Songs in the key of…where the hell are my keys?

Right before you get to my work is a funeral home. In fact, the buildings surrounding my office are doctor’s offices, an old folks’ home, and this funeral parlor. Because apparently I’m writing to you on a slate, from my log cabin near my potbelly stove with my sassafras and unicycle.

Funeral parlor.

Old folks’ home.

Consarn it.

What I’m saying to you is it’s occurred to me that death is right near me all day long.

In the morning and evenings, it’s generally not busy, the funeral parlor, but sometimes as I come back from lunch in my horseless carriage, people are filing out from a funeral, and that is when I always find myself blaring just the most awful music.

The thing is, it’s so sporadic. You can go months without hitting the funeral procession, so you get lax. But the other day, as Smack My Bitch Up was blaring out my window, I started to think about music.

Not about what a terrible person I am, but about music.

It’s occurred to me lately that most of my taste in music is because of men. (Although I have to admit, my love of Smack My Bitch Up is all my own.)

Anyway, I’m almost certain that I’ve written before about how, while looking through pictures one day, I realized that I used to look like my boyfriends as time went on. I have two photo-booth shots with different boyfriends, and our hair is alike in each one. I changed my hair to match whatever boyfriend’s.

I know I must have written about that, I just know it, but can I find it? I cannot. However, while Googling the shit outta my old blog posts, somehow I found this in Google Images…


Oh my god I TOTALLY.HAD.THIS. I want to say it was a gift from my Aunt Kathy, but maybe I just bought it for m’self. Anyway, had completely forgotten this stationery and am currently dying. Will have to go to own funeral soon. And someone can blare music past it.



The reason I like Bob Dylan and The Beatles is because of my father, who would be playing records, literally records, while I was falling asleep, and remember back when adults could just play their records and not coddle the fuck out of children? I’ve been at people’s houses, who INVITED ME OVER, then were all, “Shhhh, the children are trying to sleep.” So the fuck what? Get them used to people talking. It’ll prepare them for the dorm.

What’s your favorite Beatles song? And if you don’t like them, just don’t comment on that. It will make me like you less. I’m serious. It’s like people who say, “I just don’t like animals.” I mean, I won’t disinvite you to my wedding, but you’ll drop a notch.

Also, my Uncle Jim, with his constant listening to records and drumming to them, and how did my grandmother not go upstairs and bludgeon him, was a giant influence. He was also a Beatles person, but what I remember most are these solo songs, which I love…

Fuckin’ Yoko, man.

Anyway, so that’s how it got started, men influencing my song choices, and then I started dating. And then, oh lord, I fell in love with someone who loved music, and there it was.

There isn’t a single Led Zepplin song I don’t love, because whether we were in his room, or down in his finished basement with the fireplace and the pillows, or even over at my house, he was playing music. And it was often Led Zepplin. I hear these songs and it’s winter (IT WAS ALWAYS WINTER in Michigan), with the snowflakes and seeing your breath when you’re making out in the car and the fire in the basement and oh my god, I loved the shit out of that stupid young boy.

Then I went to college.

Pretty much every brooding boyfriend I had (i.e., all of them) liked The Smiths, and also?

I can remember college boyfriend #74855 putting Shpritz Forte in his pompadour

41B3ml+9YuL._SY355_while Squeeze was playing Tempted. I can see him, looking into his dorm room mirror, singing along after spending many many (many) minutes trying to convince me to give him a blowie before we left.

Hey, mom.

Then I got back together with the boy from high school, the Led Zepplin one, and his taste in music had changed, so mine changed along with it.

…It’s taken me ages to find all these songs and plunk them in here, and I have to go, and I know you’re sad I can’t trip down memory lane more, but I blame Ned for liking this…

Since I have to go, why don’t you all be my new boyfriend. What are you listening to lately? Share in the comments.

When did I become someone who says, “Share in the comments”? Click like and share for a chance to win big. Whatever with me. Where is my mind? Heh.



72 thoughts on “Songs in the key of…where the hell are my keys?

  1. Saw this post late.

    First: I don’t like anybody else’s music taste, so I was astonished to see you post video after video of songs I really like. I like all 10 out of your 10. A perfect score. This would be unprecedented.

    Second: That moment when our drunk friend punches the DJ in The Prodigy video. Possibly the greatest moment in music video history.

    Third: Ned likes Hem? My first reaction was: How is that even possible? But then it sort of made sense. Dude must have some bottled-up emotions, that’s for sure — because Hem is all about longing. That’s literally their only calling card.


      1. Last dozen songs listened to in my current playlist:

        Fleet Foxes, Kept Woman
        Spoon, Mystery Zone
        Marvin Gaye, If I Should Die Tonight
        Bill Evans, My Foolish Heart
        Queens of the Stone Age, The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret
        Tom Rush, Urge For Going
        Beach Boys, Till I Die
        Nas, NY State of Mind
        Olivier Messiaen, Quartet For The End of Time, VIII (Praise to the The Immortality of Jesus)
        Frank Ocean, Biking
        Bill Callahan, Jim Cain
        Glen Campbell, Wichita Lineman


  2. The stationery rocks! I had some very similar.

    Music has always been important to me from the time I could open my mouth and sing. While growing up, I spent most of my allowance on records. My music tastes vary. Depending on my mood or activity, I’ll listen to big band, bluegrass, classic rock, pop, jazz, and about anything from the fifties through the early nineties. My favorites are late sixties though the mid-eighties.

    Currently popular artists I enjoy are Train and Maroon5. For 2018, I’m hoping to get tickets to see Train in concert and have already purchsed Diana Krall tickets.

    Can’t Buy Me Love and Do You Want To Know A Secret are two of my favorite Beatles songs.

    I get my money’s worth out of Amazon Prime music and XM radio in the vehicles. A station or playlist for every mood!

    Good post, June!


  3. The Who was the soundtrack of my life from 7th grade through college in the late ‘70s. Then Springsteen, and Tom Petty, who has been on my daily playlist for many years. Still can’t believe he’s gone…
    Throw in some ‘80s Pogues, Cyndi Lauper, Robert Palmer, Dire Straits, Journey, Rush, which reminds me-
    Mid ‘90s, my SIL and I were both SAHMs. Other than that, she and I didn’t have a lot in common, and we were talking about what we did during the days at home while babies slept. She asked me if I liked listening to the radio, you know, like Rush. My enthusiastic affirmative response choked mid “YES!” when I realized she meant Limbaugh. Oops


  4. I’ve been loving Vile and Barnett too and also Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie and Lowell, Beck’s Morning Phase, everything by Beach House, Sun Kil Moon’s Ghosts of the Great Highway and the more recent Benji, and anything by Magnolia Electric Co/Songs Ohia/whatever Jason Molina was going by at the time (the songs Whip-Poor-Will and Farewell Transmission give me chills every time). In The Prodigy vein, there’s Chemical Brothers and BT.


  5. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starr…loved them as *individual artists* especially ol’ boy McCartney and his band Wings. As individual artists, they each made amazing music! As a group…oh I digress. Anyway, trap music be my current eargasm of choice in the last year. Lil Uzi Vert and Rae Sremmurd. More mainstream I’ve been diggin’ on Kesha’s new album, Rainbow. I have also been diggin’ Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett’s album collaboration Lotta Sea Lice. Dang, those twos’ individual albums be cool too. Kickin’ it old school, it be New Radical’s Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too album, propelled by You Get What You Give.

    I had that stationery too and I loved it!!!!!

    Love the Stevie Wonder reference in the title. Gotta make that album priority when shopping vintage vinyl, man.


  6. Favorite Beatles song, I’ll Follow the Sun. Although I love most of their acoustic songs too.

    When I’m by myself with the ability to play what I would like, lately I have pulled out all my Cheryl Wheeler (a folkie) or 10,000 Maniac cds and putting them on my 5-disc cd changer (yes, I’m old) and singing away. For a while I was picking up any “Best of” cd I could find because I could guarantee I would know and like all the songs: Neil Diamond, John Denver, James Taylor, Van Morrison, Grass Roots… I mostly like music I can sing along to. But I drive my 15-yo to school every day and she rules the radio, so I am pretty up on the top-40 stuff like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and currently have Havana ooh-na-na looping in my brain.


  7. My poor MP3 player must feel schizophrenic, because there is such a wide variety of genres. Latest music is albums by Jain and Lizzo. I also adore ‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier, ‘Soothing’ by Laura Marling and ‘No Roots by Alice Merton.


  8. Wow. My Scots grandmother brought me a Beatles album from England in 1963, just before they were a big deal. Said they were the “new thing” in Great Britain. The album wasn’t released in the US yet. Do I still have it? Naturally, no. But Rubber Soul remains a favorite album.

    Also, can’t stop listening to The National. I’m always on the prowl for new music.


  9. It was so fun to listen to your songs, June. Some of them were new to me.
    My mom listened to Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, the BeeGees, Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (both together and separately) and Elvis, so that’s what I grew up with. Plus she also played fun ’50s music for us to dance to like Barbara Ann.
    In the ’80s and early ’90s I listened to a lot of movie soundtracks – didn’t we all?! I loved Prince, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Depeche Mode (I KNOW!), Bruce Springsteen, Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel, Journey, the Police, Bruce Hornsby, etc. A high school boyfriend got me into totally different music like Motown and early rap like Run DMC. A college boyfriend got me into YES and Supertramp. Mr. Texas is a combo of all of that but he tends to like hard rock (“screamy songs”) more than I do. He also loves Jimmy Buffet. Our daughter is a classical vocalist at a performing arts school, so she’s got us listening to everything from operas to musicals to Italian and German arias to sacred music, plus all the normal/weird stuff teenagers listen to. We all LOVE Hamilton.


      1. Good guess, Ddddddddd, but we’re further south. 😉 Our school is a bit older and was the model for Booker T. Beautiful campus!


  10. I always feel weird when people start talking music, because I am not that musical. I like music, but I am not constantly listening. I like the Beatles–I can’t believe anyone doesn’t–but I usually listen to my 80s favorites where I know the words and can sing along. Prince, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones… I got Pyromania for Christmas (on CD! So I can listen in the car!). My newest favorite is probably Michael Franti but I listen along with my girls to Taylor Swift, Adele, Megan Trainer, Bruno Mars…and the like. I don’t really try to keep up. My students suggested 2Pac’s Keep ya head up, and I liked that…but I am not a big rap person. I like to listen to Mozart when I work–especially when it is noisy and distracting outside my office. And, I love to revisit Frank Sinatra and Elvis too. I don’t know, I always feel boring when people are talking about music.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  11. Favorite Beatles songs: Penny Lane and Eleanor Rigby. I’ve got a three month trial of Spotify (was using the free version, but the ads made me nuts) and have been listening to lots of songs from my youth ™ — the late 70’s, early 80’s — and tons of classical stuff (Bach, Mozart, Mahler, etc.). Also like the Hamilton soundtrack (although I generally don’t like rap/hiphop too much), Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Adele.


  12. I love the Beatles’ Golden Slumbers. It’s just so epic, a whole story in itself with several acts.


  13. I love “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Have you heard the version by Regina Spektor? It’s very Japanese and kind of haunting. I love it!

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  14. While I was growing up I always had to listen to my parent’s music in which most cases I really did not like. Although The 5th Dimension’s ‘Once Less Bell To Answer’? Girl. Love that one. Anyway. I made it a point to let my kids play their music. I then learned to love Nirvana, Eminem, Evanescence, Pink, etc. Oh and I cannot forget Prince and Tom Petty. Such a loss. Also, Eva Cassidy. She had a gorgeous voice. Alabama Shakes and yes, to Chris Stapleton. His voice. Mercy.

    I rarely listen to the radio anymore. Just Pandora.


  15. It’s a toss up between Queen, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and Elton John who I love more. They’re all my sing along favorites.
    My son just wrote, sang, and produced his first song. His is my favorite current music.


    1. Elton John was my guy groove. My ex and I went to three of his concerts. At his Air Force retirement party they played “Rocket Man” in the background of the slide show.


  16. In high school, I used to listen to Saves the Day, and when Borbala Rut demanded I sing a CONCERT to her every night to fall asleep, I would sing their acoustic album, I’m Sorry I’m Leaving, from start to finish. In high school, that album meant so much to me, about love and breakups, and when I sang it to her for the first time, I started crying because the meaning of the album completely changed at that moment. Music is an amazing thing.

    Also, Borbala Rut prefers the Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down.” It’s her all-time favorite song, above anything from Frozen, and demands we play it regularly.


  17. This post speaks to me. Thank you.
    Fortunately my friends are not he “Shh, you’ll wake the baby” type. We once had a raging dance party to Missy Elliot next to a sleeping baby.

    Yes, men and music. While I have always been able to find music on my own, half of what I love is because of a man who enthralled me. From Led Zeppelin to Slick Rick to The Pixies to Tom Waits to Ween to LCD Soundsystem.

    I don’t have a favorite Beatles song and reading through the comments made it even harder to come up with one. Instant Karma is my favorite Lennon song, because of a man. And people that have to say they are overrated or whatever are just downers. A guy from high school was visiting me a few years back to see if we could have a relationship and he was one of those people. I purposefully played the Beatles while we were out with friends so he would bring it up and start a huge debate. Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

    Currently enjoying Jain, JD McPherson, The Dean Ween Group, The National, BØRNS and Lana Del Ray.


  18. depends on my mood, but I always love early Bruce Springsteen (Greetings from Asbury Park) bc … I’m from that part of New Jersey.

    Cody Chestnut’s “I Look Good in Leather” is a great party song. (NSFW) The Cupid Shuffle is the stupidest song ever, but also a party staple. My feet just can’t help but to play along!

    Old Eagles songs always make me sing along… esp Peaceful Easy Feeling.

    Too many to list here… songs are the basis of my feelings…. getting Sirius XM radio in my new car has reintroduced me to the music of my youth!


    1. OOOOOOHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHH! (My hand is raised in reply.) I’ve always loved Yesterday, too.


  19. My husband & I have the same favorite from the Beatles: Paperback Writer. It’s not their best song but we love it because it is such a weird thing to sing about.


  20. Imagine by John Lennon is the best song of all time. Also, that stationary sent me right to Current. Anyone remember post a note? I think that’s what they were called, but, you know,old! I collected that Current stuff but couldn’t make myself write on it because sooo cuuute!!!
    Great post a note, June!


  21. I love pretty much all music except for rap and opera. And the one group that everyone loves that I cannot stand is The Beach Boys. They irk. My husband is 6 years older and we have a very eclectic music collection from hard rock to hair bands to musical sound tracks and some pop, Celtic, New Age, and yes, a little Andrea Bocelli so I guess some opera is good. I alternate between classic rock and Classical on the radio at work. Depending on my mood I guess or if I need to get a lot of work done in a little time.


  22. My favorite Beatles song is Norwegian Wood. Lately I am listening to Lillie Mae. She’s a country/Americana singer, more Americana. Her latest CD was produced by Jack White and it’s addictive and sort of druggie sounding like Cowboy Junkies.


    1. First of all, I want to listen to everything on Beverly’s list, and OH MY GOD the Cowboy Junkies. Who, by the way, remind me of a boy I made out with in 1988. So.


  23. I listened to very similar music while growing up. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc. In college it became The Cure, The Smiths, Love and Rockets, Violent Femmes, Jane’s Addiction, etc.

    Now I listen to the old Mississippi Delta blues sound quite a bit. And as far as newer stuff, I’m really, REALLY into modern folk-ish kind of stuff: Ryan Montbleau, Donovan Frankenreiter, Mark Edgar Stuart, Lukas Nelson (Willie’s son), Anderson East, Langhorne Slim, Sean Hayes, 6 Day Bender, Charlie Parr, Wood Brothers, Devil Makes Three, Muddy Ruckus, Martin Sexton, Alex Rossi, and about 100 others I could name.


  24. Meet the Beatles! This was their very first album, some of their greatest songs are on that record album. Yes, RECORD. I Want to Hold Your Hand, All My Loving, I Saw Her Standing There. Brings back wonderful memories. I mostly listen to classical music. Something to sooth my soul.


  25. I like Ticket to Ride, and All My Loving. I like lots of different genres except for metal and rap. I listen to Pandora on my computer while at work and have recently rediscovered Savage Garden, so I am listening to them alot. Also, anything Bonnie Rait rocks! I love her voice and lyrics.


  26. Ahh, how the Smiths and the Cure remind me of the year I spent listening to Yaz on loop. I am certain I could still sing every word to every song on Upstairs at Eric’s. I think I shall give that a shot.

    I am currently slightly infatuated with this chick, Jasmine Thompson, who began as a young girl doing covers on YouTube, but has since released her own music, which is also really good. It began with her cover of Passenger’s “Let Her Go”..

    I’ve heard of people and their pets looking alike, or their best friends, or lesbian lovers but not girlfriend/boyfriends. Maybe that is where my bitchy resting face came from.


          1. Now you’re just being a tease 😉

            But nothing can replace all of those wasted years…..In all of this I tell you I have learnt
            Playing with fire gets you burnt……And I’m still burning

            Happy Friday to you and your band of merrymakers, June!


  27. Classic rock girl here. I grew up on Led Zepplin, Def Leppard, Ozzy, and still love them. But lately, when you get into my car, you’re going to be hearing Chris Stapleton. I don’t even like country music, but that dude has a great voice.


  28. Blackbird is my favorite Beatles song. Not a huge fan but I can appreciate them. Since I worked in radio I have a massive music collection from Sinatra to Van Halen to Chris Stapleton who is my current music crush. My kids heard music all the time and learned to sleep and have grown up to be functional adults so new parents need to get over it!!


  29. My music history pretty much mirrors yours, but for the past few years I have been into indie music. Real Estate, Grizzly Bear, Beirut, Kurt Vile are my faves. And for the record I never lowered the sound in my house while the kids slept. Made no sense to me.


  30. Favorite Beatles song is a tough call. Maybe Eleanor Rigby? Most anything from Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper.

    I have been on a Mary Chapin Carpenter kick lately. And Pearl Jam. As someone who also lived in Seattle in the 90s, Pearl Jam was the soundtrack of my live during that decade. Along with Nirvana, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots.

    I like Ned’s contribution. I also like a little country or countryish music in the mix.


  31. Original Cast Album to Hamilton. Even if you don’t like show tunes (Hi June) this is a great album


  32. I can’t believe this myself, but lately I’ve been listening to The Monkees, the Patridge Family, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole, ELO, Etta James and Amy Winehouse. Welcome to my crazy, eclectic and OLD playlist!


    1. I LOVE THE MONKEES! Get into the albums and the songs are pretty darn good, even the non-commercially popular ones. And the Partridge Family. Funny how Bobby Sherman doesn’t seem to come in and out of favor as the years go by. Oh and Andy Williams.


  33. I like Ned’s song choice. I don’t like much new music but I could get in to that. I listen to oldies stations and a lot of the American Songbook which is my soul music. I went further back in time with age in terms of music. My husband still loves Led Zep and Rush, G*d help me. I hate Rush! We do both love Supertramp and Van Morrison though.
    I was often told I was not like other girls because I had strong opinions of my own on music. The Steely Dan lyric from FM, “The girls don’t seem to care what’s on, as long as they play till dawn” infuriated me. I cared! I had a record collection and stereo, when I moved in with my husband. He had a TV.
    I did have one boyfriend, my first love, who was nine years older, teach me a lot about his 1960’s music, which was cool. That is the great thing about loves with a bigger age difference. You learn the most.


    1. I read that as “my first love, who was nine years old”!

      June, of course I love the Beatles. For a while now, Hey Jude gets in my head so that I’d say that’s my current favorite.


  34. Do not get me started … too late. People who want you to be quiet because of the kids should not have kids. FTLOG, the kids should fit into YOUR lives, not the other way around. They don’t even HAVE lives when you first bring them home, so get them used to YOURS. I’ll stop now before I alienate any of your readers. Or should I say alienate any MORE of your readers…

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      1. I thought the whole point with kids sleeping was to NOT keep the house quiet so that they wouldn’t become fussy sleepers. I remember when my sister’s kids were little, she would run the sweeper in their bedrooms while they were sleeping and neither one would so much as stir. One night, their cat had kittens on my niece’s bed, leaning up against her back while my niece slept through the whole thing. The cat had kittens, we were all in there watching the kittens, my bil moved my niece over to their bed so they could change her sheets and then moved her back. When she woke up in the morning, she had no idea all that had happened. Man, they were some good sleepers!

        I am currently listening to Bruno Mars’ 24 kt. I love that tiny man! My all-time music loves are the Corrs and Annie Lennox. I could listen to them all day, every day.

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    1. Paula, I love your point of view. I see people around me that their CHILDREN run their household. The world revolves around what the kids WANT to do.

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      1. My mom keeps trying to convince me to have kids, she keeps telling me it’s easy and not nearly as hard as people make it out to be, blah blah blah. But #1 I’m aging out of the kids game, and #2, from my point of view, it WAS easier back in the late 70s and early 80s when you didn’t have this insane competitive parenting thing going on which seems to be who can join their kid in doing the most stuff. Music lessons, dance lessons, gymnastics, soccer, plus they have to be brilliant and go to the best preschool/high school/college and those bad test scores? ALL YOUR FAULT. So I don’t think it’s kids so much as pressure on new parents to raise these perfect little family ambassadors. No thank you.


  35. I’m influenced by my boys who like hip hop, rap and so on. Just last night on of them asked Alexa to play trap music. The first song was lame, so he skipped it and then the second one was lame and we quit. He tried to explain but it didn’t register. I think it is a mishmash of all the music they like. Anyway I do like a lot of it. But I love the Beatles And I love Fred Astaire and I love country music from the 90s and I love classical music. My kids don’t seem to have the same appreciation of a wide range of music that people my age seem to. I’ve seen that at work as well.


  36. First of all YES to the “invite me over and then tell me to shush” – my very own DIL (who I love like I gave birth to her myself, which would be weird because she married my son) tried to make us DRIVE AROUND THE BLOCK until the baby woke up when her first was a newborn. They live 90 MINUTES AWAY! I TEXTED her back (because God forbid the phone should ring while the infant was slumbering) “How about if we just drive back home?” She got the point and silence has never been golden in that household since… especially now that they have FOUR darling children. I do frequently text her when they are on the way here and say “Ask the children to enter quietly. The old folks are napping”. Good thing she has a sense of humor or I would be the dead MIL.

    ANYWAY – I know you hate The Musical in all it’s forms, but I am totally into the music from The Greatest Showman right now, and have just come down from a total Hamilton high that lasted MONTHS. Oh I love me a good musical. Sorry June! You are still my favorite!


    1. Oh boy! I meant to add to my already too long comment – I love every Beatles song ever written. I once got into an actual fist fight with my brother when he told me the Beatles were terrible. I would still fight him to this day so he knows not to bring it up. My high school friends and I would sit at the local Pizza Hut and dump quarters into the juke box all night long and play Beatles tunes all night long – Do You Wanna Know a Secret was played over and over and over. I bet those actual paying customers HATED us.


    2. Looks like I am just replying to comments today. I just loved The Greatest Showman. I was puzzled when everyone on here was talking about Ladybird and nobody mentioned TGS as a movie they were seeing. This music is just fabulous. It is my go to Pandora station right now, so it also got me into Hamilton. But thanks June for all of these videos you embedded. Planning on listening to them all. I did the same thing in high school and college. Smith’s and Squeeze in high school, but then went back for the Eagles and Led Zeppelin in college thanks to educating boyfriends. I always loved the Beatles thanks to my dad.


  37. Come Together is probably my favorite Beatles song. Oh my God, Shpritz Forte was the best hair spray of all time! I used the hell out of that concrete in a bottle!


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