Gettin’ our Stitch Fix. See what I did, there?

My boss, fmr., got her new StitchFix for April. Let’s judge!

img_6712I ran into her office and watched her open her box like it was Xmas morning. X-Files morning. Like a morning with my ex.

I was a big fan of this shirt with birds, as I enjoy a bird on anything. Except perhaps on my esophagus. A bird on one’s esophagus would blow.

“Should I put on the blouse with the jeans that came in the box, too?” she asked.


Also, I had no time for this. I proofread so hard yesterday that my contacts were prunes by 5:00.

“These jeans actually fit!” she said. “Mail-order jeans that fit!”

So let’s vote.

Can we vote on whether adding polls is a pain in my ASS?

“This coat is oddly…wintery for an April shipment.”
“My mom would tell me to buy this for winter, so I’ll have it.”

Survey says…

“I like the color, but it’d need to be ironed.”

And finally, we have an accessory. Bracelet yourselves…

“It says it’s adjustable but I don’t know if it really is.”


Please vote early and often. Why do people say that? Anyway, vote before I blog again. Stop her, before she blogs again!


39 thoughts on “Gettin’ our Stitch Fix. See what I did, there?

  1. I’m aghast at what some young women pay for jeans that are shredded to bits. We’ve toyed with adding them to our dress code at school, but everyone is hoping the trend fades away quickly because boy do parents get upset when you tell them their daughters can’t wear their $86 rags to school.


  2. How FUN! I want to try to make a poll! I wonder if I could do that in my classroom online program…hmmmm. See, now I have a way to procrastinate tonight! Woo Hoo!

    Boss fmr. YOU are the bomb!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  3. @Nosey in DE, When we publish the conserving soil thing, I’ll have June share the link. It’ll be out officially in a couple weeks.


  4. I agree with Cheech about the distressed jeans, when I have jeans that look like that they are trashed. I don’t get the hobo look. I do love jeans, in fact that is my daily uniform.

    Would that be Henry, as in cat fmr.?


    1. Same here, Tee. Obviously, we are not the target market for distressed jeans. Like you, jeans are part of my daily uniform, but only the ones without holes.


  5. Love Stitch Fix days! Boss fmr is so awesome to model the clothes and allow us to judge them.

    I know distressed jeans are the thing now, and those do look lovely on Boss fmr, but I just can’t wrap my head around paying good money for jeans that are all full of holes and/or shredded. When my jeans look like that, that’s when I go get new jeans! I think I’m becoming an old curmudgeon when I say that.

    I’m not a big fan of blue jeans anyway. Now that they’ve come out with the colored ponte jeans, I wear them all the time. They are so comfy!


  6. I love Stitch Fix day, too. If she like she the look of silver bracelets she can get cute cheap ones at Target.


  7. Okay, NOW when you click on “other” it reads “view.” I SWEAR YOU COULDN’T DO THAT BEFORE. The point is, you can comment on other to your heart’s content.


  8. The Henry of coworkers is not only cute, but a good sport. She makes voting fun.

    In my opinion, the bird shirt is a definite yes as it is cute and a flattering style. If she likes distressed jeans, they look nice with the birds. It not, send them back. Definitely, a personal decision. The other blouse is not a flattering fit at all and the bracelet is another personal decision.


  9. I did good on all the selections, except the bracelet. Thought it would be extra cute with the addition of several beady ones added. What do I know, I’m old.


  10. Who are the annoying people voting “other”? I thought because I set up the first poll to not have “other” that it would make them ALL not have “other.” When you’re setting these up, it doesn’t actually show the poll, story of my life, so I didn’t know it was an option on the rest.



      1. Okay, so while “Other” is there, please don’t leave an other there. Just comment! I have to log into Poll Daddy, log into each answer, click a tab and then click the reasons and it’s worse than laying bricks. See what I did, there?

        You know what Ima do? Ima leave this in the body of this post.


        1. Sorry, I had already voted as I read it and saw the pictures. Won’t do that again though. I hate for brick laying to be your downfall.


  11. Now *I* want to try Stitch Fix, too! You are such an influencer, Juan. Also, I want that OOOOO art that Boss, Fmr., has. Please advise.


    1. That is not, in fact, her art. It’s art they added to the wall directly next to where I sit. I refer to it as the multiple Os, because corporate ladder.

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  12. She’s a great sport! I’d probably return the button down. Even with ironing, it’s pulling on the chest area. I personally wear a tank underneath all button downs with several buttons unbuttoned so this wouldn’t bother me (the shirt would also have to be for a child to pull because I have an empty push-up bra where my boobs are supposed to be) but if she doesn’t do that, return!


  13. I LOVE Stitch Fix review days. I did it for a couple of months but postponed my next box because nothing ever fit correctly. I love to live through another persons box (that’s what she said), especially when things look so cute.


  14. Oh, Stitch Fix Day is so fun! Boss frm is such a good sport to let us vote.
    “They’re distressed because not everyone is nice.” DYING!


    1. Bracel. Dying. Now I gotta actually look on m’blog to see what you mean about the bracelets. Poll day is the only day I ever visit myself.



  15. apparently there are strong feelings about the bracel. Here’s the thing. Their prices on jewelry is redunk. Good fitting jeans? Dude. Or Juan. Pay da money. The bird shirt is extra cute.


  16. Hey! Where’s my “I Voted” sticker? Because I did! I voted!

    This is a great advertisement for Stitch Fix – I’ve been hesitant to try it, but they are nailing her sizes. And since I pretty much wear anything that fits, I’d be wearing the box it all came in, too!

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