad, sad thing.


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