June gets Ultherapy. Story at 11. (A.M.)

I took yesterday and today off. I’m running various errands, including rushing out the door right now to take axle to the vet. Edsel. Stupid phone.

Anyway, when I get back, I will tell you about yesterday, when I had Ultherapy. Tune in again in a few hours.

5 thoughts on “June gets Ultherapy. Story at 11. (A.M.)

  1. I also love your new banner. Also, at first glance I thought you got Ultatherapy and thought you freshened up your makeup supply at Ulta. Also, too, a beautiful German shepherd lives around the corner from me. His name is Axl, but I always mistakenly call him Edsel. Maybe I need to slow down and pay closer attention to things.


  2. Yes, that new cover photo is very cool. Waiting with baited breath on updates.
    Axle = hilarious

    Good Friday morning, everyone!


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